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1 Troll [Kumo-B] on Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:26 am

Kenji Chikara


 PRE-TIME-SKIP (still a Chuunin)

Early in the wilderness of Kumogakure was the brash and confident Chuunin, he was on pace to confront an enemy of the village, as the culprit has gained notoriety for his violent assaults on the innocent, and it was now Kenji’s responsibility to ensure that his reign of terror was no more. Trudging and slogging through the marsh lands of the wilderness that lied on the outside of the Kumogakure village gates; Kenji was hunting down a cruel ‘troll’. The troll apparently resided in one of the smaller mountain ranges; and it was suggested, or rather encouraged that the young Chuunin battle the brute in its territory to avoid any possible casualties He was also alerted that the troll be confronted with caution, as it was detailed in the dossier that the troll possessed impressive strength. Kenji had grown quite accustomed to combating opponents who focused on brute strength and who charged with a blatant attack; he knew that that particular aspect of the troll would prove to be his downfall. However, that being, Kenji would have to keep his distance and the fact that he was trekking in the troll’s territory meant that the opposition had the environmental advantage, meaning despite his tactical superiority he would have to proceed cautiously all the same. As a dedicated shinobi, having put several of hours in daily to his craft, Kenji felt he was more than prepared to defeat the animal; he was physically and mentally prepared.

Marching through the wetlands, Kenji knew that he was drawing near the troll’s position; the ground was more flattened than the rest signifying that a heavy species lived in the area. With his katana on his hip and his ninja tools along his waist he took a break as it had been hours since he left the village and he begun his pursuit. He took a knee and began to eat one of his granola bars that he packed; also from the back pack he took out a thermos of cool spring water. The granola bar was a hefty and fulfilling one, full of fiber and protein; the treat was also satisfactorily tasty with the honey glazed oats mixed with the variety of berries hidden throughout the body of the rectangular delicacy. Knowing that a beast of its size couldn’t sufficiently mask its presence, Kenji took his time and enjoyed his snack; as he completed replenishing his reserves of energy he resumed his task at hand. Kenji walked through many different types of hindrances: at one point he had to struggle though a myriad of bristly leafless bushes, and then he had to plod through a swamp that sent him sinking down at least a few inches. Growing tired of the obstacles laid in front of him by nature; he decided to travel above ground, leaping through the scarce trees, using supreme athleticism and coordination to move efficiently. It was indeed the space between the village and this particular mountain range that was extremely unpredictable, he knew he was close to exiting the wild patch.

Kenji thought back to the numerous of missions he had been on in the past, involuntarily taking from all his past experiences as to ensure that he performed at his full potential. The mission was of the utmost importance and he was as always very flattered by the insistence that he be the one to carry out the duty. As a Chuunin of Kumo he was looked to as someone of adequate ability and sufficient judgment, he wanted to make sure that the Raikage didn’t regret her decision. Despite priding himself more as a supplementary fighter and an intelligence gatherer, Kenji has proved himself multiple times to be more than capable of holding his own in one on one combat. Kenji had long formulated his plan of attack, and he had already envisioned multiple scenarios prepping himself for almost everything. The obvious remained through all his prospective plans; and that was to keep his distance, as someone who was rather small, quite frail, and lacking of any real close range ability; it would not bode well for him to engage in the slightest of close range combat. If Kenji was to go in for the offensive he had to make sure the troll was completely debilitated by one of his illusions first; then capitalize.

Now entering further into the territory of the troll; the area was atrocious; littered with large piles of droppings, slumped trees, giant random pits, and huge foot prints. “This is it, its close; as long as I get a beat on it and keep my distance I’ll be okay.” Kenji thought to himself, keeping his plan in mind, not wanting to stray from it. He utilized the reflective surface of his gloves to scope areas outside of his field of vision; just to make sure the troll didn’t possess amazing stealth abilities. As the Chuunin continued to creep deeper into the troll’s lair, he felt the ground beneath him waver; Kenji soon found himself falling into a pit that was deep enough to prevent him from escaping without the need of chakra. Just as Kenji’s head fell beneath the top surface he saw that the walls were lined with spikes making walking along them via chakra out of the question and he wouldn’t be able to grip it either. Forced to think quickly as panic tried to take hold before his head fell anymore than a half a foot below the surface he drew a kunai and inserted it into the wall between the spikes; as his hand plunged the kunai in his arms drew frightfully close to being pierced by one of the spikes; as he was unaware if the spikes were laced in poison or hiding some other trap he didn’t want to risk being pierced; so he extended his leg pushing his body away from the interior of the wall, subsequently his arm as well. He used his new leverage to gracefully swing himself above and on the surface; a feat accomplishable due to his impressive physique and agility.

Kenji drew another kunai as he knew that the troll wasn’t far away and was most likely already prompting an attack. Just as he expected, as he shot a glance at his gloves and along with a slight tremble, he became aware that the troll was now rushing him from behind with startling speed; the troll wasn’t exactly fast per se but he was a lot faster than he expected. As the troll advanced he let out a primal shriek; now a few meters in front of the ditch of death Kenji stood, the nimble Chuunin jumped backwards behind the ditch leading the troll to his doom. With a puzzled look, Kenji said to himself, “Come on, that was too easy.”

And indeed it was; the size of the troll was so impressive he almost stepped out of the pit, and he did so with great force. The troll proceeded to charge toward the shinobi once more; this time there was no ditch to bail the teal haired shinobi out. Rapidly forming the necessary hand seals Kenji released a seemingly harmless gust of wind. As the beast lost all balance and awareness, Kenji launched off at full speed, wielding his katana he brought it crashing down for the troll’s jugular. As the blade drew near, the troll was on one knee with his head whirling around in a circle with a blank look in his eyes; the tip of katana the broke the skin and dove into the flesh of the troll, ripping through his neck. A surge of blood sprouted out of the wound covering the majority of Kenji’s body in troll DNA. Slightly revolted, Kenji yanked and removed his blade from the troll’s neck; the troll now laid lifeless face first in the damp soil, “I think I could’ve killed it with a tad more discretion…”

The shinobi happened to have towel with him, in his back pack; he made his way to the nearby river to wash the blood off. After he dried off, he remained at the river as he sat and allowed himself to relax from his battle with the troll. Several minutes passed as the shinobi just sat… He then collected his belongings and began his lengthy trek back to the village; fortunately for Kenji he had plenty of granola bars to hold him on his voyage. He finally reached the village and he was exhausted, he slowly walked through the streets; “Kenji! You look like crap, what happened?” Without fully acknowledging who directed the inquiry to him, “Troll… troll happened…” Arriving to his home Kenji threw bag and conjured enough energy to shower, it was now late afternoon but after showering, trying diligently to remove the stench of nature and troll from him, he fixed a plain sandwich and prepared to rest after the drooling hike through the wilderness along with the tussle with a troll. “I really hope I reached my Troll quota for the year…”




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