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The clash of steel clang over and over as the two training partners pushed each other to the limits; Kenji was doubled over as he had long depleted his stamina reserves. While gasping for the little air he could manage to take in he was assaulted by Juke; the strike knocked Kenji out, he was hit with a vicious uppercut right to the chin and the fact that he didn’t see it coming due to his fatigue made the blow twice as powerful. A shinobi appeared and said to Juke, “Let your friend know he shouldn’t be sleeping in public; and yea, make sure he gets this; it’s very important.” The shinobi handed Juke a dossier that contained the details of Kenji’s next mission. However, Kenji would be incoherent for the next 30 minutes as he was still exhausted from the battle and his head still pounding from the lethal punch he endured.

“Good morning.” Kenji grabbed the dossier that Juke handed him and read it to the best of his ability in his current state. “It sounds really really really cuteeee” wavering, Juke held Kenji up and escorted him back home where Kenji would go over the mission later when he was more stable. Juke a taijutsu specialist; a serious practitioner of the Bushido way; he always pushed Kenji to the extent of his capabilities and was overall a great and reliable training partner. Juke is two years older than Kenji and a Special Jounin, Juke was Kenji’s first challenger as a shinobi and ever since then they have pushed each other to overcome obstacles.

Now that Kenji had recovered from his spar he went over the mission once more; it was a B rank mission; and a dangerous one, which was always a possibility at this rank. A monster, some beast was terrorizing the locals and has proven several times to be ruthless as many had lost their lives at the hands of the beast. It was now the experienced Chuunin’s duty to relieve the area of the menace. He was to set out tomorrow to capture, most likely kill the monster. Delving deeper into the contents of the dossier, the monster was also suspected to have ties to a criminal organization that village has been investigating for some time; “This just got a lot more interesting.” Despite his curiosity, Kenji had to deal with the imminent threat and resolve that first. As a member of the Village Security and Intelligence Squad, the details of the issue fell in the jurisdiction of his squad, but as of right now he wasn’t being sent to gather intelligence he was being sent to rid the area of the troublemaker.

As the day concluded Kenji indulged in a small meal of rice and chicken; while eating he pondered how he would deal with such an unconventional opponent. He knew that the enemy was most likely superior in brute strength, heck; almost everyone Kenji faces is superior in raw power. However, the beast’s strength was also likely to be accompanied by a dullness; which would surely make him putty in his hands when Kenji unleashed his Genjutsu. After he finished his meal he quickly brushed his teeth and prepared for bed; “Monster slayers need rest too.”

Up earlier than usual, Kenji was clearly eager to track down the monster; he didn’t want anyone else to fall at the hands of such a mindless cruel creature. A bowl of cereal was all that Kenji deemed was necessary to fuel him for his trip and ensuing battle. The Chuunin at this point in his career had been on his share of dangerous and demanding quests that has called upon his skill; but this was looking to be one of his most interesting endeavors, it was evident to him that the case wasn’t going to end at him disposing of the beast and as a member of the intelligence and security squad he would almost be obligated to follow up on the proceedings that followed the mission.

Alone, equipped to the max with all the equipment he needed to disable a mindless beast. He was informed that the monster shouldn’t be underestimated; the creature had taken quite a few lives and it was imperative that the monster be stopped by any means necessary. Despite his confidence, he was a little apprehensive about going in solo. Still only a Chuunin, he did feel he could survive at the very least against a creature of the caliber they described. Kenji stood outside the village gates where the monster roamed and terrorized the inhabitants of the wilderness of Kumogakure. The fierce beast taunted Kenji as he advanced further into the wilderness; he passed bloodstained tracks and droppings. Grimacing, Kenji was infuriated at the gall of the demon; “So this monster is connected to a criminal organization… A monster like this wouldn’t willingly ally with a gang; this monster has to be an original member… or taken captive, and forced to act on the behalf of the criminal organization.” The origins and motives of the animal were currently of no importance; the priority was to kill the creature so the people could live in peace and not have to worry about a rampaging ruthless fiend.

The bristling wind trying to invade the gloves that protected his hands persisted and settled to send a shiver through his body that quickly subsided; the temperature stabilized as the sun neutralized the cooling atmosphere. The greenery glistened glamorously as a film of melted snow adorned the plants. Kenji periodically glanced down to look at his gloves that allowed him to see behind him due to the reflective surface; he was aware that the beast was of considerable size, making the possibility of the monster sneaking up on Kenji unlikely, but the shinobi had witnessed things far more bizarre so he decided to proceed cautiously. Swimming wisps of clouds fortified around the sun releasing the full coldness that Kumogakure is renowned for. Kenji’s attire along with his bloodline was sufficient in preventing the temperature from hindering the ninja. He was now on the outskirts of one of the towns that had reported most of the cases involving the monster; Kenji’s hands by his side were ready draw at any moment, his anticipation and anxiety rising, but as a seasoned shinobi who had several encounters with danger, he was capable of managing anxiety and emotions adeptly. Something then stood out to the shinobi, the terrain was splashed with leaves and other shrubbery; it was apparent that it was placed over the area, “This monster definitely doesn’t act completely alone, he is clearly managed by humans.” However, the criminal organization was clearly very confident in the monster they contracted as their was no sign of any presence resembling a human; so they helped the monster in terms of hiding tracks but didn’t get involved in conflict; at least not yet.

