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Koji Senju


Once again Koji was given a mission to assist someone, yet he noticed the similarity of this mission to one he had done months ago. His eyebrow twitched; Koji realized that it was the same mission. “Meet with Captain Yusuke and aide the crew with the unloading of the cargo. Just be sure to avoid the mazes of ropes and such on deck.” Koji tossed a punch at the mission board as a vein was beating near his temple.  All this tomfoolery was testing his patience, the young boy would rage until he was finally given some type of threat. Koji’s chest flared out as he took a deep sigh, exhaling all of the negativity within him. His focus would have to remain tight if he wished to become a great ninja somewhere, after all everyone starts somewhere.

Koji placed his fingers onto the cold metal piece of his headband and shuffled it around, tightening up his headband so it wouldn’t answer to the ground. The shinobi was heading toward the dock to meet up with the captain once again. Recalling his last experience, Koji was hardly fazed with the thought. He hoped that the captain would retain memories of him; Koji didn’t want embarrassment to hinder his work ethics.

Koji reached into his pocket and gripped tightly onto a scroll explaining the mission. After pulling out the scroll and taking a glance at it once more, Koji noticed something different from the last time; he would be accompanied by a partner this time. Oh no, would there be a heavier load? Koji recalled how fast the last instance went and wished that this would take just as little time. Koji approached the dock and watched the seas of Konoha flutter around; gorgeous blue waves filling the reflection in his eyeballs. Tapping his foot, he would wait somewhat patiently for the ship and his partner.

Word Count: 315/600

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Your partner has already left for the docks, Kichirou.” The receptionist manning the mission desk stated to the gambler who had just arrived moments ago for a mission that he was suppose to take with another individual. What happen to waiting for your partner? Eh, guess he could be partially blame for he was the one running late. Though not on purpose, the beautiful woman sleeping in his bed wanted another feeding and he couldn't deny her that request. For that would have been inhuman torture of the highest degree! So after feeding her, that taking a little over a hour the man realize that he had a mission, so with a quick shower – he ran towards the administration building. And that's how we ended up here. . .

Thanks. “ That was the only word said before the dark haired male ran or leisurely jogged out of the building heading straight towards the docks. No longer than five minutes passed for Kichirou found himself arriving at the given location. Chartreuse orbs looking at the open sea, the cooling breezing across his exposed fresh being a welcome accommodation. For the land of fire literally lived up to the name. The gambler idly noted that the dock were filling up with ships, the one that he and his partner –

What where's his partner? Green eyes scanned across the mass of people who had populated the docks, looking for someone who looked like the description of the boy the receptionist gave him. A few minutes passed before they founded their target, and with a few quick strides, Kichirou was right beside the other genin.

Name's Taigen Kichirou. I'm suppose to be help you with this load. Sorry for being late, had to visit the hospital for a check up.” He introduced himself, the later part being a lie but was executed with such precision many wouldn't doubt it.

Is that our ship?” He pointed towards a rather large ship with a captain waving and shouting for them to come over. Kichirou couldn't help but to groan, for if that was indeed the ship, this was going to be a long day.

Lazy Captains and deck hands. . .

[Word Count: 368 out of 600]

Koji Senju


Creaks lashed from the wooden dock as the other villagers took care of their business on the docks. Koji’s foot slowly came to a stop as he heard dialogue:

“Name's Taigen Kichirou. I'm suppose to be help you with this load. Sorry for being late, had to visit the hospital for a check up.” The man gave a polite introduction to Koji, poor fella had been in the hospital.

“Koji Senju. I’m sorry to hear that dude, let me know if there are going to be any physical implications with this mission, alright? I’m tough, I can handle it by myself like last time if I need to.” Koji said in concern.

The ship split the luscious sea in half as it sailed toward the dock; Captain Yusuke was giving an unusually delightful greeting in comparison to the last encounter. Maybe Koji did a marvelous job? Maybe he had known Koji’s new partner? Maybe it was just a good day for him. Men aboard the ship scrambled around for their anchors as the ship came nearer. The ship bumped onto the dock in a rugged manor and the crew shoved the anchor into the Konoha water, setting them off in just enough time. A crash burst into the ears of the shinobi as the ships plank landed on the dock. The captain slowly made his way from his deck to the dock, gripping his compass in one hand and a watch in another.

“Well, what’re ye waitin for?! Times awastin!” The captain yelled.

The men quickly shuffled double the amount of boxes than last time toward the plank. Disgust wrote itself all over Koji’s face; he knew that this was not going to go as quickly as the other. As he pulled up his sleeves he looked his partner in the eyes, giving him a look of “we got this” followed by a simple glare. Koji then clenched his sleeves, rolled them up and began to get to work.

Word Count: 644/600


Kichirou was touched by the fellow genin's concern about his well being. It almost made the gambler feel bad for making up that lie. Key word in the former sentence being almost. “Nothing to worry about. Had to get a physical check up my last one showed some deformities. So they wanted to see if it was anything serious, luckily it wasn't. I'm cleared for shinobi duties. “ Kichirou stated, telling half truths. While the man did had a check up showing some deformities, and a follow up one, that was prior to him become a shinobi. And as far as the doctors and every other medical person is concern, the gambler was in top physical shape.

Chartreuse gems, that sparkled under the rays of the sun, looked at the ship that was parting the ocean with practical ease. That was a big ship. . . Disinterestedly Kichirou watched as the ship bumped into the dock, shaking it a little, but anchors were dropped and plants lowered or rather dropped with a loud thump. Kichirou couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow at the number of deckhands that were on the ship. There were surely enough to handle the load. So why were they needed again? His musing was cut short by the captain yelling at them to hurry up. “Well if you was on time than we could have been working.” Kichirou mused to himself, following his fellow comrade onto the ship.

Scanning over the ship, Kichirou watched as the deckhands scurried about working on whatever the captain had assigned them to. Though the eyes soon rested on the haul of boxes that they were expected to move off the ship and stack up. Mentally shrugging, Kichirou looked at Koji, before beginning the process of lifting and carrying boxes off of the ship. A hour or two, Kichirou not entirely sure, passed by the pair of shinobi working to decrease the number of boxes till none was left. There were numerous of times where Kichirou almost bumped into another deckhand who wasn't paying attention to where they were going. Luckily the man was a shinobi and could react quickly enough. The captain thanked the pair of genins for a job well done, though he did mumble something about it took them a long time. . . But besides that incident everything else went smoothly.

Well that was fun.” It was obviously a lie, and the other genin would definitely notice it. “I don't know about you, but I'm after I turn in this mission, I'm head home, shower and hit the bar for some refreshments. So see you later. . “ With his peace said Kichirou linger only enough to hear the other genin's reply before disappearing amongst the crowds.

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[Word Count: 831 out of 600]

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