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Aya Inuzuka


(The CIA member is a npc)
"Are our clothes packed and ready?"

Aya nodded her head at Leo and checked it off their list.

"How about food we need 3 days worth if we don't want to stop."

The young girl, then showed him the backpack filled with both water and packed lunches kept fresh with some help from a CIA clan member she knew.  "Okay" she thought what are we missing. Looking around she made sure to check off their list things they had to do before leaving. "The cottage is nice and clean" both Aya and Leo didn't need much time to do it. With only them living there it rarely got dirty. Just because they were Inuzukas didn't mean they lived like animals. She checked that off staring at it again.

"Seems like we did enough missions to have enough ryo to leave with." Her thoughts went to outside their home"I wonder if Leo made sure the plants are watered." Clapping her hands the dog came trotting to her with their packed bags on his back.

"You called Aya" he sat down wagging his tail waiting for commands.

Nodding her head she pointed to the garden. Instantly knowing what she meant by the gesture Leo looked away.

"Um you see I was going to, but I was tired and forgot."

He chuckled nervously when she head up 5 fingers. Glaring her eyes Aya was not happy with what she was hearing. "Yes I know you gave me 5 days, I just was slacking honesty I'm sorry."

Signing Aya stared at him and start to move her hands gesturing for him to do it now before going. With understanding he got the water can, placed it in his mouth, and headed to pond nearby.

"Okay while he's doing that I can figure out what's left."

Giving her self a pat on the back as she checked the floors. They were nice and polished not a dirty spot in sight; they were so clean her reflection showed back clearly.
"Check that off the list," she thought grinning.

The fireplace was also cleaned by Leo and when she double checked he had did a good job with it.

"I'll pack some extra treats for him, but none on the first day for slacking off before. She smiled as she saw him walking back in looking so down. She walked over to him and pet his head their sign for I forgive you. He tackled her down with licks and barks of joy coming from him.

"Thanks Aya  promise it won't happen again."

She nodded and got up from the overhappy dog and walked over to their bags. She checked everything off their list since they were completely done with nothing left to do. Making sure to put the extra treats in the bags for Leo she took one out and tossed it to him. He leaped catching it in his mouth before getting his bag, and let Aya strap it on to him. It looked like a harness that allowed him to carry it without dropping it or having to carry it in his mouth.

Aya's strapped to her too so that it didn't move constantly.  The duo headed outside locking the door behind them and traveling their dirt road to the city borders.

"Be more happy Aya," Leo said as he looked at the seemingly unhappy girl beside him.

"How hard can the exams be." It was obvious she was worried about losing. "It's time for change Aya and we're gonna bring it to them." Laughing at his lame attempt at motivating her he barked when he saw her smile some.

Leo barked louder and ran ahead before stopping at the border as it opened for the two to leave. The guards waved at them as they left out not looking back.

"Get ready Suna Leo and Aya are coming to the exams and we plan on winning!"

"Hey Aya did you know theres a strip club in Suna."

Aya smiled and shook her head no.

"Well can we go some guy told me it takes $50 in ryos to make it rain there."

She shrugged and and gestured they could if he wanted.

"WHOO-HOO," he yelled as they both starting racing through the fields to their next stop.

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