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Nagare walked out onto a plain, grass scattered here and there in the flat ground, and found a comfortable place to sit. He planted himself there, a beaming smile across his face. It felt so nice to be back home, where he belonged. Narrow beams of sunlight hit his face in random intervals, as clouds blocked them now and then in passing. His deep-red eyes glimmered with each shine, until eventually he realized that it probably wasn't so good to be staring at the sun like that. Horui followed behind, as always, finally arriving and sitting down next to his twin. Horui wasn't as excited to be home, but instead, he focused on the training ahead of them. Nagare promised change, but none had come yet, aside from the sword reforging done in Konoha. He would be patient, though, and wouldn't give up the notion that Nagare would actually be productive; at least, not yet.

The Sannin read Horui's involuntary thoughts, and retorted with his own. You're doubting my dedication to this "new me" thing. C'mon, you've got to get past that. You think we just came here to sit and stare at the mountains? No, I'll show you why we're actually here in a moment. He explained as he held out his left hand. I researched some basic fuuinjutsu techniques last night, but I also realized that seals could be inscribed into the I figured, why not make a jutsu where we could seal items into ourselves for easy access?

Horui stared at his twin for a moment before nodding slowly. Go on, I'm listening. Nagare shook his head, instead showing Horui through direct application. He called aloud, "Sealing Jutsu: Generic Body Sealing!" The open palm of his left hand glowed for a moment, before fading into a sizzling red color. The pain immediately took hold of him, and he clenched the hand shut in response. The pain wouldn't stop; it felt like a tattoo being put into his skin, with an accompanying burning sensation that tore through his senses like a wild animal. He could hardly think beyond the pain of it, but black markings could be seen between his tensed fingers, glowing every few seconds. By the looks of it, the seal was starting to brand into his skin, but the pain wasn't stopping...

Training Generic Sealing Body Seal
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"What a wonderful day." Kenji said as he looked out the window of his favorite diner. Being in the diner reminded him that he needed to go outside the village and collect somethings from the Rice Paddy fields. His family owned a small restaurant and there were some ingredients that needed to be collected and brought to them. The Special Jounin didn't necessarily need to fetch them today, but the weather was so great he figured why not. He finished his breakfast and took a final sip from his coffee, and exited the cafe. He left a nice tip on the table as the service was amazing as always and the food equal in quality. Kenji strolled through the gates with all of his ninja equipment. It wasn't wise in this day and age to wander around without being prepared. It was another spectacular day in Kumogakure, a recent snowy patch had berated the village but things were getting back to a more balanced state.

The few rays of the sun that managed to slither through the clouds bounced off of the reflective surface of Kenji's gloves, the result of the redirected light waves created a myriad of sorts around Kenji as he made his way to the rice paddies. Kenji squinted his eyes as he examined his path that lied ahead, "What in the world..." There was a blockade, preventing Kenji from taking his normal route. Kenji was able to catch a few glimpses of what the reason for his imminent detour was. There were several extremely deep holes along the path that would indeed prove troublesome for Kenji. It appeared to be the result of construction or a devastating battle. He considered using a new jutsu that would most likely enable him to avert the issue, but chose not to as he didn't perceive the detour as being that bothersome.

Now heading east, Kenji trekked through a wooded area that led to an open plain with a few patches of grass here and there, "Did I go the right way, have I gotten lost in my own village. Aha, I can see the way to the rice paddy fields, I'm on the right track." Kenji continued and stepped into the peaceful area. As he walked further Kenji heard a sound emit from his left, "Sealing Jutsu: Generic Body Sealing!" Kenji's eyes darted involuntarily to the general area of the voice. While his eyes swung to his left and his head/neck turning ever so slightly in conjunction, he also deftly flicked a kunai from his pouch and began to twirl it in between his fingers. A blank expression followed by a grin was on Kenji's face as he stopped twirling the kunai and realized who was in the area. From Kenji's position, as he was able to make out both of their faces barely, seemed identical in appearance. There was no doubting it. Kenji advanced casually as Nagare was inscribing something onto himself, "Is he giving himself a tatto? No, I heard him shout 'Sealing Jutsu'. So, my former sensei continues to improve; it seems over the years he has learned Fuuinjutsu. A unique skill indeed."

Kenji was about 15 meters away from Nagare and Horui, approaching them from behind, regardless if he was noticed yet. "Nagare-sensei, Horui-san, it's been ages it seems. Am I interrupting?" The air was still and comforting as he awiating his former sensei's response to his introduction.

Kenji couldn't stay and chat, so after greeting Nagare-sensei he bid his farewells. "See you around Nagare, nice bumping into you!"

Training ??



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