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Yoshiro Kuroka


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The mission briefing "Spar a student in a  the akako dojo " it was like this mission was designed for yoshiro, he was a member of the Kuroka clan known for their ability with a sword and the art of kenjustu Yoshiro had pretty much been been born with a sword in his hand, mastering most basic and advanced stances and attack patterns in kendo and multiple other style's by the age of 10,  He was an accomplished swordsman his skills were that of a master and yoshiro was proud of that fact "Today's going to be fun" yoshiro thought As he left his apartment leaving for the Akako Dojo wearing his normal attire on the walk to the dojo giggling to him self of the irony of wearing a kendoji to a kendo.

It was late afternoon before he arrived at the dojo it was large and wooden the style the same as most dojo's found across the lands, and he entered the sliding paper door he his eye's were first drawn to the samurai suit in the large open dojo the samurai's amour propped up like someone was standing in it the large wooden hat, a blood red tengu mask with a large nose and horse hair blonde mustache, the steel trimmed amour included full arm guards, leg guards and a steel and leather weaved chest plate the most beautiful part of the samurai amour set up was the large crimson red katana that sat in the amours hand with a golden hilt and trimming, his eye's then left the amour to the large open training floor , to the left of the room was a set of students roughly in two lines practicing basic swings a man in his late 20's paced up and down behind the students watching there technique to the right two people standing in a large black painted square.

As he walked over to the right of the room stood a tall roughly 6"5 aged man he had long brown hair,tanned skin  and wearing a white kimono with the symbol Akako clan on the back, everything about the man suggested he was the master of the dojo standing directly in front stood a younger boy in front of him bowing to him with a boken in his hand , he stood roughly 5"9 green semi long hair and a light blue kimino "These have to be the men mentioned in the mission" yoshiro thought as he approached them walking from the door, Hitoshi looks directly at yoshiro noticing his headband  his eye's narrow "You must be the ninja were expecting im akako hitoshi and this is my pupil Kin" Kins lips begun to move to form words but shortly stopped after a stern look from his sensei, "Im yoshiro, Akako-san its a pleasure to meet you, kin like wise" he replied.

After the introductions were made it was straight to business, Yoshiro had been handed a boken and now was now standing in open a bit of floor on the right side of the dojo the floor had a large black paint square on it 10 x 10 m normally used for spars in the dojo he now stood 5m in front of kin in the centre of the square,  "Now this is friendly spar"  shouted hitoshi as he started walking in between the boy's "The winner will be the one to 3 points" he shouted once more now standing in between , taking a pause now speaking before walking from between to the outside of the square "A point is awarded by a connected strike on the opponent or if you step outside of the square on the floor around you" he takes a breath before continuing on his speech "If you step out side it will be counted as a foul and result in a point, you have 30 seconds before we begin" leaving kin and yoshiro opposing each other.

The time yoshiro had before the fight he spent feeling out the bamboo training sword "Been a long time since I held one of these" he thought slowly swinging it in his left hand before changing to his right, each swing of the boken told him more about the balance and weight of the sword "Yoshiro was it?" kin says whilst yoshiro was slowly maneuvering the bamboo sword through the air "You know im the Akako's dojo's top pupil, you don't stand a chance" he said shortly after in a demeaning boastful tone, his face reflected his tone with a smug grin, yoshiro replies with his normal placid tone "I wish you luck,Kin" he said giving him a slight grin "Start" Yell's hitoshi from the side line.

With that kin rushes towards yoshiro his boken gripped tightly with both hands, the gap would be closed in a few short step's but in that time yoshiro already spots several opening in his opponents stance and at the same time spotting same amount of mistakes in the user, his grip on the sword was far to tight, his elbows nearly fully bend over holding the handle of his boken far behind the top of his head this over cofidence in kin would cost him the first point, Kin quickly closed the distance swinging the sword down on the unmoved yoshiro reaching him swing downward on a diagonal.

