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Sairento Bakuhatsu








Plot So Far

Sairento had met the Jounin Isamu and trained with him on a day that seemed like nothing special. It was then he confided in the male he wanted to be stronger, wanted people to look up to him. He told the other of how he would go to the chuunin exams and become a chuunin so that he could continue growing as a shinobi and show the village and his squad he was strong enough to be one of them. Being of the Igarashi clan, he was mainly thought of as a medical ninja and he hated the thought. Sure, they would be needed quite often as the shinobi life was perilous but he wanted to be something more.

Sairento was defeated handily by Suzume in the chuunin exams second round, first fight. He returned to the village, hanging his head in shame.


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Aya's Secret:

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