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1 Store Security [C-Rank/Solo] on Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:11 pm

Koji Senju


Dirt and tree particles were sloshing In Koji’s face on this fine Konoha morning.  The young man was running at what seemed like the speed of sound to get to the Hokage’s office. He received a mission that would delight his being. The Hokage had requested he received a mission of C-rank; some burglars were stealing from the town’s most popular weapon shop. It was the largest weapon market in the village, making it a nearly nightly target for various thugs and thieves.

Koji had arrived at the Hokage’s office with breaths heavily emitting from his throat. The boy had rushed so quickly that he nearly lost some of his chakra. The gorgeous secretary awaited him. She gazed upon him and gave him a smile, her glossy lips attracting the Genin with ease. She stroked her hickory colored hair causing it to flutter in the wind. Her very presence softened Koji’s heart and caused it to race with a thumping that could only be heard by the novice shinobi. He imagined the two of them dashing through a field of sunflowers. In the imagination the secretary spread her arms out wide, inviting the Genin to embrace her with a tough grab and follow it with a gracious kiss.

She quickly snapped her two fingers in his face. It was as if a bubble burst in his face. It filled his mind with a nimble fantasy that would never happen. What a shame! The secretary shoved the scroll into Koji’s face.

“Listen boy. Your mission is a serious one today. There have been burglars all over the local weapon shop. The shop keeper is incredibly upset and we need to tighten security and get those thugs imprisoned. However, you cannot use lethal forces. This means only taijutsu can be utilized and possibly a weak ninjutsu. Do NOT harm any of the burglars. Also, you will be assigned to multiple nights.” The secretary demanded with force.

She placed the scroll in the boys arms and placed her palm upon the boy’s chest, giving him a small shove before releasing signals for him to shoo. Koji got the message and gave her a large grin before setting off on his journey.

Koji dashed toward the weapon store and in the distance he could see some hooded figures hanging around it. The figures were slumping around the stores outer walls; it was as if they were on standby for something. Koji didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but he couldn’t help to be filled with curiosity: were they the burglars? Koji approached the men with a positive manner and nodded his head in respects to them. They gave Koji an unpleasant glare.

“Is there a problem, fellas?” Koji asked them.

In response to him they simply strolled away, kicking up dirt behind their footsteps. Koji was suspicious of them. He strolled into the store after the encounter with the seemingly thugs. The shop owner glanced up from the front counter. A positive light shed from within him; Koji could tell the man was a joyous fellow.

“Welcome to Ishoda’s weaponry! How may I help you today sir?” The man called out loud and cheerfully.

“Hello there, sir! I’m here to assist you with security of the shop! I guarantee that the burglaries will cease to exist with me here!” Koji replied in a chant.

The man smiled greatly. He was excited to have Koji protecting the shop; the two of them quickly bonded.  He showed Koji around the store and gave him instructions on where to stand during the night. He had the Genin initiate his ninja skill in order to stay hidden during the night.

Koji was assigned to stay there for 3 nights and was hidden underneath one of the shelves. The first night went by quite sluggishly. No one was walking in since the store was closed. Koji peered toward the window and saw a figure; it was one of the hooded men from earlier. He prepped himself for a robbery and was prepared to retaliate. The figure strolled away from the window, smoking what appeared to be ganja. They walked away and dissipated into the dark evening. Koji moaned as no action was to come in this evening.

The night slipped by and the sun ripped into the sky. The store owner came strolling in to open up shop and Koji was perched beneath the shelf, still. Dust covered the cloth upon his clothing. The shop keeper apologized, but warned that suspicious activity might come later in the evening.

The day seemed to just creep on by, but finally night fell. Koji got back into his spot comfortably and waited. He was nearly falling asleep until suddenly he heard a crashing noise erupt from the left side of the store. Koji peaked around the corner and saw one of the hooded figures with a large back. The figure was stuffing the back with weaponry; it appeared to be in some sort of a hurry as well.

“Hold it!” Koji yelled without warning.

Suddenly, the figure snatched a folded fuma shuriken at Koji. Koji initiated the substitution technique, substituting himself with one of the large shuriken within the shop. The person rushed for the door and the finally grasped the handle and upon the door, attempting to flee. But suddenly, a hand came from beneath the ground and grasped the ankle of the thief.

“Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique!” Koji yelled with an outburst.

He then buried the thief in the ground outside the store, leaving only the thief’s head sticking out. The hood of the perp fell and it revealed a beautiful young woman.

“Now, why are you stealing from this store?!” Koji roared.

“I just want to be a master of weapons! I cannot afford to buy these! I’m broke you know!”  She responded.

Koji shook his head in discouragement as the sun peaked over the mountains.

“To get where you want, you have to earn it. You have to work hard in order to get it.”

Just after Koji gave her the advice, the Konoha authorities came to haul her away. Koji headed back to receive his prize, hands tucked in his pocket.


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