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Tsu opened his eye and jumped out of his bed in a rush. Today was the day he set out for the village of Sunagakure. He had been chosen to be a representative for the hidden mist in this very honorable competition. He got dressed in a hurry and ran down stairs. He sat down as the clan elder placed a plate of eggs and bacon in front of him. He smiled as he began to inhale his food. The elder chuckled and said "You better slow down or you will get a stomach ache". Tsu swallowed a large bite and said "I'll take the risk". He said with a smile, The old man smiled and piked up his dish and began to clean it.

After Tsu was done he grabbed his sword and ran outside. He had already had his pack made the night before with some food,Medicine if he got sick, And a few other odds and ends. He looked around and said "This will be the last time i see you for a while". Then he sped off toward the village gates.

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