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Karasu Kokuou



Setting Theme

-le epic naration voice like the one from dragon ball z-

Having just become teammates, the three young shinobi find each other in the midst of a day off inside of the village. Aside from a little brawl in the dense forest between Akai and Karasu, the three barely know each other and only met the day they were formed into a squad with Kyo as their sensei. What will happen when they meet up? Can bonds be formed? Or is the dynamic trio doomed to never get along and fail as a team? Only time will tell.


"My name? Some call me Crow, some call me King, some call me friend, and some call me enemy."



Akai was standing on the thin road gazing into the horizon. The air was refreshing, but brought the melancholy at the same time. No one knows if that was the result of her own incapability to feel well or just of the task she was ordered to do. Akai was dressed  in red kimono again, it was maching her hair perfectly, she was looking like a one bursting flame of fire. Some hour ago she was told to do some family business, that is, she was ordered to pay a visit to some family of Hyuuga clan. The house she was going to visit was really nearby, so there would be no reason for her to take it so long, but something was holding her back. Only the thought that Akai was going to introduce herself for a man made her crazy " That old man Hyuuga is mad believing that I'll just simply go ant throw myself at a random Hyuuga guy, just to make sure our family remains  honored. Well. that ain't gonna happen". She was smiling to the sun and now the smile was as natural as the wind that was messing with her hair promising some exciting changes. While gazing she sensed some chakra sourses so turned around, She saw two guys standing  on the different roads also gazing into the horizon as she was before. Must be the faith. One guy was unknown to her, looked really serious and thoughtful, while the other she met in her training " I better not mess with that one again or I'll end up trapped again" As she was wondering about those two she very quickly forgot about the family bussiness an the marriage her father was planning. She took her kimono into one hand and started to run, waving with another "What is that about, are you two stalking me?" she started to shout loudly like an excited child that had forgotten about his duties."I'm not doing that one mission, sorry Dad" Akai thought to herself while running.


[D]- 4  [C]- 1  [B]-1  [A]-0

Karasu Kokuou


Chapter 2: The Crow Team- Day Two Reunion and a Newcomer

Listen While Reading: Sweet Cookie Melody

Morning had finally come to the leaf village, the sun's radiant beams of light slipping through the velvet curtains and hitting the face of the young king. Karasu had returned home last night after a little tussle with a hyuuga girl and her friend in the dense forest the day before and even though he wasn't exhausted, had fallen right to sleep. A part of him ached for 5 more minutes, but the sunlight wasn't going to show any mercy. Slowly but surely, the man rose from bed, stepping over his black pants and red jacket which he had slipped off and tossed to the side of the bed before dozing off. The only thing left on his figure was a pair of boxers which were soon shed off as he headed for the shower with some fresh clean clothes in hand.

The warm water running against his skin was almost too heavenly too abandon, but Karasu found himself exiting the shower and drying off; he wanted to get out as soon as he could. He slipped on a pair of black cargo pants with a matching tank top and opened up long sleeve jacket. The all black clothing was a rarity of his, but it seemed that all of his red clothing was missing, more than likely in the laundry being cleaned. As he stepped out of the shower Karasu was faced with the tragedy he was wanting to avoid so much.

"Kara-kun! I'm supposed to be the one that dresses you! How am I supposed to be your maid if you never let me do anything! Five years of service, and not once have I washed your back in the bath, nor have I gotten to ever help you with your studies. Not to mention you always eat elsewhere and never come home hungry so I don't get to cook for you and if it wasn't for me stealing them while you sleep, I wouldn't be able to wash your clothes either. You're supposed to be pampered, not doing your own chores!"

He had only just woken up but it seems Karasu had to still deal with a nightmare. The young man simply patted the girl's head before beginning to walk off, hopefully being able to reach his door and leave before the argument continued any further.

"I can take care of myself Nana-chan. Tell you what, you can clean my room while I'm gone and I'll eat whatever you and the chef's make tonight, hungry or not."

Crow could still hear the girl's jabbering even after he closed his bedroom door and headed down the hall way towards the stairs. The Kokuou clan compound was rather large and very extravagant, fit for royalty which made sense. Karasu wasn't much of a materialistic person and didn't do well with being treated like a King. He was far too kind and humble to care less and saw most people as his equals when it came to social status. Nana was the only maid in the entire complex who seemed to have a problem with it and still sought to treat him special. The rest of the servants and clan members were more understanding of Karasu and acted accordingly those wishes unlike her. Simply calling him "Kara-sama" was about as far as the treatment got, and that's how he liked it. Before making his way out into the village Karasu made his way into the kitchen and grabbed a small bag filled with a few chocolate chip cookies, a sweet treat he decided to give himself that contrasted with his normal fruit diet. Especially strawberries and cherries, god did he love those. But of course, not as much as chocolate.

