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Orino had signed up for the exams well before the intended due date, a month ahead to be exact. It was the typical thing all ninja had to go through to be considered a true blue ninja. It really didn't concern Orino, all it was going to be was a few tests of his mental, physical, and ninja abilities and a match against other ninja. That was what he gathered from various ninja around the village and what his father had said. Before he set off he had a short conversation with his father while his mother took the liberty to pack his bag, not that he couldn't do it himself.

Stepping into his fathers study he saw his father sitting at his desk reading over a scroll containing various economical and political information about the clan that happened in the last week or so. It was a very common occurrence that his father would look it over for points of interest and other things of that nature. Taking a seat across from his father he greeted him,"Hello father, i trust the clan is still in prime shape?" His father looked up from his scroll to return the greeting to his son. "It is thanks to me that this branch of the clan is still at its current status as a minor nobility in Kumogakure." He said this with his usual assertive but not ill-tempered voice."Of course,father."
"But, I did not call you here to ask your opinion on my qualities of a leader. I called you here to congratulate you and wish you luck in the exams. You are a fine Gaiso clansmen and an even better son. I know you won't fail the clan, son."

Orino couldn't help but smile at his father. He, along with his mother were the only ones he cared for and would never manipulate or control. Even with his sociopathic tendencies he connected to them as a son. He and his father stood and shared a firm handshake, while his father patted his shoulder and hugged him. Orino would laterhug his mother and watch as they both waved to him as he passed through the village gates.


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After parting ways with his family Orino started his long trek to Sunagakure. He had never been to a rival village himself, he had only been on a trip to the Gaiso compound which there head quarters resides deep within a forest that bordered the lands of Iwagakure, Kusagakure and Amegakure. Now that the clan had grown in both members and strength, a branch of the clan is established in every village. But the clans original purpose, mercenary work, still goes on as it used to before the shinobi villages and would probably continue to do so after Orino himself is gone.

On his visits to the village head quarters, his father would always introduce him to the elders which his grandfather so frequently played board games and drank tea with. It seemed that both his father and grandfather were high ranking members in his clans hierarchy, so they had some pull as to the direction the clan would go to in the future. That is exactly what Orino himself aspired to be, the power and sway Orino could have once he becomes clan head would astounding. But, like all good things; he would have to wait for it.

Once he finished remembering the fond times he had as a child, Orino saw the change in landscape that his trip provided. The once great mountains and the hilly landscape changed into a sea of sand. The rolling hills turned into the occasional rock and the cool air turned foul with flying sand and a menacing wind. He had a map and followed it to a "T", which lead him exactly to the village "gates" of Sunagakure. The gate was a narrow passage between two rock faces that was guarded by what appeared to be jounin. After telling them his businesses. He was let through and on his way to fine a place to sleep.

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