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1 Training Katon (A-S, Private) on Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:34 am



Takeshi woke up to a very unusual day, as it was cloudy. Takeshi couldn't remember the last time it was this cloudy, it looked as if a tornado was going to come through. The clouds, they were all a dark gray, and from what Takeshi could tell, the wind was blowing hard. Hard enough to cause people to think twice about going outside since Takeshi didn't see anybody walking around. He wanted to leave the house, he felt that he needed to expand his knowledge on the fire element. He was already unsure as to how to do this, but he knew he needed to find a way. He searched through his small room in order to find a scroll, or book of some sorts that talked about the fire element. He thought he found one when he last tried to find more about the element. Right? He couldn't remember if he did or didn't. The only thing he remembered was that he met a guy. He couldn't remember his name since it was a while back, though he knew the guy was bald. Which was a weird thing to remember a guy by. Right? In any case, he had to find something to do about his training. It was going to be his only day off before he had to some missions. He had to find a way to train his element, with out going outside, so that should be fun.

He started off by continuing to search for some source of information he may have had. He was sure he had some kind of book about the element. He always carried some form of information in that sense. He was sure had bought some kind of book that detailed some advanced techniques dealing with fire manipulation. After what seemed like hours of searching, he had came up with nothing. He would have went to the nearby shop to pick one up, but with the obvious storm, that made it quite difficult. After his failed attempt at finding a book, he decided to just focus his on his chakra manipulation by filling his lungs and throat with chakra. Similar to what he did the last time he went out to go train. So that's what he did, though he felt like he couldn't get any better repeating the same training methods. So he decided to do something else, he just didn't know what he wanted to do.



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