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1 Deserters Of The Leaf [B Rank, Solo] - WIP on Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:56 am



"Deserts Of The Leaf... Huh?"

He conceived the title in his head voluminous times, his mutter would echo every letter in his silence, similar to a crying bull in the midst of the forsaken hills. The Hokage embarked him with a B ranked commission, it was his call of duty, and he simply loved it. Inexorably, finally and at last, he nourished from a low ranking Genin to a moderately average Chuunin. This particularly made him snicker without a word, he could feel foreign powers race through his veins the moment he was addressed with the rank's title.

The howling winds would cause an uproar in his ears, this path was genuinely shy, but the crickets' screeches guaranteed him company, thus, offering his heart some relief. They were noisy, but in an ideal way, he enjoyed listening to them as he his azure eyes were fixed intently on the moon. It was bright as a glowing blank sheet, and almost seemed beautiful as twinkled stars, like the diamonds of the sky in a girl's bedtime song. He knew this shiny sandy path, would be a pale bloody path in time. War was constant in this world, both inside and outside, the borders of the five great nations were only doors leading to different voids of hell. At least that was how he thought of it, there were many powerful enemies out there, even with the power to wipe out a single village alone.

Whoever had murdered the Rokudaime Hokage and get in and out without detection, was probably the greatest threat this world was currently shouldering. He shook his head in the line of silence, he could see the towering buildings of the 'neighboring' town, adjacent to the village. They were probably there, but he needed to search carefully in every location, defecting from the leaf was banned and subsequently, were announced as missing-nins of Konohagakure. The town wasn't crowded, but it had pretty much an average populace, plus it was nighttime. So it was more likely that the majority of the villagers were inside their properties.

He continued his walk on, he wriggled himself into the local bar. Not for drinking, but for answers. The bartender was most likely the best answer, Idari without a word, marched to the bar and took the only empty seat. He could notice how the man was busy, giving him time to study the drunken people that sat on the nearby tables. Most of them looked villagers, and were nothing near comparable to those of what he was described. They were two, a woman and a man and both were Chuunin. It was basically 2 on 1, but it wasn't completely promised that a bar fight would take place. He only sought information about the defectors' plans and then return to Konoha with the details. He aroused his hand for the bartender, he awaited his arrival with an intent look in his eyes.

"What do you need, my friend?"

He inquired, Idari eyed both corners before his mouth slowly approached the man's ears.

However, Capturing them was the local police force's job, not Idari's.



War does not determine who is right - only who is left.

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