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Koji Senju

Koji Senju

Drops of liquid were brushing upon the forest grounds. These drops were sweat releasing from the pores of none other than the Genin Senju, Koji. Koji had spent another day full of preparation for becoming a Chuunin ranked shinobi. It was as if the sun took a miniature grudge upon Koji; he was so hot that a small puddle was present on the dirt below. Respiring desperately, Koji braced himself and shifted into a combat stance as his two clones raced toward him. One pursued a punch toward his right cheek, but Koji evaded it and swiftly jabbed the clone in the abdomen with a palm causing the clone to evaporate. The second came from the other direction, attempting a roundhouse kick to the left side of Koji’s midsection. He threw his left forearm at the clone’s leg and turned around to release a blow to the forehead before it dissipated.

The young Senju expelled a deep breath. He removed the upper half of his attire, remaining only in his pants and ninja sandals. His body revealed itself to be quite toned: a six-pack abdomen was present upon his body, his triceps and biceps were also well tended and his back muscles were exposed. Veins containing precious blood were defined for the time being. Grasping his shirt, Koji wiped the sweat from his brow and watched as it tapped the floor. The boy worked hard, but wasn’t quite ready to call it quits for the day.

He took a seat on the forest floor and began to meditate; meditate? This was something that was somewhat uncommon to ninja, but those born with the ability to utilize senjutsu performed it after each practice. Koji felt connected; it was as if he were a spirit enfused with the woodlands. Koji felt as though the flowers were speaking a certain language; a language which he understood. The trees and plant life were communicating with him. What was happening to the young shinobi?


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Akai was wandering in the wood trying to clear her thouhgts. She wasn‘t quite over with the events that are going to happen. The mood was better than yesterday though, especially because she figured out the plan. Suddenly her attention was taken by a young shinobi training around. Akai hid herself behing the tree and watched the training. “It‘ s too bad he‘s alone..I would like to watch a good men fight right now, that really would help..“ She was lurking behind the tree until the guy stopped his training and fell into a position to meditate. Akai was quite confused, who meditated in the middle of the training? She did no such thing. However, it seemed that the young shinobi was absorbing the aura from the forest while meditating, that had someking of magical feeling. While thinking about that, the girl clapped her hands, it was writen all over her face that the idea was born in her sometimes stupid head. “I should introduce myself, am I cool or what?!“.

She moved slowly into a tree, that was growing behind the young man. Akai jumped on the branch and wanted to appear in front of his face hanging with her feet holding to the branch. But hey, does everything goes hoe she plans it? Sure thing it doesn‘t. When she was doing the trick, she put too much of a force to it, so going down her head bumped into the guy‘s head, hitting it quite badly. Akai fell of a tree making quite of a noise, she was shouting and patting her head.

“AGAIN?“ Akai had experienced her „cool“ introduction some weeks before. Actually, all of her introductions turn out to be such a disaster not only to herself, but also to other people. She always ends up hurting then or offending them.


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