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1 Paint the Walls [D-Rank/Solo/No Kill] on Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:25 pm

Koji Senju


Koji made his way over to the Hokage’s office. He was signaled for another task by the lord Hokage.  He knew that it would be something simple, so he stepped lightly and took as long as he needed. The young shinobi hopped across rooftops; the clacking of his sandals was hardly noticeable. While taking a stroll across konoha’s finely crafted structures, a thought simmered through him; was he going to pass his examination? He had fulfilled the requirements in order to receive the rank of Chuunin, but did he have the willpower to pass the test? Well, of course he did. A grin smothered his face; the thought of him passing his exams brought sheer joy to his veins.

Koji flipped onto the administration building effortlessly. Peering down below, he skidded onto the ground before the structure. Koji gazed at the building; with a delight he grabbed a smile and believed that one of his future pupils would become the next Hokage. Maybe a village Sannin would be within his reach. So long as his combat is powerful enough to ensure the safety of his family and friends.

Koji noticed the can of paint positioned next to an outer wall. Would Koji be painting today? He strolled into the office, barely noticed by the administration within. He approached the Hokage’s secretary; my oh my she was a luscious woman. Her body consisted of the most gracious curves with breasts the size of melons and a soft round backside. Not a single dot was present upon her face. Her eyes were an ocean blue and her hair was a hickory brown, but to top it all off she sported black horn rimmed glasses, Koji’s weakness. It lingered through Koji’s mind constantly: was Lord Hokage sleeping with this woman? No matter, Koji was simply here to pick up his mission and begin the task.

“Koji Senju, you are tasked with covering the walls of the administration building with a fresh coat of paint.” The woman commanded while adjusting her glasses.

“The paint is waiting outside. Now go ahead, hop to.”

Koji was caught in a gaze. The woman was so gorgeous that the young shinobi could barely remove his eyes from her bosom. A loud “ahem” roared from between her teeth. Koji quickly caught his focus and rushed to the outside, hoping to not be seen by any of the administration; what a pervert.

Once he caught himself outside again, he noticed that this time not only was a bucket of paint present, but also a ladder to assist him with any height issues. He grasped onto the cold metal ladder with one hand and the can of pain with another and began to do his work. He removed the lid of the paint causing a small shrieking noise to erupt into the streets. A paintbrush was daintily sitting on the back of the top. Koji stripped it off and began doing his work. He made long strokes across the walls of the building in order to get the task done fast. Koji flipped around the building, brushing a portion of the wall as he performed each flip.  Bystanders would come to a pause in order to exam his technique. Some of the ladies were in awe. The young man flawlessly painted the entirety of the building within several minutes.

After wiping the sweat from his brow, Koji raced back to the administration building to turn in the can of paint and the ladder. He approached the secretary; Koji tried his hardest to put on a cool face and a tough guy posture. He winked at her as he put the ladder away in storage. Finally collecting the ryo, he slipped his address onto a piece of paper and put “Let’s have ramen sometime” on the back of it before walking off to head home.  


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