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Dark green eyes stared into the black canvas, twinkling gems scattered across it, hypnotizing and providing an incredible sight for those who find themselves staring at it like Kichirou. Our resident gambler had finished up and defeated his opponent in the first round, and would be advancing to the second round the time it being announced unknown to all but those who managing it. After the fight he had went straight home, mother given him a bear hug and babbling about how rich he made her. Seems like many didn't believe the Konohagakure resident wasn't going to win. A fair assessment seeing how he didn't show anything that told others he had skills or not. After prying himself from his mother's embrace the dark haired man lounged around the apartment complex, that he were staying in, not daring to wonder through the streets of Sunagakure. Simply to hot to do so, and Kichirou wasn't the biggest fan of heat.

Probably because of where I was born. The man mused, sitting up from his laying position on the roof, stretching and working out any kinks in his muscles. The gambler didn't know how long he stayed up there, though he vaguely remember falling asleep up in here. Something that were a terrible idea, him wincing at the pain shooting through his neck. Only when his eyes looked upon what he laid on did he realize why his neck were hurting.

A rock. Kichirou had used a rock for a pillow. . .

Not even preferring to entertain the thought of how he manage to do that. Kichirou stood up from his prone sitting up position and jumped off the rooftop, landing softly onto the ground, chakra cushioning the fall. A quick check into the adjacent apartment the one his mother were staying at. He founded the woman sleeping peacefully in the bedroom, her light snoring echoing loudly within the quiet room. Closing and locking the door back, Kichirou was about to make his way to his apartment when suddenly his stomach made it's presence known with a monstrious roar. Telling all that were near that it was feeding time. Pivoting on the balls of his feet Kichirou decided to quench the raging hungry of the beast within his belly. . .

Where to find food. . .

The Dragon's Tongue, apparently were the go to stop for delicious curries, stews and soup. The restaurant having being featured in many cooking magazines with positive reviews from food critics. There head chief have even been called a cullinary genius when it comes to curries, stews and soups. It also help that the people of Sunagakure seem to be fond of the place. This weren't the high class individuals but the middle to low class civilians. They all spoke highly of the establishment.

Which were good enough for Kichirou who founded himself within the building. The lights of the building not being incredibly bright nor dark to the point that one couldn't see their food. Eyes scanned across the patrons of the establishment, taking noticed of quite a few of the people there. A middle age man who had seen better days, armed with what appears to be two combat knives, attached to his boots. Most likely some type of enforcer or thug, seeing how some of the other patrons gave him a wide berth when he got up to leave. A beautiful young female wearing a blue mini-skirt, flipping her hair, a flirtatious manner, eyes batting as she ensnares the light older male, she was sitting with into her web. Undoubtedly a gold digger, for the way she flirted with the man was too smoothed like she was a professional, even as she caressed the older male's hand it lacked feeling that's founded in such an intimate moment.

What do you want? The voice of the female waitress rolled and crashed into his ears like a wave, head turning to face her, eyes locking onto hers as he placed his order, humming before playing it.

Let's start with something simple, beef stew. And a bottle of sake. . Nodding at the man's order the waitress went off to place it. Leaving Kichirou to his thoughts. . .

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