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Nagare stood at the foot of his porch, getting the first one-two steps of the day out with a sigh. It was his squad's first mission, and he was both nervous and excited. Nervous, because he was afraid they were all idiots and they would all get killed and he, of course, would be blamed. Excited, though, because they might actually be great ninja and he'd be quite proud of them. Only time would tell which would actually happen.

Horui followed behind him with a smile, excited to meet the squad for the first time. Nagare hadn't allowed him to meet them last time, since he wanted to wait for Horui to be seen in battle rather than outside of it, so his first impression would be in battle. Hopefully it was a good one, but Horui was nervous that it wouldn't be. His mute mouth stayed shut through the walk as they approached the very edge of the village, the gate, which was the designated meeting spot for the squad before they set off to find their objective. They better not be late.

Nagare coughed quietly, soothing a tickle that had stuck in his throat for days, as he reflected on the mission details. Some Kumo brats had a knack for making monsters with ninjutsu, and their latest one was terrorizing those who were out in the Wilderness of Kaminari no Kuni (a stupid place to be, considering its high altitude, rocky terrain, and constant thunderstorms). He supposed that it was beautiful, but they honestly were putting their lives at risk anyways; the beast only made it worse. He took this mission with hopes of proving himself and learning the skills of his squad, and their performance in this task would mold how he treated them from this point forward. He sighed again, looking down at the shadows lining the ground from the gate overhead, wishing they would hurry up and get there...

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Mission Word Count: 329/1,500

Kenji Chikara


Out of the darkness Kenji awoke; greeted by a loud and obnoxious bird, "Thank you" Kenji said as he was now right on time to meet his team at the village gates. Kenji's legs caressed the hardwood as he slid across the floor. The Genin felt unusually good this morning, despite his agility, he is normally sluggish in the morning. Yes he was tired, but he had a little pep in him, and he would need it as he was going to be counted on to contribute to the success of the mission his team had. A nice hot shower awaited Kenji, the exhilarating shower gave the ninja even more energy. He bolted out of the bathroom and made a slapdash breakfast that was comprised of butter toast and a muffin. After the meal he slipped on his ninja belt and the rest of his equipment and left.

Kenji walked to the village gates where he was to meet his team for their first mission as a squad. Kenji had on a blue shirt that fit just right, and blue shorts. He had everything he needed; his katana, his ninja tools, and his gloves. Kenji had been anticipating going on a mission with his new squad; but was unsure if they could hold their own. "My first B rank mission; should be a piece of cake" the always over confident Genin thought to himself; Kenji had already made a mental note not to let himself get too excited. Nagare and Horui soon came into sight, as Kenji walked up he raised a hand in greeting. "This is going to be interesting."



MISSIONS: D-6, C-5, B-4, A-6, S-2, SS-0
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