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Special Jounin
Cloaked in mystery, the hidden temple below a cliff in one of the highest parts of the village. There were no easy ways down to the temple, which led most to believe it wasn't really there. But to the experienced Kumogakure shinobi, there was always a way into the temple, and one would make itself apparent to those who were deemed worthy or who could let go of their fear. Just off the cliff were thick vines which swung out, away from the cliff due to the wind. If someone were to jump from the cliff directly above them, one would be able to swing toards the inside of the cliff. Further down there were longer vines, should one miss the few before or simply fall from their vine.

On the edge of the cliff stood the Special Jounin, Aneki Ryuzoji. His cool grey eyes were staring outwards, from the cliff and down at the vines. He was quietly thinking to himself how he would go about this, his sensory eyes in their normal position. He could feel someone coming and smiled underneath the sash that covered his mouth and nose areas. Silently, he'd turn, awaiting the approach of his expected guest. He had sent a letter early that morning to the girl he had trained a while ago. She had learned a bit about Katon from him and he was hoping she would be in the mood for adventure. This would be an interesting day for sure.


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Raiton: S | Katon: B
Bukijutsu(Ken): S | Ninjutsu: C

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