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Footsteps could be heard. The sound of the wooden floor made it clear the footsteps were coming closer. Masayo didn't get any sleep in the night. It wasn't the temperature in her room. It wasn't her lonely past. Than what could it be that kept her awake all night long? Was it the moon its shine that came through the square glass into her room? Was it the sound of a owl or dog that kept her awake? Or was it just her thinking? Masayo did not even know why she couldn't close her eyes for one second.

The green eyed Yamamoto girl rolled from her side to her back. Her beautiful green colored eyes were staring at the ceiling. The 18 year old raven had planned a mission to fills today's hours. The mission was just a D ranked one but those had to be done too. The mission scroll lay on the little table next to her bed. Herceyes watched it closely from the corner of her almond shaped spectrum green eyes. One hand of Masayo reached for the scroll. She slowly unfolded it and rolled it out. "Let's take another look. The mission description; You've been assigned the task of cleaning up Kumogakure's library! Oh what fun! Your duties are to clean the shelves, books, chairs, floor etc. Anything that needs a good scrubbing or dusting is your job basically! It should take you a couple of hours and no doubt it will get messy again so don't be upset if you find it a mess again. You may have to clean again." She read the scroll out loud in her bedroom. Just when she was finished reading, the footsteps stopped at her door.

"Masayo, breakfast is ready." A male voice said after he knocked on the door. Masayo kicked her feet out of her bed and rolled the scroll back up. "I'll be right there. Just a sec." With that being said the tall girl stood up and stretched with a yawn. She stepped in front of her closet and made her eyes scan her closet. She picked her usual clothing like always. The white bandaged top and her loose long skirt. Her gloves lay on the small table next to her double bed. She quickly shoved her hqnds in the gloves and put on her black ninja shoes. After she got dressed she walked downstairs and already smelled her breakfast in the night hall.

"It smells great, Renji." Masa said while sitting at the dinner table. Renji had made bacon with some eggs. He had also made fresh orange juice. Masayo looked around as she spotted the orange juice. She took a glass and poured it in. The fresh juice made its way though her mouth into her throat and went on the the last stop. When Renji was ready with the food, he placed it on the table and evenly shared with Masayo. Masa had eaten it quite quick because she had to attend to the mission in a few minutes. Ljckily for her she lived quite close to the library. She thanked Renji for the meal and ran though the door up to the library.

When she walked in the quiet building she greeted Aoi and grabbed the cleaning material and started dusting the things in the library. That took her about two hours to dust everything well enough. Than she began with cleaning the chair and tables. That also took her some time. Finally she went to clean the floor. That was the hardest thing for her to do. She hated cleaning the floor, but now it was part of a mission and she had to do it. It took Masayo around three hours to clean the floor. When she finished she swiped the few sweat drops of her forehead and said goodbye to Aoi. With that she left the building.



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