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1Practice Makes Perfect [Kumo-C/Repeatable]  Empty Practice Makes Perfect [Kumo-C/Repeatable] on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:04 pm

Kenji was on his way to the Akako Dojo a place he has grown quite fond of being a Kenjutsu practitioner; he was summoned by the reputable Hitoshi Akako the head of the great Kenjutsu clan, Akako. He was extremely honored to assist Hitoshi with his assignment. Hitoshi wanted to guage his pupil's progress; so he called for one of Kumogakure's most skilled Kenjutsu users; Kenji Chikara. Kenji was one of the more dangerous Kenjutsu users, with his speed and dedication to the art form he has grown into a fearsome fighter.

Kenji had on his usual attire; he dressed up just a little bit as he didn't want to disrespect the owner of the dojo. Kenji had on his gloves and his katana; the katana was for show as he had been notified that they wouldn't be fighting with steel weapons, but rather boken. He had only brought his sword for security purposes, the same for his gloves. But he intended on wearing the gloves during the spar as they would come in handy if the young prospect managed to gain an advantageous position.

Kenji was extremely confident that he would dismantle the pupil; but that wasn't what this was about. Kenji had to put his ego aside, this was about assessing a Kenjutsu master in training. The blue haired Chuunin was not going to do much talking, he was going to engage in a casual spar and let his teacher point out his flaws. There was no anxiety within the Chuunin, he had spent years honing his skills and he had belief that he would provide the kid with a valuable lesson.

The Dojo was full with spectators who had came to see the owner of the Dojo, the famous Hitoshi; Kenji greeted the Kenjutsu master. "Mr. Akako, whenever you are ready sir?" Kenji said bluntly as he wanted to do his duty first and then possibly socialize afterwards. "EVERYONE, THE DOJO IS NOW CLOSED." All the inhabitants slowly filed out of the Dojo, Kenji assumed that Hitoshi wanted privacy for his pupil and Kenji had no qualms with that. Kenji glanced across the room to the only person who hadn't left, "This must be the pupil" Kenji thought. Kenji walked up to the center of the Dojo after placing his katana down on a bench and picked up his boken. Kenji gave a slight bow and drew his boken with his right hand and brought it whipping horizontally for the pupil's head. The boken brushed his green hair as he was able to duck a few inches to avoid the strike. "Nice dodge kid." Kenji said in a condescending tone looking to test the boy's temperament. A wild swordsman is a dead swordsman. "THE NAME'S KIN, DON'T FORGET IT! I WILL BE THE GREATEST SWORDSMAN EV..." Kenji interrupted Kin's exclamation with a jab from the end of his boken that doubled the kid over; Kenji looked to follow up with a whack across the young swordsman's back but he was quick enough to move out of the way. That was his second display of impressive speed. Kenji knew Kin would be alert now, and with his apparent speed he would most likely get anymore freebies. Kenji blitzed the boy and arrived in striking range instantly; Kenji positioned his boken that was in his right hand on the left side of his body and launched a downward strike to Kin's right leg, he blocked it effortlessly just as Kenji wanted him to. The Blue haired Chuunin introduced his left hand in an upward arcing motion to grab the boken under his right hand to switch grips. This would allow him to fluently transition into an upward horizontal strike. Kenji was aware that Kin had seen a similar attack in the beginning, but the range and the spontaneity of this maneuver would prove itself much more difficult. Kenji was already in frightfully close and the switch was almost simultaneous with Kin's block. The body of Boken crashed into the side of his face and floored him. Kin tumbled to the ground rolling over to his side holding the side of his face. He dropped his boken on impact. As he lied on the ground Kenji gently placed his boken against the talented swordsman's leg. "Please, I need more training. I will never let something like this happen again." Kenji gave the kid a slight bow in response to his oath to become stronger so he could challenge people of similar skill to Kenji. While Kin slowly rose to his feet, Kenji caught Hitoshi's stare; the exchanged nods. As he retrieved his katana, "You are very talented; thank you for sparring with my pupil; I have discerned much that he needs to improve upon." Kenji equipped his katana on his hip, "Thank you, and Kin has a lot of potential. He'll be a fine swordsman." After a few moments passed Kenji continued to exit the dojo.

Kenji knew that it wasn't really a mission, but to be asked by Hitoshi to help him assist a pupil of his was quite an honor and worth his time. Hitoshi was respected member of Kumogakure and Kenji was obliged to do the job.

The altitude and chill of Kumogakure always led to feelings of serenity for Kenji. After a mission he often just enjoyed nature. As he sat on a ledge he pondered a few things as well as reminisced on his time as a Genin; going over his progress. Reveling in not having to be an "ambassador" anymore. Kumogakure was starting to feel more and more like home. If he would ever face a dilemma that asked him to chose between Kumo and leaving for whatever reason; he saw it being an extremely difficult decision. Tides were changing, he was transforming into a more complete shinobi and person, things are coming into light, and he didn't know if he could take much more change. Kenji was content, he knew it was a dangerous emotion but, content is the only thing that he felt could keep his still and with the people he loved. If too much change occurred he wouldn't be able to predict whether he would be here or somewhere of if he would be Kenji or someone else.

He ultimately decided upon the ledge not to stifle his growth and go with nature; he understood the dynamics and knew he would have to take his chances. 



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