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1 D Rank Missions (Kiri, Repeatable) on Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:37 pm



Fieldtrip to the Pool:
Mission name: Fieldtrip to the Pool
Mission rank: D
Objective: A class of Academy students are going to the pool for a fieldtrip - ensure that no pranks or accidents occur in the two hours that they are there.
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 75 Ryo
Mission description: The manager of Kirigakure's famous pool - known for its clean facility and untainted water - has sent in a request for you to be on watch for two hours on the day that a class of fifteen students are due for a fieldtrip. One student in particular is notorious for his pranks, and you'll have to ensure that he, along with his friends and classmates, do not end up disturbing the peace of the pool and its other visitors.
Mission details: A student - Koga - and one of his friends have each prepared a pile of mud wrapped in their individual towels, which they will bring out after they have changed into their swimwear. Koga will start by throwing a handful of mud at the lifeguard. It is up to you whether you stop him after the first throw and round up the other two before they get involved, or if a full mud-fight ensues and you have deal with the three responsible kids and clean up. Do not hurt any of the kids.

Name: Koga
Age: 9
General Appearance: [x]
Personality: Rebellious, and incredibly snarky. Does not take well to authority, and spends more time coming up with pranks than actually paying attention in class. He also does not feel bad when caught and reprimanded for something he has done, and will often respond to threats of punishment with a cheeky response.
Motivations: The eternal title of class clown.
Fears: Losing the attention he achieves everyday, being lost in unknown places, and scary old people.
Other: Has enough mud to throw at least 5 mudballs.

Name: Toya
Age: 9
General Appearance: [x]
Personality: Active, sporty, and incredibly easy to bait into doing dares. He is best friends with Koga, but is more often dragged into Koga’s schemes than be the one instigating them.  
Motivations: Being popular and best friends with Koga.
Fears: Getting into trouble, being grounded by his parents.
Other: Has enough mud to throw at least 5 mudballs. Will most likely not go ahead with the plan if Koga gets caught after the first throw.


Discover the Pervert:
Mission name: Discover the Pervert
Mission rank: D
Objective: Go undercover as a cashier in store and find out why so many employees have been quitting their jobs after a few days.
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 75 Ryo
Mission description: A store owner has requested help in finding out why - in only one of his three stores - newly hired employees are quitting within a couple days. Go undercover as a new employee, find and report the problem.
Mission details: The source of the problem is the store manager, who is in charge when the store owner is busy tending to his other two stores. He is a major pervert, and will do little actions like grope new employees and make 'subtle' suggestive comments. By abusing his authority, he threatens new employees into silence by saying that he will blacklist them and make sure they don't get another job if they tell anyone about his actions. Upon discovering that he is the problem, you may deal with him how you wish without seriously injuring him, then report back to the store owner.

Name: Juroku
Age: 35
General Appearance: Up to you.
Personality: Perverted, openly bisexual. When in front of customers and his boss, he is polite to the point where it is greasy and overdone. Behind the scenes, he will make inappropriate advances towards the other employees - but will never do more than groping and making inappropriate comments. Is also somewhat of a coward.
Motivations: Sex, alcohol, and money.
Fears: Being fired from his job.
Other: He is a regular civilian with no particular skills or abilities, and will not put up much of a fight if physically attacked.

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