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It was just a little past dawn with sun starting to rise, and the birds chirping. The nocturnal animal life were starting to returning to their homes. While the grass was still covered in its morning sweat. Takeshi once again returned to his training grounds, this time to learn another jutsu. This jutsu would help him against multiple enemies, and would prove to be invaluable. This jutsu was called Shadow Doppelganger Technique and it was able to create clones of Takeshi. Unlike the Bushin, this jutsu would be able to create real clones of Takeshi which had their own chakra. The chakra would come from Takeshi of course, which meant that his chakra would have to be able to divide itself equally amongst all of his clones. This would take some chakra control to master, but Takeshi knew that he would be able to pull it off. Takeshi didn’t bring any food with him, he figured it wouldn’t take him long to learn this jutsu. All he brought with was the scroll to help him learn the jutsu in the first place. So he pulled the scroll from his pants pocket and began to read over its contents. Takeshi already read over the scroll once while he was at home. He was just reading it over now to refresh his memory. After a quick minute of looking over it again, he was ready to try his hand at this jutsu. So he took off his jacket and did a couple of stretches to get his blood pumping again. After which he took a meditative pose with his hands clasped together. This had no real utility with the jutsu itself, it was just a way to help Takeshi focus his chakra.

Takeshi stood in this pose for at least ten minutes. It normally wouldn’t have taken him this long to concentrate his chakra, but this jutsu was potentially dangerous. Most jutsu were dangerous anyway, so it wasn’t really anything to stress over. Over the course of his career as a ninja, he could have blown up his own hand, and burn himself alive from the inside out. So when it came to something such as this, to Takeshi it was just one of them things. Takeshi would have to learn this jutsu to help him with future missions. This would be especially helpful when it came to handling several opponents, or even just one really strong opponent. This would help compensate for Takeshi lack of taijutsu training. He figured that if he had enough of him hitting somebody, it wouldn’t matter if he had any training in hand to hand combat. Besides, now that Takeshi was starting to rise through the ranks, he was going to be on higher tier missions. He has gotten pretty lucky so far with his missions, most of the time he has been able to handle himself without really fighting. Just like when he had to retrieve the forbidden scroll from the missing ninja’s hideout. Of course he had to slit some throats, but he rather to have did that instead of trying to fight them head on. Even now, Takeshi wasn’t sure why those two chuunin in the house were asleep. They were supposed to be like the last line of defence, but they were out cold.

Then Takeshi started to think that maybe the ANBU helped him out back there. This made his smile and almost laugh. He knew the ANBU didn’t give two shits about him, he just got lucky enough to catch those two with their pants down. After those thoughts, Takeshi went back to focusing his chakra, he was almost ready to let the jutsu loose. He concentrated a little bit more, and then used the jutsu. The jutsu felt weird to use, it was like he getting split in half, but it didn’t hurt, it was more of an empty feeling. While he was trying to execute it, he knew something didn’t feel right, but there was even more proof when the jutsu was done. When he looked at the clone he made, it looked dead, or just constipated. It didn’t move, and its color was a little bit lighter than Takeshi’s. Looking at it was kind of freaking Takeshi out, it was almost like he killed himself. After examining the body a little longer, Takeshi concluded that the clone was completed, it was like a blank bullet. So Takeshi made the clone disperse and he felt his chakra return to him. Takeshi then pulled out the scroll that had the information about the jutsu itself. It wasn’t much of a help, it just said to be mindful of the amount of chakra Takeshi used. If Takeshi used to much chakra, the clone would be bloated and had a chance to explode. If he used to little, the clone wouldn’t be able to function properly and most of the time it would just appear to be dead. Takeshi realized that this would take a little more chakra control than he thought.

He took a short break, he read over the scroll several times over, it wasn’t really telling him much though. So after a short break, Takeshi prepared himself to get back to work. He took his meditative stance once again, it didn’t take him long to concentrate his chakra this time. So he tried the jutsu again, but the clone just looked dead again. Takeshi dispersed the clone and got ready to try again. Takeshi made another clone, this time it was able to stand, but still looked partly dead, so Takeshi dispersed the clone. Takeshi found himself fatigued from the repeated use of this jutsu. Takeshi began to notice that because the clones he was creating were imperfect, he wasn’t able to get all of his chakra back like how he would normally. He wasn’t ready to give up yet, so he created clones over and over, as he practised the jutsu, he felt himself getting better and better. He was adding a little more chakra as he progressed,as he added his chakra, the clones became more alive. They started to be able to move, walking at first, but this eventually lead to them running. The more Takeshi used the jutsu, he could also feel himself getting weaker from repeated use. His chakra started to run low with every use, which is to be expected. He did this for the entirety of the day, until the sun was almost down. The birds stopped flying, and the squirrels stopped scurrying about.

Takeshi was weak, he felt like his body getting heavier with each passing minute. The clones Takeshi were creating at this point were alive and well, they were able to run, jump, and even use jutsu on their own. At this point, Takeshi wasn’t trying to achieve life with his clones, he was trying figure out how they would work. The clones seemed to have a mind on their own, but at the same time they thought the same way Takeshi thought. Just like Takeshi, they were tired, but they were thinking of the same thing Takeshi was thinking of. At the moment, Takeshi had two clones out, it was kind of weird to look at actually. He was having full conversations with himself about trying to perfect this jutsu. As he sat there on the ground conversing with himself, it finally hit him. The jutsu he had been trying to perfect, was perfected. If he was able to have full conversations with himself, the jutsu had to be perfected. He shared this with his clones who also understood what he was saying. After that, Takeshi dispersed the clones which gave him some more chakra. He also noticed that he had memory of what the other clones saw. Takeshi figured this was an added effect of the jutsu, which would come in handy for sneaky type missions. Takeshi stood up and noticed that the sun was down and he had been out at this training spot all day.

1360/1350 Jutsu Learned (10% is deducted due to the quick learner trait)


Specializations: Fuuinjutsu[S] Ninjutsu[S] Taijutsu[C]
Elements: Fuuton[S] Katon[S]
Missions Completed
D:8 C:6 B:5 A:0 S:0

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