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"Did you even think this through! You can't take on someone who has been training, even if it's just a friendly training! I am not letting you do that just yet. You probably aren't even a challenge for that guy! Just listen to me once, and don't do this mission just yet. You never had training before or sparred with a person who has been training."

Renji was all concerned about his beloved Masayo. Why would he even be worried? Of course Masayo had done much more dangerous stuff that that. He just didn't know she did all these kind of stuff. Luckily Renji didn't know that Masayo was such a jackass, if he had known it she probably wasn't even allowed to leave the house. Masayo had always thought that her non-biological father was a wimp. He had never done anything dangerous. Even when they traveled Renji wouldn't do much. He didn't even jump off a cliff into the water. Hell, Renji didn't even want to play strip poker with random people. They were strangers so what, they didn't knew them. Masayo never knew what his deal was. The Yamamoto herself was never embarrassed by anything nor anyone. She just did what she wanted.

"C'mon, Renji, this isn't a big deal, really. I'm just going to hold back so he wouldn't be ashamed that he was beaten by a girl, but he won't get to beat me either. I am not losing against anyone. I'll just leave it with a tie. So chill out. Besides, do you really think that low of me? Do you really think my skills and abilities are not good? You disappoint me once more, Renji."

She spot those last words out like it was trash. Like Renji could command her what to do and what not do to and after all Masayo was already 18, a grown up. She got quite irritated by her overworked adopter. It actually didn't matter what she was told, she had already accepted the mission.

"Anyway, i am going to bed. See you tomorrow, after i've done the mission."

Renji tried to protest once more but the Yamamoto member already stood up and walked to the stairs. Renji gave out a loud sigh and lay his head on the couch. Masayo had just put her pajamas's on as Renji came upstairs as well. They crossed paths to go to the bathroom but both parties did not say anything. They just ignored each other completely. Masayo went back to her bedroom and jumped on her bed. Her green tinted eyes were staring at the wooden ceiling. A few posters hung on the wall. On the door hung a poster with the Yamamoto clan symbol, under the posters is another one with the city symbol. The walls were all dark wood, except for one wall was stitched with blue cloth. She had a glass closet for all her weapons and future weapons. The smell of fresh washed cloth could be sensed in the room.

"I'll show him that he's wrong. Mom, dad, i hope you can see me because I'll prove that i have gotten stronger."

With those words Masayo fell asleep. Her dreams were no nightmares and she had a good night sleep.

The alarm clock woke her up at 6 in the morning. With a groan she stepped out of bed. The mission would start at 8. It took her 1 hour to get ready and 1 hour to be where the mission took place. Masayo took a relaxed shower and a nice breakfast before going to the mission. She took her time to get ready. Why would she bother to hurry? Masayo had almost forgot to take her weapon with her when she left the house.

"If i would run i'll get there within one hour and i would already warmed up my muscles."

The girl her legs started to make faster movement and she sprinted to the training ground. Her heart began to pump faster as well due to the running. She was quite excited about this mission. This was the first time she could officially spar without any worries to get hurt. Both eyes were filled with a happy shine.

Finally Masayo arrived at the place. She saw a boy and a grown up man sitting on a bench. An arm of the girl was lifted and she waved at both of them. Wih a few fast steps she got closer. She introduced her in a polite way so did the two as well. She took a few steps backwards and stood ready to begin, but first she took one of the wooden swords to replace her rapier. What was the point in waiting?

"Why wait? The faster the better don't you think?"

Masayo smiled at the boy and made a handsign to come closer. The Yamamoto pulled out her sword so did the boy. In the dojo it was quite silent but that makes itmuch easier to concentrate. Masayo was waiting for the boy to attack first, so he did. He raced to Masayo with speed and began to slash his sword. Masayo dodged the first attack with a jump and the second with a roll. When she stood back up Masa was at his right side and could make a swift move to hit his ankle, due to the speed she was hitting with, a loud noise could be heard. The boy fell on his knee instantly, but just when Masayo was ready to strike him in the neck he rolled forward to dodge.

As the boy stood up Masa began to run at him. With the boy his good concentration he could point the swords tip right in front of Masayo her throat. He hesitated to strike and with that Masayo swung her boken at the boy and hit him in the stomach. Masa took a step back because the male was now swinging his sword multiple times at Masayo. It were quick strikes but a lot were blocked by the boken held by Masayo. At a scale of ten six would be succesful hits. With one block and a turn Masayo could give him another strike in his ribs, that made him fall on the ground. His boken fell a metre and a half away from him. "I surrender, You won." The boy said with a serious face. That is when Masayo took away the sword that was pointing at him.

"Thank you very much, young Genin. I appreciate your help." Masayo just nodded and bowed for the man. She lay her boken on the bench they were sitting on and left to give in the mission.



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