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1 Taigen Kichirou Story(Plot Mover) on Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:42 pm


The Creation Inc. likes to welcome everyone to read and partake in the tale of a story that will expand over years, and even decades. Over this span there will be adventure, comedy, angst, romance and random bar fights. But before the story begins one must be introduce to the main and supportive characters of this epic tale.

The Main Character:: Taigen Kichirou
Mainly known by the given name, Kichiriou's birth name is a mystery to all who doesn't know it. He's a twenty year old gambler, formerly civilian of Kumogakure, who is known through the gambling circuits both the legal and illegal ones. He had transverse four of the five elemental nations; Sunagakure, Kirigakure, and Konohagakure all having seen the man within their walls - hitting up the gambling spots. With the latter being where he current resides in, having becoming a shinobi there after spending two years(instead of the initial one year like he did with the others). Reasons for him joining Konohagakure forces is unknown, all but to himself. Is he a spy for Kumogakure? Does he want to usurp the position of power of Konohagakure? Or does he simply wants to gamble as much as possible? Only time will tell, what's the real reason why he joined.

Supportive Cast:

"I'm afraid of hurting others. . ."
Ah! Tenmei-chan. She is the very first person that Kichirou made contact with, or rather bumped into. The incident happen doing his childhood while he lived in Kumogakure. Tenmei being a young girl at the time who possessed an ability that defies logic, accidentally burnt the boy when she bumped into him. And was taken away by her father, before Kichirou had the chance of talking to her. Though as luck may have it, the two inevitable ran into each other when Kichirou hitched a ride with a caravan - the same one that she was traveling with. At first Kichirou couldn't get the woman to open up for through persistence he got her to accept him partially. They parted ways upon reaching Kirigakure. And before he left the mist, he told her when he was going next. Will they every meet again? And if so, will she still accept him? Or will her heart be closed off all over again. . .

Hyuuga Akai:

Sweet Akai-chan. The second person who had entered Kichirou's life. The gambler having met the young Hyuuga while he was staying within the village of Konogakure. They have shared a few conversation, much to the displeasure of the Hyuuga clan. The pair quickly became friends or maybe acquaintances? With them occasionally meeting, when they both have time. Though lately the pair haven't seen each other. . .One can only guess it will be a matter of time before the two room into each other. What stories and adventures will be shared between the pair? Will Kichirou have to put up with the nuisance called the Hyuuga clan? Only time will tell.

Senju Ukiyo:

"I wish I was a tree. . ."

Senju Sousetsu:

Hatake Daiki:


The Tale of a Gambler

Arc I:: Introduction
The Arc will consist of Kichirou meeting the residents of Konohagakure. Along with being a launch point for future arcs.

-- A simple visit to the Shushaya Pub. Turn into an encounter with the female bartender named, Aoi, who begins to tell Kichirou her tale. While talking to Aoi, Kichirou had the pleasant experience of running into Akai Hyuuga and another unknown man. . .How will this event turn out? The story continues with Kichirou being introduced to Idari and Uzumaki with a sad past that didn't phrase the man at all. However the bombshell was that Akai was getting married! Kichirou didn't exactly take the news well, and questioned the Hyuuga if she was being forced into such an arrangement. The conversation continue between the three, ultimately ending with them leaving the establishment. Though not before sending a message to a group of guys, who looked at Akai wrong.

Hungry strikes our hero of this tale, causing him to stumble in Ichiraku Ramen with a voucher in hand, to quench the beast in his stomach. Will this just be a simple snack or will something else happen!?

Arc I.I:: Training and Missions
The life of shinobi is never an easy one. One of constantly training their body and mind, till they are one. These are the tales of Kichirou doing exactly that. . .

Kichirous ended up running late to his first mission with an unknown partner. After arriving to the docks, the gambler met Koji Senju, a fellow genin. The pair effortlessly worked with unloading the cargo before parting ways. Thus Kichirou had his first mission under his belt. . .yay

Kichirou didn't expect to be pulled into a ploy, helping another genin learning the ropes regarding the mission process, when the gambler himself had decided to take a mission for the village. The genin in question was a unique female Senju named Ukiyo. Besides her quirks the pair got along well and completed the mission -- with Kichirou receiving scratch marks on his face.

Kichirou having went into the Dense Forest to train in his secondary element - water. Has a confrontation with Koji Senju, a fellow genin who he met on a mission. Sadly nothing of importance happen with Kichirou leaving shortly afterwards.

Arc 2:: Forbidden Love.

After leaving the bar with Akai, Kichirou finds himself a willing participate in a sinister plot. A plot that entrails murder of another Hyuuga, that could spell trouble for all the willing parties. If that wasn't enough the gambler finally confronting memories of old, as he struggles with his emotions for Akai. Almost reculantly he confess his love for her, and the two had a small make out session. Though before things got to heat, Akai's father and two other Hyuugas broke into Kichirou's house and took her away from him. But not before Akai's father beating the gambler to unconsciousness, while leaving a letter behind.
Disclaimer:: All plot lines and characters are fiction. Any similarities to actually people and events is purely coincidental. And does not express the views of the authors.

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2 Re: Taigen Kichirou Story(Plot Mover) on Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:41 pm


Kichirou is also open to do flash back threads, though they must be Konohagakure. For he spent his last two years there, so he could have ran into others doing that time, while he was a civilian. Just pm me or post here, if you want a flash back thread and we can work something out -- unless you have ideas already.

Kichirou is still indeed of meeting new people. Anyone is welcome to be apart of the first arc. This is the perfect opportunity to get plot ideas launched or budding romances. So don't be shy! I can safety do three more threads like this. So hit me up!

3 Re: Taigen Kichirou Story(Plot Mover) on Fri Aug 02, 2013 5:01 pm


Updated the following!

  • New supported cast members; Senju Ukiyo, Senju Sousetsu, Daiki, Nagare
  • "Catch the Cat" mission added.
  • The thread "Best Ramen of Konoha" added.

Things needed to be done.

  • Information for mentioned cast members
  • Updating old cast members

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