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1Catch the Cat! [D-Rank, Solo/No Kill] Empty Catch the Cat! [D-Rank, Solo/No Kill] on Thu Jul 11, 2013 1:55 am

Koji Senju

Koji Senju

It was another beautiful day in the village of Konoha. The sun was glistening a bright crimson, echoing the village of fire. Koji Senju had received another mission from the board entitled "Catch the cat." He already knew what he was up for: something he didnt request. No matter, instead of becoming frustrated he eagerly accepted the mission. No matter what it was, mission or training, Koji had to catch up to his brother so they could spar equally. He adjusted the village symbol across his brow and spread a grin across his face and without hesitation; he set out to find the feline.

Koji recalled his meeting with the cat's owner earlier, Madam Chiasa. Madam Chiasa was a short and quite plump lady. Her micro sized body was laced in fine clothing and precious jewelry. She held a fan with the symbol of Konohagakure on it. She sniffed and snuffed, poking her nose in the air as she met the boy.

"Oh pooo, another annoying teenager. My poor Maybell will never be returned now. Why can't those people get me a nice, strong, suave man who can finish the job quickly." Madam Chiasa remarked in a snarky tone.

"Um, good afternoon mam. I am here to assist you in finding your pet," replied the young hero.

"Well, child. Hurry back with my Maybell, I miss her so much!"

Madam Chiasa burst into tears; the thought of something happening to her Maybell tore the woman to shreads. Koji knew he had to bring Maybell home in on all in one piece. If he didn't, he'd be forced to deal with doing Madam Chiasa's chores throughout the week, inlcuding: scrubbing her walls, sweeping her porch each morning for a month, scrubbing the floors and ceilings and watching after the rest of her pets.

Koji continued to tread through the deep forest. The wind brushed through his eyes as we swiftly hopped along. He called out to the forest several times "Maybell! Maybell!" But it proved to be of no help, at least for now. Koji came to a halt on the middle of a thick branch. He thought of a solution that would be less time savvy; he was ready to get this done and over with. Without hesitation Koji slammed his palm into the middle of the thick wood. To normal shinobi, the wood would feel somewhat painful, but due to his Senju bloodline Koji felt nothing but smooth texture.

He began to feel the trees around him; Koji was performing some kind of sensory technique. He was trying to sense the presence of the cat, maybe then it would be easier to find him. After shifting his palm around several times, he finally caught a presence. His eyes shot open and the blood pumping through his veins got warmer. He quickly leaped down from the trees and began sprinting through the dirt filled forest grounds. “Maybell!” Koji called for the cat and made kissing noises, hoping for the cat to return some sort of call.

Suddenly, a meow busted through the air. A smile spread across Koji’s face as he dashed in the direction of the noise. After several seconds of continuous dashing, Koji finally caught the cat in his sight. The feline glanced at the Shinobi with a sharp glare. The cat’s yellow eyes resembled daggers. Koji grabbed the cat and picked it up by its sides, only to be clawed seconds later.

“Hey! You little rascal,” Koji yelled.

He placed a grip on the cat tight enough to hold the cat in place and swiftly headed back to the village. He returned Maybell safe and sound to Madam Chiasa.

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