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It was a nice and good day outside. The sun was a deep blue water-like color, giving the impression that the giant fluffy Homuncluluses were swimming across the big divine sea. Ayane got up from his bed, with the purpose to go get a bite of something. The sun's rays were laying on Ayane's face now. It was a little annoying, so he had a hard time to stay in bed and to support them at the same time. In the end, Ayane surrendered and he got up, then going to the bathroom. As always, he took a nice, long and warm shower that would open up his mind for this day. After some time, Ayane got out of the shower and he got in the kitchen to prepare something for him to eat. He made Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. They were perfect to fill Ayane's stomach this early morning. After he finished eating, Ayane dressed-up, without forgetting to put his mask on. He locket the door, like this protecting his house from burglars, thieves and any other threats. The kids were going to the Ninja Academy to learn the basics they needed and the men were going to do their duty for the village.

Now Ayane was getting to the village gates, with the hope that, if he'll go really fast from the beginning, he'll reach his destination before the sunset. Ayane was now on his first alone trip. Reika couldn't go with him because of her "Desk Work", but Ayane wasn't upset because of this. He was now trying to get along with the nature. He was wondering all the time while he travelled: "How powerful will his enemies be? What kind of powers will they possess? Will there be anyone that has the same abilities as Ayane?" These questions and many more others were running trough his mind. This was making him become too excited to meet other people from other villages. He became excited at the mind that he'll get to fight with different opponents from different countries. This was going to be one of his best experience in his life. And Ayane wasn't thinking of coming back home without the title of Chuunin. This wasn't the solution he had in mind. He needed to do his best to achieve his goal.

With some feelings that he's gonna start starving if he won't eat something, Ayane stopped from walking and he started eating, trying to forget everything that was about to come on his head. In some days, Ayane will be fighting the best gennins from all over the world. This trough was exciting him. He finished eating fast, because he wanted to reach his destination as fast as possible. He didn't ever get to Sunagakure, so this was his first chance to see it. Now he was getting up, getting all the rests from his Peanut-Butter Jelly Sandwiches up. The sun was making Ayane feel uncomfortable. There were no clouds that could stop the sun from his powerful glaze. He was also in the Kaze no Kuni's desert. There was no water there and the one Ayane had was finished from a long time ago.

Suddenly, Ayane saw something far away. There were two rocky sand things, that were up to 10 meters. Between them there was an opening that could serve as the main gate to Sunagakure. And he was right. That was, in fact, Sunagakure of the Kaze no Kuni. Ayane started running with all his remaining powers to the future Chuunin Exams' place.

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