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1 A Light In The Darkness [private] on Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:04 am


Tatsumaru rolled out of the soft feather bed, placing his feet against the cold wooden panelling of the floor. Brushing his long scruffy hair out of his face, he took a moment, allowing his eyes to adjust to the environment before standing up to find his pants. "Morning sexy." A voice called to Tatsumaru from the other side of the bed, She sounded satisfied, but Tatsumaru didn't care. To be honest he'd already forgotten her name. He just wanted to get out before she realized that fact and get back to his empty apartment to prepare for the day. "Come back to beeeed" she called to him, tapping the indent where he had slept the previous night. "I have to go to work." Tatsumaru replied coldly, sliding himself into his pants before looking around, trying to find the rest of the uniform. He soon found it, and began gathering up the pieces of his uniform from the various corners of the room. "I thought today was your day off." she said with frustration, clearly picking up on his lack of desire to be there. "I don't take days off anymore. Besides, Takao wanted me to come in today at first light." Tatsumaru left the room as soon as he finished speaking, putting on the rest of his outfit in the woman's living room before leaving. He didn't know who she was and he didn't care. He had his fun and so did she, nothing more had to be said.

The sun was beginning to rise by the time Tatsumaru reached the administrative office. As soon as he slid the door open a wave of heat hit him, shacking off the dewy damp of the early morning. "Good morning, Tatsumaru!" a voice called to him as soon as he entered, and before he could look up a beautiful young woman in a skimpy dress had already extended her hand to shake his. They did so, and Tatsumaru smiled at her but remained silent, curious as to what was going on. "Your presence is required at the fourth floor meeting hall. Go right in, they're expecting you. her words were warm and her attitude was far too sunny for the weather. The sky was full of storm clouds and the atmosphere was generally shitty. All Tatsumaru wanted to do was go home, but instead work called to him like it always did. He didn't mind the bureaucracy, but he would much rather be busting skulls and slitting throats. It was what he loved to do, after all. It cleared his mind of the darker thoughts. Taking a moment to stop and check his reflection in the mirror, he found he looked like boiled crap. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair was in shambles and he hadn't shaved in days. Turning to face the woman, Tatsumaru let out an awkward smile before asking a simple question, "Is there a bathroom here I can use to clean myself up?" "Of course. Third floor, there is an executive bathroom. It has a shower and everything you could need, just don't take too long, they're waiting for you.

It took five minutes for Tatsumaru to clean himself up. A quick hot shower and a shave made him look far more human. The steam and the warmth helped clear some of the bloodshot out of his eyes, but it was clear he hadn't been sleeping well. He could use genjutsu to hide it, but it felt wrong to use genjutsu of any sort in an official setting. It could lead to an incident if someone noticed and thought he was hiding something more major, or trying to control them. He'd have to do it like this. Pushing open the door to the hall, Tatsumaru stepped in with a sigh. The room was full of formally dressed dignitaries; the kage's advisory panel and the Daimyo's higher ups from the looks of the robes. Takao was nowhere to be seen, and there was only one chair free. Taking the seat in silence, Tatsumaru waited to be addressed by the assembly. Eventually, a deep voice at the opposite end of the table begin to ring through the meeting hall. "Lord Takao Kimura has resigned as Hokage. Before he left, he formally requested you replace him, taking the office of Jyuushidaime Hokage. While his recommendation carries weight, he does not have the final decision. The decision is to be made by this panel. The Hokage's advisory committee, as well as representatives of the Daimyo's administration have gathered to debate this issue for the last few days. You were summoned here because a conclusion has been reached. You are hereby formally given the title of Jyuushidaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. You are to take office immediately. The woman that greeted you upon arrival is your secretary, she shall brief you on your day to day obligations and assist you with your duties."

Tatsumaru's heart stopped. He sat there in pure silence as someone placed a finally folded set of Kage robes in-front of him, and he didn't move even when the committee and representatives left the room. His eyes stayed locked on the robes in front of him. He was... hokage. For the first time in years, a truly happy smile spread across Tatsumaru's face. With this office, he had abilities he had never had before. He could use his new resources to find the bastard. He could... he could fix things. Once and for all! Once the last official left the room, Tatsumaru rose silently from his chair and placed the robes across his uniform. They were loose and comfortable, snow white with red embroidery. The hat fit perfectly, and felt light as a feather. Slowly, Tatsumaru left the office, to be greeted by the smiling face of his secretary and a row of clapping people. The advisors were part of the row, but the Daimyo's staff had left. Clearly, this was his team. These people would be working with Tatsumaru to run the village. Bowing briefly to the group, Tatsumaru began to long climb up the stairs to his office on the tenth floor. The visor of his hat worked well to hide the tears from those that surrounded him as he made his way to his office with a grin. He was Hokage. The first Uchiha to hold the office. He would lead his village to a new golden age, and he would get revenge in the process. For once, things were looking up...

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