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1 Akio is my new idol (Iwa to Suna) on Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:08 am

Aya Inuzuka


"She was so cool" Aya thought as she and Leo made their way from the main city of Iwa into the wildness. The girl was so starstuck at one of the female ninjas they happened to meet on their journey through Iwa that her eyes seemed like they would shoot out hearts any moment. "Who Aya" her partner asked confused. He could clearly tell by the look on her face that she had met someone. The girl paid him no mind too busy thinking about how Akio managed to make such cute tiger ears. Leo signed letting her daydream as he looked up keeping an eye on their surroundings. The weather had been nice so far there was no trouble with the clear blue skies up ahead. Their food supply wasn't running low, but they did stop in Iwa for a little bit to rest up and adventure some.

Leo wandered off ever now and than which is probably when Aya met her friend. That's when a certain person came to mind and Leo stopped completely in his tracks. Aya turned around when she noticed his sudden lack of movement. To her surprised he down to his back rolling in laughter as she looked at him confused and irritated."We don't have time for this" she thought as she tapped her foot only for the laughing to get louder and harder."We're already late to the exams and if we don't leave now we wont make it."

As Aya turned from slightly irritated to highly pissed she knew she was going to snap any minute. When Leo looked up and noticed her he  quickly got back up and cleared his throat. "Um sorry Aya it's just that you aren't thinking about that drunk right." The drunk he was referring to was a young woman named Akio yanagi. When Leo annd Aya were in town they bumped into the woman who was carrying bags of food. All of her food dropped to the ground spilling everywhere. Aya was so embrassed and knew the woman would be mad, but instead she happily saw that it was a mistake and introduced herself instead. Aya saw her Iwa headband an instantly knw she was a ninja.

After that the two talked as Akio gave Aya a tour while Leo wandered off and noticeed the bottle of sake crushed on the ground.  He looked back to see the girl was slightly clumsy as they walked away, with bright red cheeks. He just shaked his head and left.  Aya's cheeks grew red when she realized  he knew that Akio-san was drunk during their meeting. "Theres nothing wrong with that Leo she was just having some fun" she worte on her noteepad.

Leo laughed a little "Sure whatever you say." But Aya didn't care about him right now she was happy she met such a nice person. Akio-san was drunk yes , but she was a nice woman who deeply cared about her village. She had just been through some things with her family and friensds andd she needed the help.  "Help aya I'm confused by this also," he said stopping again. "She wore cat ears and you prefer dogs so doesn't that make you enemies." As she thought about it Aya came up to Leo and gave him a big smack. Walking ahead he trailed behind her. "You know a simple stop asking dumb questions Leo would have been enough." He laughed and she grinned as they got closer to Suna. The duo traveled making small talk that soon turned to plans on how they would win.

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