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1 DRUNKEN BAR FIGHT BISHES!!! on Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:31 pm

Karasu Kokuou

Karasu Kokuou


This is exactly what the title implies, everyone was having a fun time relaxing and having a couple of drinks when one enraged drunk smashed a chair over someones head and all hell breaks loose. Any number of roleplayers can join in on the violence fueled fun.


"My name? Some call me Crow, some call me King, some call me friend, and some call me enemy."

2 Re: DRUNKEN BAR FIGHT BISHES!!! on Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:46 pm

Bob Sarutobi

Bob Sarutobi

The sound of the wall that held up the north side of the room breaking with such force that the crackling could easily be heard by everyone within the establishment caused such a ruckus among party goer that it would seem a riot of some shape or form would break out. Through said now destroyed wall came an individual clad with nothing but his black ninja outfit, so cliche and full of merriment and joy, but wait a minute.... What is that odd colorful piece of exotic tomfoolery that be strapped upon such a waist that is owned by a so amazing and strong individual whom none can compare too. Was it what those who saw it assumed it to be? A normal ninja pouch? Oh no, something else entirely.


Things were about to go hard in the paint, because this shit was about to get real. One moment, he was violently entering the room as should someone of his amazing talent and skills, but in the next, AN ORANGE BEFELL HIS SIGHT. Such a demonic presence could not be afforded to be kept, so as a good Samaritan does when confronted with a demonic object so obviously attributed to the occult from beyond the living world, HE FUCKING SMASHED ITS BITCH ASS TO PIECES.

Such an action was most likely not loved of course, especially due to the earlier entrance that entailed the sublime destruction of property of the establishment, thus bringing the conclusion that he was most likely not welcome among the other people who were now beginning to get into small brawls among themselves.


For Bob had a plan, though he wasn't even drunk yet, he would stand in a position of fisticuffs, preparing to beat the fuck out of anyone who came within the radius of his melee combat, preparing for any sorts of violent acts directed towards his being in any form at all. Though he was pretty much in the middle of the dance floor at this point, and anyone who wanted to take a shot at this fine piece of ass could, as long as they wanted their's handed to them of course.




3 Re: DRUNKEN BAR FIGHT BISHES!!! on Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:08 pm


Bob, next time you put an auto playing youtube script in your posts i'm tempbanning you. You've been warned.

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