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1 Pig Hunt (Catch the pigs, D-rank) on Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:21 pm

Etsuo Yukimura


Special Jounin
Today, was only another day for a mission in the life of Etsuo Yukimura and he found himself once again on the farms of his village to help them out with their troubles. It kind of put him at rest out here, even though he was suppose to be taking this very seriously as a mission, even if it was only D-rank. The mission was rather simple task to complete for now, as he noticed a pig even now as he was approaching the farm that they escaped from. He decided to not meet with the farmer as he began his mission immediately. The first idea he had came to mind and he believed that it would work for probably all of them. The only part that would surprise him about his own plan was the fact that he didn't even need to use his eyes. Which at the moment were his most valuable ability in almost any number of situations.

But today he would just be using the transformation jutsu that he had learned within the academy. After he was ready and used the jutsu, to the pigs and everyone else, he appeared as a rather large wolf that probably could be assumed was hungry. This was where the technique took it's key role in the plan as he charged after a pig but slow enough for it to react and run away. With his speed over the pig he was able to easily drive the single one back into it's proper place and leave it alone as he closed the gate behind it and allowed those there to put the pig up, realizing that it was no ordinary wolf before them.

He went out again then to track down the remaining pigs one by one using the same tactic as the original and first attempt. Everything was definitely running very smoothly until the last two were before his very eyes, but unlike the others before that were  separate, these two were in a group together that he didn't think would cause a problem. Etsuo then approached them in his wolf like transformation, but the pigs weren't intimidated, but instead were ready to stand their ground and fight. From then on, as they began to strike back, that these two were the ones that were going to take the rest of his day away from him. He eventually started dancing with these pigs as they charged at him, but he would only quickly dash out of the way in time. There was no way that he was going to be able to accomplish this with intimidation. Etsuo actually felt lost at the moment as he tried to determine how he was going pull this off as he moved from place to place. It wasn't until he looked around that he finally realized what he needed to do with them.

They were in a completely different place than where they had started this little encounter. so if he positioned himself just right, he could get away from them and lead the way, the entire time back to within the gates and they probably wouldn't even notice. Etsuo was actually glad that his idea was correct this time as he made them move slowly toward the area of the farm. In which case he eventually got them to get into the gate and the farm themselves. He could only laugh inside as the pigs fall into this trap way too easily and proceed to exit his transformation as he dodged both of them. With a final swift motion, he reached to the gate of the farm and closed it in on them as they realized now that they were now trapped within. But, they were back where they belonged and that was the way that he wanted to keep it. He was also back where he belonged in his own village as he realized in the end. He decided as the mission was over to go visit his father in the hospital.

[Mission Complete]

Word Count 679/600

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