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Isamu walked around the hospital building until he reached the east end, where the entrance to the ER stood. This was it; another hard day at work here was to come. He stepped through the doors, and the first the he noticed left him in awe: it was empty. Absolutely no patients, no screams, no fear or death. Just a big empty room with a counter and a receptionist behind it. He approached the receptionist cautiously, and mumbled, "Isamu's quiet today." The nurse smiled sweetly and replied in a balanced tone, "Yes. It's uncommon to have such peace in this wing of the hospital, but we do still need you." she handed him a clipboard with a few papers attached, and gestured to the hall to his left. He entered the corridor as he scanned through the documents.

Isamu passed multiple rooms, most of which held no patients, but he reached one at the end of the corridor on the right with a patient inside, with a familiar face standing next to her. "Hello, Mogi." he said as he crossed through the doorway. Mogi gave Isamu a quick handshake before turning back to the woman who was sitting on the table. "Now, this woman will be your first patient. Her Chakra System is under some severe shock from overuse of chakra, and she needs surgery to fix her chakra points." Isamu nodded, all the while looking at the woman's chart. Her name was Yami, and her eyes were a golden amber. She looked very nervous, and Isamu simply laid her down on the table. "Just close your eyes, we'll start the surgery now."

She was unconscious within minutes of that statement, as the assisting medic-nin had come in and used an anesthetic jutsu. Isamu started from the shoulders, and worked his way down. It was simple: cut down to the point with a scalpel, have the assistant shock it with a jutsu, then sew the wound. The problem was the abundance of chakra points that were damaged. He moved quickly, with smooth movements, from the shoulders to the neck, then across the chest, back to the arms, waist, legs, and feet. It took him a few hours before all of the deep cuts were sewed and all of the chakra points that were irreparable were removed, but when he finished, Yami was sent off to a new room for recovery.

Next document on the chart was a man named Fumaru, who was suffering from a serious disease and needed a blood transfusion. Isamu remembered his squad mate's kekkei genkai, and envied it; it would help a lot with this. He couldn't ever have it, however, and he prepped to do his first blood transfusion the same way all medical-ninja did. He prepared the IV, and flicked the needle a few times, double-checked the blood that he was about to basically siphon into this ill man's body. Hopefully, it worked. A quick jab into the elbow vein, and he sat at the side of the table, waiting for a reaction. The tube led the blood straight into the sleeping man's veins, dripping into the tube at a constant rate, draining the bag. The man had type O negative blood, rather rare, and the hospital only had two other bags of it; if this one didn't work, and the other two didn't either, this man was going to die. Isamu began breathing harder, and suddenly the man began to cough in a strained manner; a raspy, dry cough. It wasn't a fluid cough, so Isamu sighed with relief, as the man's eyes fluttered open. He looked quite confused, but the bag had already finished draining the blood, so Isamu soaked his hand with water from his kekkei genkai, and pressed the hand on the wound from the IV. "It's alright, your transfusion is finished." Isamu said as he pulled the needle from the man's arm. "Why...why doesn't it hurt?" the man said as he gestured toward where the needle just was. "I healed it for you, no problem."

Now, Isamu's last patient for the day was next, and it was a rather big deal. He had been sitting at home casually, when he had a seizure and was going into total body failure: his kidneys, his lungs, his heart, and his liver. The doctors had no idea what the problem was yet, and they were trusting Isamu to try and figure it out. A quick look at the man left Isamu in horror: his eyes were completely white, his skin was a sickly yellow, and he struggled to breathe, his extremely thin body heaving against the restraints that kept him down. There were six other doctors in the room, all running left and right to do multiple tests in hopes of finding what the hell was wrong.

Isamu's first theory was that a combination of diseases was causing this. No one virus or bacteria or parasite, or even injury could bring on this sort of total organ failure. His mind scanned through the various illnesses that could cause liver failure, then kidney, then heart, then lungs, but none of which could cause all of them, so he deduced that this man's immune system must have been very weak. He was dying fast, though, so Isamu pushed his way through the doctors, yelling "Quit trying to find the problem, we just need to fix it!" 3 of the doctors surrounded the man, pressing their glowing hands on him. Yes, medical ninjutsu would at least give them more time. He prepared an IV full of water from his kekkei genkai and pressed the needle into the man's vein, leaving it to slow the dying process. Finally, one of the medical-nin suggested that they install a pace-maker that used the man's chakra system to maintain his heart's steady beat. Isamu agreed, but also suggested that they remove the kidney that was failing, perform a liver transplant, and try to fix his lungs. They had collapsed, so there was still hope in saving them. The doctors agreed unanimously, and they all went to work. Isamu started surgery immediately, moving fast to remove the kidney, while another started to work on the heart.

The kidney looked deflated and bloody, with various other disgusting liquids seeping from it. Isamu pulled it out, keeping his eyes focused on the heart progress as not to vomit. A black fluid dripped from the kidney, all over Isamu's gloves. Not a very good sign; this kidney couldn't be saved. The other doctor was making steady progress; he already had gotten to the heart, and the pacemaker was being installed, with steel wires and thin tubes connecting to the chakra system. All of their hands were bloodied at this point. One of the ninja left to go see if there was a liver they could use for the transplant. She returned within minutes with a no. Almost as soon as she said that, the man's breathing was obstructed, and he began to choke. This led to some fibrillation in his heart, and suddenly he began seizing. The was it; it was coming down to life or death. They needed to get to his lungs. Another ninja pressed a hand to the patient's heart, and sent a charge of Raiton directly into it. It's beating returned to normal, and they held him down until he stopped seizing. His breathing was still light, so they opened up the rest of his chest and began fixing his lungs.

Isamu was working feverishly when he felt a stop. Everyone grew silent as the man's lungs stopped heaving, his heart stopped beating, his eye rolled back. It was too late. He was in a body bag within minutes, and Isamu removed his gloves and washed his hands with a disappointed frown. Mogi approached, and offered him kind words. "You still managed to save two other patients; you're a natural. It's all in a day's work to lose at least one patient." Isamu nodded, and looked up to the lights above him. That man's last hours were full of blood and fear and failure. Hopefully, he was in a better place now. It couldn't have been fun to go through such pain; at least now, the pain was all over.

Isamu stepped back into the waiting room, although this time it was back to the way it usually was. Very loud, crying, screaming, paced footsteps of ER ninja working at their fastest. There would always be people getting hurt, being sick, dying. That's why they were there; to stop it where they could. That's what hospitals and medical-nin were for. Isamu accepted the loss of that man, and left the building, glad that he saved the other two, and excited for his reward for a hard day's work.

Word Count: 1,513/1,500

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