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Toshin had just begining to worry, as he was running late to get heading to Kazi no Kuni. After all his hard work and missions, it was all going to pay off. Today was the day that Grey traveled to the village of sand to participate in the Chunnin Exams. The Chunnin Exams seemed like a big step to him, as he grabbed his water and backpack. Toshin wanted to be sure he hadn't forgotten anything, since he was going to be gone for some time that is. Everything was going to be different now, and if he lost or not all that mattered was that he had fun. The brown haired shinobi had actually thought the words that he had spoken, spoke the truth about what he felt. Even though he was afraid of screwing up, it was worth a try to represent his village, Iwagakure. Toshin wasn't all that upset since his team mate was participating too. He just hopped they wouldn't end up fighting each other, because if they did things wouldn't look to pretty for either o them. By now, the brown haired shinobi was heading out his door and saying his fairwell to his mother that was very worried. There was nothing to worry about, but deep inside his guts Grey had the same feeling. All the choice he had was to never give up and stay positive. He had to give it all he had no matter what the cost. Toshin had reached his village border by now, a good 30 minute walk. It was a gigantic border alright, as Grey would stare up into the sky just at the sight. Everything was going good so far and he still remained positive about everything. He took a deep breathe, and took his first step into his new life. Toshin had to walk threw lots of mountains and rocks. From his village end he couldn't expect anything else. He took out his map, helping him guide his way to Kazi no Kuni. Grey knew where he was going for once, at least he better if he didn't want to end up lost and late. Toshin had kept on walking out in the distance and the ground had become smoother, much smoother. He curiously looked down at the ground, and saw not rock but SAND!. "Glorious Sand, at last. I have found my way". he would say in joy.

The bad part about the sand was that it was very hard to walk threw. He assumed the sand ninja used a jutsu to go threw all this sand and not feel tired. Grey could see Kazi no Kuni's border, as big as his villages own. Toshin had cotinued walking to the border where he spotted two large sand ninja. They looked like giants compared to his own height. The brown haired shinobi, walked up to them courageously hoping they would let him. But, as big as they were they quickly put their body's together seperating the gate and I from making any contact what so ever. "State your buisness, boy." one of the ninja would say in a deep voice. "I am here to participate in the Chunnin Exams." Grey had replied trying to sound as manly as the two ninja. The gates had opened and Toshin had continued walking as he spotted many cool and interesting things. The village people had seemed very calm too. Toshin checked out some cool stuff before heading to the Chunnin Exams. He was just fascinated since it was hise first time seeing/traveling to another nation. Thats when he had noticed time, and sprinted down the streets making it in just the nick of time.

Wordcount : 616/600

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