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Special Jounin
Aneki was exiting the Raikage's office, holding an envelope in his hand. Apparently they wanted him for some mission and it was supposed to be important. He sighed, opening the envelope on his way to the village gate, pulling out a mission dossier. Apparently there was some sort of monster in the wilderness that was attacking travelers and such, just making a ruckus. He was being asked to 'deal with it'. By any means necessary. He shook his head, closing the dossier and tossing it all into the garbage. He waved to the guards at the gate, moving out of the village itself, to the exterior part of it. He began to look around, trying to decide which route to take. He could go straight to the area he found the troll in or he could try another route through the wilderness. He had committed the creature's information to memory and simply activated his Current Perception: Tracking Range. He could see three hundred meters around him and he held his hands together as if praying, as he walked.

He had been walking a few minutes and still had not found anything, it was slightly annoying he had to find this creature, he could really use the money. He had his hands pressed together still, searching for the creature, stopping beside a large tree to take a break. He placed his buttocks upon a large rock, sitting there quietly with his eyes closed. He held the jutsu still, hoping to find something that even resembled the creature he was looking for. He sighed, ready to give up when he noticed something moving about two hundred and thirty meters from his position. It was big, so it could be what he was looking for. He stood slowly, and opened his eyes, starting off towards it.

Holding his hands was the hardest part as he used them to mount and climb most objects, but easily jumped over others. He dropped his hands, running full speed straight ahead of where he sensed the creature. He mounted a log, jumping from the top of it to a tree branch above his position. He began to rapidly jump from branch to branch, his eyes not seeing anything yet. He was about one hundred meters from his target and he stopped, placing his hands back together in the prayer position. He re-activated his Tracking Range perception, scanning once more. Now about another hundred and fifty meters away was the same form he had sensed, moving away from him. Damnitt, he had to catch it! He began to hop from branch to branch once more, holding the jutsu.

He followed every twist, ever turn the creature made. Could it know he was following it? No, that was impossible. He was still eighty meters away. He tripped on a branch, flipping forward and pitching towards the ground. Using his reflexes he was able to push his hands out in time, catching himself and flipping back up quickly before getting hurt. He was back on his feet, dashing in the direction of the creature. He could see it now in a clearing, it turned to look back at him. Grotesque was all he could think now, as he stared into the face of some ugly mutant-bred experiment. He entered the clearing, while the monster growled at him, beginning to circle. "Well hey there ugly. You expecting me or something?"

The creature uttered a low grow in response. Of course. Aneki readied himself as the beast continued to circle him, it was almost three feet taller than he was and was ugly to boot. This was just going to be such a swell time. It had strong strikes, which could be a problem for Aneki and he quietly began to devise a plan. While he was thinking on this, the creature decided to charge him. This would be good for now as Aneki silently channeled Raiton energy into the middle and forefingers on both of his hands. He made a 'gun' shape with each hand, aiming at the creature as he leapt back, into the air. He released six bolts of lightning from his finger tips, shooting the monster twice in the left side of its chest, twice in the stomach, and twice in the head. This would only cause it to shake it's head a bit, trying to disperse the pain it was feeling as well as the burning sensation. As this happened, Aneki landed, running around to shoot it six more times in the face, quick drawing one after the other. When the creature opened its mouth to roar in indignation at him, he shot it thrice in the throat causing it to gasp and choke.

The energy dispersed from his finger tips and he grinned underneath his sash. This wasn't going so bad so far. Maybe it would be easier than the troll incident. The monster then responded in kind by dashing towards Aneki in a mad charge once more. They just never learn. Aneki moved slightly, then jumped over the monster, creating the tiger handseal with his right hand. With his left he reached up to pull the sash around his face down while he inhaled deeply. The monster looked up just as he finished this, blowing out his breath in intense flames of Dragon Fire. The stream hit the beast in the chest, spreading over the chest and causing second degree burns near the center where it first impacted and first degree burns on the other area. After landing this jutsu had dispersed and he stared adamantly at his adversary. "One way or another, you're going to die today beast."

The creature responded with an indignant roar once again, swinging wildly as it approached Aneki. Aneki took this time to switch to his Close Combat Perception. He had successfully locked in on the synapses of the monster and pulled the katana from its sheath upon his back. He used the flat of the blade to block each strike as it came in, pushing himself back a bit to allow himself a counter strike. When the monster swung next he ducked down, bringing his katana to slash in the joint of the elbow at the bend, causing a large gash within the creature's flesh. It howled in pain, swinging its other arm. Aneki had predicted this move, ducking down once more, bringing his sword forth with all his strength, slicing from above the creature's shoulder, downwards. There was a roar from the monster again as a limp arm fell to the ground, a sort of blood fountain now coming from the large open wound. He had all but disabled one arm, and cut the other off. Aneki couldn't help but laugh at the creature, his maniacal side taking over for just a second. The monster grunted, attempting to tackle Aneki, but to no avail. Seeing this coming, Aneki simply slid underneath the creature's legs, using his sword to slice at each knee from behind, causing a gash in the back of said knees. The creature fell down to its knees, roaring out in pain. Quietly, aneki moved to the front of the creature, staring into its eyes. It was in a massive amount of pain and tired from the battle and blood loss. If only he could let it escape..

"This is where your life ends, beast. Take my words into your tiny brain and know your fate." These chilling and cold words would be the last thing the beast would hear from Aneki as he quietly raised his free hand, making the tiger handseal once more. He breathed in quite deeply, filling his lungs and throat with chakra, before pushing it outwards in a large stream of flames. This great dragon flame jutsu was potent at such a close range and the creature was close to dead as it were. He wanted to continue it's suffering for a little while longer though. The flames engulfed the monster, who fell backwards onto the ground, howling in utter and dire pain. The flames would burn it to the second degree, the smell of cooking flesh rising to Aneki's nostrils. Regardless, when his jutsu was finished the beast lay there smoking and dead. This mission was done.

Aneki silently swung his katana towards the neck of the creature, taking its head. He grabbed it, then took the sash from around his waist, wrapping it up. He smiled again, pulling the sash around his head back up over his mouth and nose areas, turning to follow his footsteps back towards the village, monster head in tow. This would be another good day for him, one where he would get paid. Anyday like that was a good day, and it meant Aneki would be able to eat, or get new weapons and such. He wondered if the Kage would ask about the burned parts of the creature he had killed, but that was another thing to worry about at a later date.

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