Just as he predicted midway through the swing yoshiro's body begun to move around the left the opposite of the boy's poorly placed swing,Yoshiro's body had already begun to spiral around  kin's body while doing this his boken intercepted kin's sliding it across the top of the opponents  "Got him" thought yoshiro with that he pushed down on the opponent blade in a swinging motion, the sudden extra force added by yoshiro's swing causes kin's footing to lose ground send him of balance, Within one quick defensive response yoshiro had countered Kins swing and spun around his opponent left now facing his back before kin had a chance to respond yoshiros boken was playfully tapped against kins rib with the end of his training sword "I believe that's a point" Yoshiro said in a joyful tone "Think your clever doncha" Kin snapped back a response "Point Yoshiro" hitoshi's voice could be heard clearly from the sideline "Reset" he said shortly after Kin walking a few before facing yoshiro once again.

"This is the second round you may attack when ready" Hitoshi said once the boy's were in the correct positions, Kins stance this time around had changed his sword was now held in front of himself pointing towards the ground, This time Kin did not hastily run at yoshiro learning from his past mistake instead  watching and waiting for yoshiro's advance "Come at me" Kin yells in a defensive stance,  "As you wish" yoshiro replies after his response his right arm holding the boken comes to his side of his body the sword pointing towards the ground he sprint's towards Kin closing the gap in mere seconds, as he reaches Kin he swinging his sword upwards the tip of his sword  lightly brushing past his clothing on the way upto his chin , kins sword barely makes the interception to block Yoshiro's first attack Kin could almost feel the tip of boken hit his chin.

With that yoshiro pressured the young student with a flurry of attacks, multiple swings and lunges each from different direction with each attack Kin meet's it with a step backwards and a poorly place interceptions, each swing yoshiro took was not merely over to overwhelm the kid but forced him to the the foul line, It also showed him more openings and flaws to his swordsmanship , As yoshiro continued his flurry of attacks his he attacks with intent to finish the kid in one blow as his boken is just about to come down on kins collar bone his face showed his worry and the overwhelm, hitoshi's voice boomed and echoed through the room "Foul, Second point Yoshiro" yoshiro's sword came to an immediately before impact hovering over kins collar bone he raised his boken and returned it to his side walking back to the spot he stood before his attack, kin doing the same.

Before the third round Hitoshi entered the ring walking over to kin he faced kin his back turned to yoshiro dull whispers could be heard from the distance but no words reached yoshiros ears "Could have hitoshi found a flaw in my swordsmanship?" Yoshiro wondered to himself, he pondered on the thought as the two talked in the distance "I know he is a Head of the dojo, im a kuroka no man can match my sword" He told him self reassuring himself in his ability, as he pondered and thought to himself Hitsohi and kin ended their talking and he walked to the side line once more.

As yoshiro looked over kin it seamed like his head had been put in the right place his grip had lightened, his muscles somewhat relaxed and his stance more natural his sword arms centered in front of himself the boken facing yoshiro a classic kendo stance where the user quickly advances towards the opponent draws their arms up and swings downwards in one quick blow, "Interesting" Yoshiro thought having practiced this stance 100's of times through his early childhood Yoshiro decided to follow kin lead placing his body in the same stance "Standings 2 Yoshiro - 0 Kin" Hitoshi said in a large booming voice shortly after in the same tone saying  "Commence" .

In that instant both kin and yoshiro darted towards each other both following their stance after their swing they wind up passing each other by about 1m their backs pointed towards each other and both having the boken in the same position it had been at the beginning of their stance,  in a classic samurai 1 swing stand off the boys both stood in the spot the had finished for several seconds "Well fought kin" yoshiro says with a soft tone shortly after kin drops to one knee "Point and game the visitor Yoshiro" Hitoshi says as he starts walking over two the boy's kin still kneeling the blow that yoshiro had landed on him was superficial but painful laying a heavy strike on kins chest.

Hitoshi reached the boy's "Kin go take a Rest" he say's looking over him he then places his hand on yoshiro's back almost pushing him towards the exit as they exchanged words "Your a very talented swordsman, Kin has a lot of potential but if to rash and overconfident" Hitoshi says his face placid and unchanged from the first moment yoshiro walked into the door, "Thank you sir that means a lot" He responds to the first of his statements "I agree he has the makings of a great swordsman" they both share a comfortable silences before reaching the door of the dojo  "You're welcome to train here anytime" Hitoshi says as he looks into the streets "I appreciate that , thank you for your hospitality Akako-san" yoshiro replies before leaving the dojo heading home tired and wanting a shower after the work out of sparring.



Kuroka Yoshiro

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