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It was a glorious day for Ukio as he stood in front of the gates. He looked down from the mountains into the forestry that lie ahead of him, looking to the other genin as they made their way down. The exams were in a week and Ukio was excited. Everything has led up to this and he wasn't going to stop here.

He leaped down the mountain range, his adrenaline from being able to leave the village all by himself made his body move faster, he was in pure bliss. He leaped through the treelines until he made it to a pasture of grass.

Ukio stood in the pasture, wind blowing waves through the green ocean. He couldn't believe what was in front of him. For once he actually enjoyed nature and what it brought. He looked out to the sandy dunes ahead of him and smiled. "This is it", he said softly under his breath.

He walked through the grass, his hands moving over the tips, it tickled his palms and he enjoyed the chill it brought to his spine. In this instant he began to dash, his hands outward on the grass. He leaped into the air, off the plateau separating the blue and green hues from the orange and gold. He was now in Kazi no Kuni.

After thirty minutes of being in sandy desert, he instantly regretted any decision what-so-ever to come here. "Why is it so damn hot?!?". He'd always lived under the sun, but the sand was hot and emitted heat as well. He just wanted to get this trip over with at this point.

The heat was starting to get to him, the waves of heat in the distance began to form into the village before his very eyes. He felt relieves and instantly sprinted towards it. Moments later he arrived, but nothing was there. The running has made him sweat, he was sure if the exams didn't kill him the way home would.

Ukio was still moving on. He hadn't seen any other genin on his way, maybe he was ahead of them all? He didn't really seem to care all to much, much rather think about it. What he did think about was water. In all of his excitement he left the village without any food or water.

Ukio began to walk up a dune that seemed larger than the rest, it was so tall he felt like he would just walk down every time he took a step. Finally reaching the top he could see it, the wall of Sunagakure! He was so relieved, laughing and smiling. His body fell from under him, the weight on the sand cause it to collapse and he began to roll down the side. Finally coming to a halt he was covered in sand, and even swallowed some.

In his own annoyance he got up and tried to dust himself off, but it was no use, it was everywhere, in his hair, his sandals, even in his pants. He kept walking, inching closer and closer to the gates. After reaching the outer walls, a suna ninja stopped Ukio, asking for his papers of travel from the Raikage. After reviewing them Ukio was admitted into the village. He walked down the shady trail between the walls, the only shade he'd gotten from his whole trip, it felt nice.

Reaching the end he looked down to the village and what it held, he smiled and fell to his knees in happiness. "I made it" he thought, falling over onto his back.



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