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Koji Senju


Koji had been sent on another mission that he didn’t want to do. The young Senju requested so desperately for danger and wild adventures, but he simply got missions to put out fires or escorting people to the border. The Hokage would ignore his requests for more intensity; because he was a Genin, missions of those levels were too dangerous for a Genin alone.

Koji waited impatiently at the village dock. Koji was assigned to another mission that he thought lowly of. He was supposed to help Captain Yusuke and his crew unload some cargo from the shop as the men had plenty to go around. He crossed his arms and became agitated with the thought of the Hokage ignoring his thoughts. Koji imagined the village’s shadow sitting at his desk and tossing the documents he sent into the trash. Koji clenched his fist tight, causing the tides to sway a bit due to his elemental affinity. Suddenly, without warning a caramel colored boat split through the raging seas.

Water splashed onto the dock as the ship sailed wildly through the crashing waves. The men rushed around the ship to bring it to a halt. One of the crew members launched an anchor off the docks. Koji was rocking around until the ship came to a stop. A loud thud hit the dock. A ladder like wooden plank extended from the ship onto Konoha’s ground. Footsteps strutted down the plank and made their way onto the dock. Koji looked up at the person arriving from the ship.

“Looks like we’ve made it, mateys. Scurry onto that deck with that booty and let’s make our way back to the seas after that. Yarrr,” said the man.

Koji assumed that the fellow barking orders was the captain. The man was buff and tall in stature. Upon his cheek was a large and incredibly noticeable scar, green eyes and a scruffy jet black beard. He sported the usual pirate tunic and tan trousers, black pirate boots, a silver hook for one hand and a thick black belt. The belt contained a small pack which kept his compass and watch in place.

“This be Koniha, right Matey? Yarr, the names Yusuke. Help us out with this cargo mate.”

Koji dashed onto the ship, sort of creeped out by the appearance of the captain. He wished to be finished with the mission as soon as possible. As his feet landed on the ship, it began to emit creaks and squeaks. One of the ship mates tossed a box toward Koji and he caught it with a late reaction.

“Hey! A heads up would be nice next time!” Koji yelled at the crew mate.
Avoiding the bunches of ropes and buckets and telescopes, Koji delivered box after box off of the ship, trying his hardest to stay on the captain’s schedule. Captain Yusuke kept peering at his watch, making sure that everything was going according to plan. Koji continued to run back and forth until he eventually took a small break. Yusuke blew on a whistle and each of the crew members searched through their pouches. Each of them revealed a sandwich, munching on them quickly after removing them. After just a few minutes, Yusuke blew the whistle once more and the team went back to working.

Sweat began to drip down Koji’s back, but the end was in sight. A crew member tossed the young Shinobi one last box and he headed down to the dock to finish it up. Koji wiped the sweat from his brow as Konoha ninja came to swipe the boxes. He waved at the captain as the anchors were removed from the water and the ship set sail.

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