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Toshin had seemed very sad, after being beaten in the Chunnin Exams. He would think to himself that he wasn't strong enough or didn't think his plans threw enough, each time he would step closer and closer to the gates of Kaze no Kuni. Grey had been ready to make his departure from such a good village, to his own. The brown haired shinobi was very down at the things that had happened, but he was happy for a good reason. Grey had represented his village with honor, and made it pretty far he assumes. Toshin would look at the sand, as he had passed the gates of Kaze no Kuni, in disappointment. Grey had though the sand was something you shouldn't run from, since it is just a a field full of sand that one could not escape. Was he scared ? "Next time, I will do better for sure." he would say in courage. Toshin was going to be really happy when he saw his mother. Many thing's must have changed in the time he was gone for the Chunnin Exams. The whole area of sand, was still annoying to Grey. It was still hard to walk threw, even though it didn't look like it. Toshin had to march threw the sand, during night that is. He would look at the stars as they shined brightly, guiding him to his rightful place. The brown haired shinobi stood in place and fell on his knees. Grey had begun to cry in his arms, he had felt hopeless. Toshin just didn't understand what his shinobi life had in store for him, or if he even had a path to take to it. He would think of his mother so much, while back in Kaze no Kuni. Everything had changed, and nothing was the same anymore to him.

Grey got up from his knees, and started walking in the annoying sand yet again. He had approached his village, as he would see rocky mountains from a distance not too far away. Grey had smiled and started crying in joy. He had missed his home village, the place that made him happy. He also, couldn't wait to see Kazu. Toshin had a whole bunch of things to share with him. The brown haired shinobi would try to run in the sand, falling a few times as he would encounter solid ground. Grey had kissed the earth that he stood on and made a promise, to get stronger and surpass anyone in his way. It was his duty to ensure he would get stronger for the right reasons. Toshin had entered the Iwagakure gates, seeing his village again. Maybe a few details had changed, but he would just have to wait and find out. Toshin had run down a path, as he would see his house in a far distance. "I'll be home soon, mother." he would say as he skipped in joy to his house. Grey had went threw many things during his Chunnin Exams experience. He had learn't many things and battle plans. He had decided to sue what he had learned to his advantage. What was the whole point of going there, without learning something. Overall the things he had went threw though, he met new friends and experienced wildlife. These were some of the things that his father wouldn't be able to do, so he had to do it for himself. Toshin looked at the stars one last time, before entering his house. "Until we meet again.." he said. The brown haired shinboi would enter the room, as he saw his mother crying happily, her brave man had finally arrived.


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