Having stepped out of the manor, Karasu made his way out of the compound and towards the village's market center. Along the way Karasu felt a familiar chakra signature. Based on its frequency, it belonged to a Hyuuga for sure, but this was a particular chakra signature the young man had become keen to. Now surrounded by others, Karasu's facade picked up and his masked personality was brought out. Soon enough, the childish and playful young man was running through the streets, dodging people along the way and heading for the presence he felt with his sensory skills. Along the way Karasu ran into one of his new teammates, an Uzumaki boy. But, the young king's attention was focused on something else and he continued on ahead. Before he knew it, Karasu caught sight of the girl, the young redhead turning around and calling out towards them.

"Haha, you look like a cherry in that kimono. It suits you white eyes."

His joyful voice rang out towards Akai, his mouth soon returning to the chocolate chip cookie in hand after speaking. Still nibbling on the sweet, Karasu pulled another cookie out of his jacket pocket, the fabric slipping off to the side and revealing his broad and muscular shoulders. After fixing his jacket back up Karasu reached forward and offered the girl one of the cookies, that same sweet smile across his face as he did so. Something about him was a little up today, his hair was a little more of a mess since he didn't have the time to comb it after drying it off with a towel, no thanks to having to escape from Nana. But it was no matter. The boy merely stood there and awaited for Akai's response to his offering, contemplating on giving the Uzumaki one as well when he caught up.

Training Done

Total Words= 952

Lightning Secondary Training

1725-952= 773


"My name? Some call me Crow, some call me King, some call me friend, and some call me enemy."



The horizon remained incoherent, as the neoteric sun lingered behind the treeline, the young morning distributed it's hue at the sky; like an art of paint. The village of the Hidden Leaf was at it's retiring-time of the day, yet; Idari Uzumaki was not. His foot docked upon the great Hokage Mountain, displaying the sculpt faces of the previous and the current kage; something he wished his own face to appear on.

As he observed, the villagers were out of the houses and the local market was up and running, before he knew it; the streets were busy yet again. He stood up to his full height, as the flurry of this superb morning hit his torso, his hair lashed freely backwards, as the youth looked on the village he'd proclaimed to rule one day. He pounced forward, as he was gone midair all the way down until his foot clashed with ground, clashed; yet like a feather.

Fortunately, he didn't land on anybody, thus, which would result in causing trouble and, or sending the victim to the Konoha Hospital for  back treatment. Hinged on his senses, he could tell every villager had the same average chakra, but there were two altered ones nearby and they were very conventional, judging by their kind. However, one of the chakra users were closing in. He radiated his vision 360 degrees, spotting a colorful individual within the dull folk. An unfamiliar clan guy, almost into his adulthood but was clearly older than the young Uzumaki.

But it seems that this is a rare coincidence, as it was actually one of his new teammates, but the other one was a girl and is around here, known as a Hyuuga ninja. Judged by his memories.

The guy looked like a playboy and a hyper entity, similar to Idari's yet nowhere near it. He merely paused to identify Idari and seemed to recognize him as well, but continued on his steps, seeking something elsewhere, and it was obviously not Idari. He twirled his face as the stranger disappeared within the crowd. The youth tended to the path the guy had taken, knowing that this was an opportunity for him to make up for his popularity, he was already in pursuit.

He gathered chakra within the core of his two feet, presenting him a blow upwards to become  colossal as the architecture buildings of the leaf. Landing swiftly on one of the simple bridges which exist as a passage connection between the buildings, he ensued the stranger; sharply following his steps while analyzing his momentum.

It wasn’t far away until he actually halted aside, which was what Idari had already done. It seemed he was concerned to catch up the other teammate, the Hyuuga adolescent.

“So… this is my squad? My team?”

Murmuring silently as he observed the conversation, Idari was already seized under their senses; but not their sight. He knew it was time for him to show himself, and begin to get known through what he calls home. He slipped off the building edge’s he camouflaged on moments ago, but it looks like this camouflage wasn’t doing it’s job as it should be. Wishing to introduce himself neatly, his hand thumped on the ground first, while his body landed followed after. As he stood to introduce himself, he whirled into the “lucky go idiot” side of his true-self. He exclaimed cheerfully, as he extended his arm towards the couple, giving them a wide grin and shutting his eyes tightly; he finally rose his thumb.

“My name is Idari Uzumaki, and I’m gonna be Hokage! Believe it!”.



War does not determine who is right - only who is left.



The three of them met at the same spot, were gazing into each other a little surprised. Crow was eating cookies offering some for other. Akai, instead of accepting the cookie, by one light and quick movement snached the one that Crow was going to bite. She leaned to Crow and whispered into his ear:

"You owe me for letting you win the other day, but that ain't gonna happen again."

