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1 Halo: The Fall of Reach RP Interest Check. on Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:03 am



Welcome to the SPARTAN-IV Simulation Training System.

Please Select a notable military event in human history to begin.

Battle Length: July 24th, 2552 - August 30th, 2552
Location: Epsilon Eridani System, Planet Reach
Notable Events: Training of SPARTAN-II assets, Battle of Reach, Glassing of Reach.
Simulation Overview: SPARTAN-IV Operatives will be injected into the fluid time line as either, a SPARTAN-III Operative, an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, or a UNSC Marine each with their own objectives.

SPARTAN-III Objectives: Operatives who choose to step into the shoes of a SPARTAN-III Operative will be paired with other Operatives who made the same choice. These Operatives will make up the fallen squad responsible for defending one of the largest cities on Reach, Quezon. The simulation will begin with a notification of SPARTAN-III squad Codenamed CASTLE, in route to engage what is believed to be Insurrectionist forces. During this time the SPARTAN-III operatives will be on patrol in the mountains around Quezon. Further Objectives will be fed as mission progression is accomplished.

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Objectives: Operatives who select the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper objectives set will find themselves placed in the largely KIA ODST squad nicknamed "Valkyrie's Wings". This ODST squad was responsible for aiding in the defense of Quezon through the destruction of a large Covenant compound discovered by SPARTAN-III, REAPER squad. Operatives will begin on the UNSC Ulysses, on down time. Further Objectives will be fed as mission progression is accomplished.

UNSC Marine Objectives: Operatives who select UNSC Marine objectives set will be placed in the 65th Fireteam inside of the 205th Regiment. These Marines valiantly sacrificed their own lives to secure the complete evacuation of Civilian lives in the Battle of Quezon. Operatives will begin in the UNSC John J. Perishing Naval Base as they move out to complete their daily Patrol. Further Objectives will be fed as mission progression is accomplished.

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You know I'm in


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Character Application Template

Image goes here

Character name: What is your name? (Include SPARTAN tag number if he or she is a SPARTAN-III.)
Branch: What branch of the UNSC does your character belong to? (SPARTAN-III’s, ODSTs, or UNSC Marine Corps.)
Squad: What Squad do you belong to? (SPARTAN-III’s: REAPER Squad, ODST’s: Valkyrie’s Wings, UNSC Marines: 65th Fire team.)
Position: What position do you hold in your squad? Rifleman, Sniper, or Close Quarters Combat?
Rank: What is your official UNSC Military Rank? (Please be reasonable with this no one about Warrant Officer please.)
Age: What is your height?
Height: What is your Height?
Weight: How much do you weigh?
Hair: What is your hair color?
Eyes: What color are your eyes?

Please state your personality? What are your likes and dislikes? How do you view High Command? What do you think of our enemy, the Covenant Empire? Include all personality details about yourself here. (Word Count minimum of 250 words.)

This is your UNSC Background check, all UNSC military members must give a detailed history of their past and why they seek to join the armed forces. Please include notable events and what shaped you as an individual, belief systems and political parties are optional but not required. (Word count minimum of 500 words.)

Please select a single Primary Firearm and two Secondary Firearms. A list of Human Weaponry is found here

Strength: x/10
How strong is your character? How much can he or she carry or how hard can he or she strike and opponent? Use a scale of 1-10 out of 10 configured as seen above.
Dexterity: x/10
How dexterous is your character? How fast can he or she move and how flexible is he or she? Use a scale of 1-10 out of 10 configured as seen above.
Constitution: x/10
How hardy is your character? How many blows can he or she take before his or her body gives out? Use a scale or 1-10 out of 10 configured as seen above.
Intelligence: x/10
How intelligent is your character? Does he or she have gaps in judgment or does he or she make sound tactical decisions? Use a scale of 1-10 out of 10 configured as seen above.
Charisma: x/10
How suave is your character? Does he or she communicate effectively with squadmates, can he or she state plans with little to no confusion or does he or she have difficultly doing such? Use a scale of 1-10 out of 10 configured as seen above.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
What are the strength and weaknesses your character has? Is he or she Calm in battle or does he or she have a nervous streak? Does he or she respond well to authority figures or does he or she tend to buck authority? Please list all Strengths and weaknesses here with a “+” to show a Strength counterbalanced by a “-“ to show a Weakness. Example:
+Loyal to squadmates
-Tends to place squadmates wellbeing before a direct order.



I'm up for this ^^


"Even in my darkest days, I know I'm not alone." - Matsumura
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Fuuton: S
Katon: C

Hatake Touya


Interest piqued.


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