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Zetsume Zix


God damn trolls, Zetsume thought while throwing away the mission letter. He did not really like trolls, mostly because of their savage ways of attacking. Fighting trolls would be an easy task for him, which is probably why he was sent on this mission. He knew he could take care of it effectively without any problems. In the past he has fought them before. From what he remembers they are loud, unintelligent, and strong. All of these things are advantageous in his hunt. He would not have to look too hard to find them, just follow the prints in the snow. Zetsume fed the messanger pigeon and went to gather his gear. It was still early in the morning, he wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. The quicker he can kill them, the more people he is saving. When he was walking out the door he thought of a random idea, They kill us to survive, and we kill them to survive. Will the end of bloodshed ever come?

The whole idea was idiotic, peace was only a figment of people's imagination. There will always be some reason that a man will kill another one. Even Zetsume has his own reasons, yet they could be seen more justified based on his perspective. Killing was in the nature of humans, and he would have to accept that he can not save everyone. Zetsume stopped all of these ideas and started to focus on the task at hand. He gave a small wave to Repede and left out the door.

Zetsume was deep in the forest when he noticed something that was unusual. He had been traveling by tree limbs, it was really the best way to travel with all of this snow. He jumped down to see what it was that caught his eye. It was indeed the very thing he had been looking for. Only an hour had passed since he began this search, and already the results are looking favorable. Zetsume followed the prints to see where they led, with any luck it would be the troll that he is looking for.

Zetsume walked almost four miles to see where the being could have been. He could not shake the feeling that they were long ahead and that this was not the right way to go. In the distance he could hear a loud roar followed by a loud bashing sound on the ground. Zetsume drew his bow out and moved towards the noise. It did not come from that far away, and he would have to be ready for anything. He remembered once hearing that a man got crushed by a troll throwing boulders. Zetsume did not wish for the same fate as that poor bastard. Foot by foot he traveled quietly and quickly. Then he saw it, two trolls about eight to nine feet tall. Hair covered their whole body from the head to their toes. Other than that they were sitting around a campfire enjoying their newly caught prize. Zetsume could see the remains of many fallen people. Some of them were roasting above the campfire, it looked as through the trolls were cooking them. The whole sight only made the blood boil in his veins. The element of surprise would hold a key factor in this. He would have to make sure to not miss his shot. He held the bow firmly in his left hand, while gathering katon chakra. It almost seemed poetic that he would use this type of attack first. Pulling an arrow back he let it fly and it landed right on the crotch of one of the trolls. It let out a loud shriek which was followed by some ground slamming. The katon arrow seemed to have lit his crotch on fire, and his junk..... was burning. The smell of his crotch burning was rancid, Zetsume had to make sure not to ruin the surprise attack. He let out three more katon arrows right at the other one. They all landed on their mark though not in as hurtful as the last one. Two of them landed in his back while the other was in the ribs. At this point the monsters noticed where the shots were coming from and start to run at him.
They were much faster than expected though they had taken some small damage. Zetsume let out the last shot of his arrow, this one landed square in the face of one causing it to stumble back while it was running. He would have to think quick as one was roughly five meters away and the other eight. Zetsume had to cast False Image on both of them. He made the image stand still in fear while they charged at it, while he jumped into a nearby tree. He started to cast Raiton Peircing shot, he would have to take out them quickly when they noticed that it was an illusion. When they reached it and tried to stomp him into the ground, Zetsume shot the Raiton Peircing shot at the back of the head of the one that he shot in the crotch earlier, it made its mark as it shot through the skull of the troll. Two large thuds were heard back to back. One from his arrow hitting the ground after traveling through the trolls skull and the body of the troll falling to the ground. A large blood stain was now on the snow while the other troll looked in horror as his buddy just died. It let out a shriek and looked into the direction of the shot and found Zetsume chilling in a tree with a smirk on his face. The brute made its way towards Zetsume but it was far to slow. Zetsume simply jumped into another tree and used Shi No Yoake (Dawn Of Death). Arrows flew out from his bow by the hundred. Some of them landed in trees and on the ground. However, he did manage to hit the troll a couple of times in the chest, legs, and arms. The arrows did not go through like it did with his Raiton Peircing shot. Instead they were lodged into it's body before disappearing. The blood started to seep out of the beasts wounds. It however did not stop in it's attempt to kill Zetsume. Maybe it was the fact he lost his friend, or the fear of dying. Either or did not really matter to Zetsume for he would kill it soon enough. After taking that much damage the beast was much slower. It made it almost a cake walk to dodge it's attacks. It would hit the tree, but Zetsume would already be in the next one waiting on it, taunting it. It would only chase after him again and again. It got to the point that he felt like he was just toying with it like a cat would. He could have killed it at any moment, but wanted to watch it suffer just a little bit longer. He drew a normal arrow from his quiver and shot it out at the same time he used 100 arrow illusion. The monster looked in horror as another set of arrows flew at it. It tried to cover its body from the hail, yet nothing happened but one arrow to the chest which was followed by Zetsume's laughter at the beast trying to block it. Then it did something he did not expect as it started to run away from him.

Shit, If that thing gets away, Raikage-sama will have my balls on a golden platter he thought while going after the beast. It seemed it had given up on trying to kill him and now was running for it's life. Though it had no where to go from Zetsume. He had great eye sight, and could keep him in sight without a problem. He drew an arrow and shot it at the beast. It landed in it's knee causing it to stumble to the ground. Zetsume followed the attack with another arrow into it's other knee. It tried to get up but could not because of all the damage his body has taken. The troll has lost a good amount of blood, he was not moving after those attacks. It was however still alive, barely. Zetsume jumped down and walked calmly towards it, speaking in a low dominate tone towards it, "Your crimes have gone unjustified for far too long. Nothing personal, I just can not let you live.". The beast tried to grab him, but Zetsume retaliated with an arrow to the hand. He then got ontop of it and shot it four times in the face. The beast had finally stopped moving. He let out a long sigh and looked at the bloody mess he just made. Cleaning this up would be a pain in the neck. Zetsume just had the better idea and just shot a couple of katon arrows into it, one at the crotch and the other at the chest. He made sure to spread the flame so it would burn quicker. Zetsume went to the other troll and did the same. Once the fire had died down, he decided it was time to go back to his village and report his success.


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