She gave a  mysterious smile. Then she quickly turned around and walked to the new unknown guy, it was amazing how she was able to move in that kimono so freely, sure thing that added her some special charm. As for the new guy, he was looking young and fresh, Akai haven't seen him around before. She came very close and looked into his eye a little confused.

"The future Hogake, huh?" She asked doubtfully, but then smiled at the same time "I wonder, shall I be the MISS Hokage then?" Akai was just teasing the boy while winking to him.

After some moments of silence Akai remembered that she haven't introduce herself yet. She turned to Karasu first.

"We already are acquinted, don't need to introduce my fabulous self to you. It is nice to meet you again though." As she was going to step to Idari, she added "By the way, looking nice today, a new hairdo?" Akai spotted Karasu's messed hair and giggled to herself.

All giggling she again stepped to Idari. "My name is Akai, very pleased to meet you. And a squad you say? It's about time, I'm tired of leaving those furure grooms's already the third this week..". She sighed with little dissapointment in that.


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Karasu Kokuou


Chapter 2: The Crow Team- Oh I Just Can't Wait for my Queen!

Listen While Reading: "You're Gonna be Queen!"

^ Click the music, it's so worth it.

Karasu tried his hardest to not break his smile as the young Hyuuga stole his sweet then leaned in and whispered such words. Instead, the young man's right arm swiftly wrapped around Akai's waist, like a snake coiling around it's prey. And as it coiled so his fingertips ran across her kimono like ice skates, dancing along the way till they reached their destination and began playing with the sash along the middle of the robe. With the Hyuuga pulled close, Karasu leaned in, managing to keep his playful expression up for Idari to see if he looked their way. However, what he said next was far from his facade and held of hint of teasing in it's tone.

"Is that so? Then I'll make sure to not go so easy on you next time. I really did like the way you squirmed and squealed when I had you pinned against that tree. Who knows? Maybe I'll do it again sometime soon."

The same moment Karasu released Akai from his grip he also let out a cheerful chuckle and then bit down on the cookie in hand that he had offered the young Hyuuga earlier. Curiosity filled his eyes as he listened to the two's conversation, only budging when Akai turned and greeted Karasu again. Hearing her comment, Karasu shook his head like a wet dog then fiddled with his bangs until the strands were all nice and neat. His hair fixed, Kara stepped forward some, passing Idari and Akai as if he was ready to head out somewhere.

"That's a shame. I just recently banned arranged marriages in my clan. After such a long time you'd think the Hyuuga would have given up on such a decision. Arranged marriages are so boring and are never any fun!"

A part of Karasu made him want to scream out in anger as he realized that Akai might have been the girl offered to him yesterday by one of the Hyuuga clansmen, merely one day after he had already placed the ban. But he took responsibility of the possible scenario and blamed himself as he should. He put on a pout act as he said the previous words to make it look like the childish part of him hated arranged marriages, but that wasn't what was really frustrating him. Then, Karasu got a bright idea, with a little inspiration from his teammates words just a moment ago.

"I honestly don't know why either of you would want to be Hokage or whatever either. All of that paper work to do, not to mention the stress from everyone bothering you constantly and having to deal with the entire villages problems and solving issues in other villages as well, not to mention having to keep up with all the ninja and assigning them missions. Being King is so much more fun. No work, no responsibilities, that all gets taken care of by the rest of the members of the clan like the elders and advisers. Not to mention you're treated so well and get pretty much anything you want. I'd be king over Hokage any day.!"

And with that Karasu slipped Akai a wicked glance, one that was hopefully so quick Idari wouldn't catch it as well. But if he did, whatever. It was then that Kara got an even better idea, and with a huge smile across his face he began to burst out in song, using some of his chakra resonance to create the music as he sung the lyrics. ( Yes, the chakra is making the Lion King background music. DEAL WITH IT! )

"I'm looking for a pretty queen, so gentleman beware.
Cause, I'll sweep her right off her feet and out your hands I swear.
She's gonna be my special girl, to get her I'd do anything and more.
I'm brushing up on my charm and skills, I'm begging on the floor.
Though its, a rather very demeaning thing.


When she says Do this
When she says Be there
When she says Stop that
When she says See here

I'm gonna do whatever she will say
I don't care if I don't get sleep all day

Oh I just can't wait to have a queen

Oh I just can't wait to have a queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

He was ruthless, and got plenty of stares. But Karasu couldn't care less and continued to sing out, dancing along the way. He had quite the nice voice, or at least that's what most told him. It was as if he didn't have a care in the world, even if some of the people were laughing at him. Some of the kids actually walked up and danced along as he sung, which only improved the performance.


"My name? Some call me Crow, some call me King, some call me friend, and some call me enemy."

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