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1Killing Trolls 'n' Stuff [B-Rank, Solo] Empty Killing Trolls 'n' Stuff [B-Rank, Solo] on Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:47 pm


Nagare left his house near 5 AM, for a nice, early start to his day. Obviously, there was a mission he was going on, but it wasn't urgent or something. Just some troll, no big deal, they had frequented the wilderness before. The reason he had gotten up so early was so that he could enjoy the scenery of Kaminari no Kuni's large mountains before he did his task. His eyes glowed vermillion as the sun shimmered into them, while he cast his glare down at the savannah before him. His glasses were propped on his nose, and he pushed them up a bit as he stood. He made a quick hand seal, and Horui appeared, with a smile on his silent face. "Let's get started."

Now, Kumogakure wasn't known for it, but there had been a recurring problem with monsters of sorts. Most of them were experiments by crazed shinobi that proved successful, but they were each eradicated by other ninja of the village. This troll was the most recent experiment, and since its creation, it had killed about 3 innocents, so it was high on the troll "bounty list". Not a problem for Nagare, he could handle this thing easily. Just burn it up, simple as that. As far as he knew, it didn't know any jutsu or have any weapons, so it couldn't possibly put up much of a fight. So, he gestured for Horui to follow as he began sprinting down the mountain slope at full speed.

The mission's details had essentially implied that the troll would have to be found, as they provided no location for it further than "wilderness". It wasn't gonna be out in the open, it would be hiding. Well, not necessarily hiding, but rather dormant. So...did troll's live in caves? Nagare thought about it for a moment before consulting Horui. Where would this troll be? Horui looked at him with his magenta eyes, and thought ...a cave? Nagare nodded, and said Yeah, I thought so.

The scenery of Kumogakure was relatively bland, many shades of beige and brown painted across the rocky mountains. Grass could be found in large bushes here and there, while clouds always hung overhead. Today was a bright day, and the clouds were wispy and white with luminescence. The twins sprinted across the landscape, scanning the area meticulously until suddenly they noticed a cave. It was a large cave, dark and covered in igneous rock. That was a bit easy. Like, five minutes, and the cave was just there. Nagare wouldn't argue, made his mission all the simpler.

Upon entrance of the hollow, a chilling feeling overcame both of them. Rather damp and dark, Nagare activated his Heat Mapping Jutsu to get a feel for the area. Nothing much could be felt except for a strong heat signature, within the core of the cave. It must have been the troll, based on the fact that nothing else of that size would live in a den like this, save maybe a bear. Bears weren't exactly common in Kumogakure, however, so Nagare wasn't worried. So, naturally, he and Horui moved forward toward the heat. A single roar echoed through the cavern as they neared, causing a chain reaction of falling stalagmites to crash down around them.

The tension in the moment was thickening. Down a corridor, the two found a chamber, lit by a single torch in the corner. Blood was spattered across the wall in large streaks, indicating a struggle. Another roar boomed past, and footsteps could be heard from behind. Nagare readied his battle stance, and Horui did the same. The darkness around them made this difficult, but the heat signature was growing arm thrust swung forward, and Nagare ducked under it. The massive, hairy arm swung again, hitting Horui in the side and making him fall to the ground. Horui somersaulted back and rose onto his feet, spitting a fast fireball jutsu at the troll. It was hit directly, and its fur burned brightly illuminating the cave.

By the looks of it, the beast was colossal. At least 8 feet tall, with an arced back and severe underbite, revealing fangs bared fangs. Its eyes were glowing with rage. Seeing as the fireball didn't do too much damage, it charged forward again, claws ready to strike. Nagare smiled, figuring he could fight back using his strongest jutsu. He hadn't used it since learning it, so he was going to be a little rusty, but it was worth a try. Horui, merge with me. I'm going to go into Hell Form. Horui nodded, pressing an arm to Nagare's back and fading away. Nagare made eye contact with the troll for just a moment before exploding into a blast of deep-red flames.

The flames around Nagare's body burned bright, and now the entire cave was lucid with his luminescence. The troll came at him again, so he raised a fist to stop the incoming blow. His eyes, now veiled with flames, were such a deep shade of red that they appeared to be black. The gaze from his eyes into the beasts' was direct and unbroken as he muttered, with an altered voice. "I'm going to love watching you burn." A sinking feeling in his heart resonated as his mind grew cloudy. He was using a lot of chakra; that was it. It was just the chakra use. He needed to...

With a twist of the wrist, the beast's arm snapped loudly, probably only a fracture, but it would be enough. Nagare pulled the arm back, and thrust it forward again, throwing the beast into the wall. He sprinted forward, and choked it, holding it against the wall. The flames sizzled its skin. A pained look overtook its face as it reached forward and attempted grabbing at Nagare's neck. It was struggling desperately, as the air was escaping its lungs...Nagare released it, letting the monster fall forward to the ground. "Don't be stupid. I told you I'd watch you burn, I didn't say anything about suffocation." he said in the dark tone from before.

Gripping the troll by the arm, Nagare threw him into the middle of the cavern and used a Great Fireball Jutsu to blow out the ceiling. More stalagmites fell, a few of them on top of the troll, effectively pinning it down as Nagare flew high into the air. His red-black wings opened into full wingspan as he hung in the air, a kilometer or two high over the trapped troll. Nagare's mind was in a haze; he couldn't feel anything, and he felt like he couldn't move, but he was. It was as if something else was controlling him...he wanted to brush it off as chakra shortage, but he knew it wasn't. This jutsu he'd created brought something bad out of him, worse than he already was. And it was bloodthirsty.

Nagare, of course, was better at channeling parts of his mind than most, due to his constant connection to Horui, so he attempted to delve into his brain, and find what this wasn't hard to find. His mind was an open canvas, a bright environment of pure white with nothing but thoughts and feelings within. At the far edge, a dark corner he tried to enter, he was paralyzed and he couldn't feel or think any further. He was stuck, staring into the abyss. Haha, calm down now, Nagare...I've got control'll get your turn soon. He had no choice but to sit back and watch.

Not bothering to say the name of the jutsu, this Demonic Nagare spat 3 massive fireballs, known usually as the Hunter Cerberus Bombs technique, but now it was something much more powerful. The flames were a deep shade of red and they moved much faster....eventually, when they cleared the kilometer long distance, they impacted with the troll and exploded. The burst continued moving outward engulfing the whole cave and reducing it to nothing but ash. "My deed is done." he heard the darker him say as he flew back down to the ground and landed on his feet.

The ashes stood in front of him. An entire bed of caverns, now nothing but dirt tunnels riddled with ashes. What might he had. It almost made Naga proud, if only it wasn't at the cost of losing control...he made a mental note not to use that while nearby anyone he cared for, as they could easily be killed. He figured, now that the task was over, he could return to the confines of his village and collect his reward. He'd accepted another for the next day where he was to travel to Konoha, so he had a long day ahead. He stepped away, leaving the ashes to be carried off by the wind.

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