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1 The Stone Extinction Arc ~ <<WIP>> on Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:58 am



(OOC: The missions in this thread are not repeatables and are reserved for Kazu)

Mission name:
Savage Slaughters.
Mission rank: B.
Objective: Investigate the buffalo population in Tsuchi no Kuni / Capture the three rogue shinobi responsible.
Location: The Wild West, Tsuchi no kuni.
Reward: 300.
Mission description: Recent reports have shown the population of buffalo throughout the Stone County  has begun to deplete at an alarmingly rate. Not only are they simply 'vanishing out of thin air,' but peculiar chakra signatures have been discovered where each buffalo herd is disappearing. Iwagakure was informed immediately (via farmers and local country folk) and must send shinobi to find the cause, if the buffalo disappearances have anything to do with rogue ninja they must be subdued and constrained for questioning.
Mission details:


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