Kenji wielded his katana in front of him, with his gloves his field of vision provided a detailed representation of what lied in his peripheral vision as well as directly behind him. There were a few places that could be used to conceal a monster of his stature but due to the reflection of his glove he was able to see movement in a wall of bushes, and as Kenji spun around with two shuriken in his hand a mammoth revealed itself and was traveling through the air right at Kenji; naturally startled momentarily he released the two shuriken at the monster’s chest; they however appeared to do no damage and the beast upon landing released a shockwave due to his sheer size; which knocked Kenji down and back a few feet. Now with no more than a few meters separating the two combatants, Kenji released a gust of wind from his Katana using it to trigger his “Heavenly Spiral” technique; he followed up by charging forward with his katana as the beast would be unable to discern his surroundings leaving him vulnerable for a short term. Rushing at full speed, trying passionately to capitalize on his opening; he sent a forward thrust with his katana right into the leg of the monster; the beast’s midsection was well above Kenji’s head so he went for the easier strike. The yellow furred giant fiend let out a screech and in retaliation smacked Kenji with the back of his paw; the young shinobi was able to hang on to his weapon. The monster was bipedal, his claws as black as the night and his eyes just as black. The beast was rather lean and moved forward to Kenji rather sluggishly, probably due to the wound to his leg. As the beast reached striking range Kenji released a seemingly harmless plume, but the cloud triggered a gruesome Genjutsu that would definitely fluster a monster that was obviously primal in intellect. Releasing the plume caused a lot of pain as Kenji’s jaw was broken by the club to his face; he stared attentively at the monster flail and run around unaware that what he was experiencing was not real. Kenji darted over and slashed the back of the monster’s ankle essentially immobilizing him; as the monster lied on the ground growling franticly Kenji aimed a downward thrust to the beast’s heart; as he brought his katana down the giant, bear hugged Kenji with just one hand, after breaking three ribs due to the immense pressure of the squeeze he hurled the shinobi.

Being frail Kenji struggled greatly to recover from the constricting attack; however, the monster was still semi-distraught from the Genjutsu and was constantly looking his self over with big eyes. Both up to this point suffered injuries; the monster had his heel slit, leg stabbed, and had been traumatized by the illusion, and Kenji had three broken ribs along with a broken jaw. “I should’ve known this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park” he said lowly. “AAAAARRRRRGGG!!!” With squinted eyes, “Oh shit! He’s going berserk.” To Kenji’s delight he was walking gingerly, but he then put all his weight on his good leg and put his arms on the ground; he then catapulted himself into spinning ball of yellow fury. Kenji was able to discern his intentions and did his best to avoid the attack and he was successful, barely. Now scurrying on the ground away from the monster; the monster however had no intention on letting the meager human escape and grabbed his leg but Kenji was able to yank it away quickly; Kenji used the contact to trigger his “Phantom Strike” illusion which projected him further away than he really was. He used the slight advantage and launched a shuriken for the eye of the monster; who would be under the impression that he had more time but in reality the shuriken was closer than it appeared. As the shuriken closed in, as expected the beast had a delayed reaction, but he reacted fast enough to avoid the shuriken hitting him in the eye but not from taking his ear off; the blue haired shinobi would use the opening to throw another projectile for his other eye, but this time with a kunai. With the increasing amount of damage the monster was sustaining, he naturally tried to flee the battle; with a slit heel, wounded leg, one ear, and a punctured eye… to say the least he was unsuccessful in his attempt. Slash after slash dismembered the yellow ghoul; and the demon was now dead.

Kenji expected a tough fight, but not that tough; Kenji was glad it was over, for now… The fight took place on a slope near the base of a relatively small mountain range; spectators from atop the slope from a good distance began to cheer; the spectators were drawn to the fight when it began to get more intense and their presence subsequently became obvious. Kenji announced as loud as he could, “This monster right here won’t be bothering you all anymore.” Hoots and whistles bombarded his ears. Kenji wanted to drop to a knee as it hurt very much to stand up straight with his injured ribs and he feared he dislocated his jaw even further with his little announcement. “Looks like I won’t be boasting for a while.”

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