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1 Dock Clean-up(DONE) on Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:59 pm



Mission name: Dock Clean-up

bored as usual , Tsu decided to take a mission , and kick some arse.
after he registered for this mission which appeared to be paying well , he  went thru what he needed to do and the objective, taking out the king would mean the whole downfall of the castle ,and such a cute castle these rogues made . Tsuneo's blood was boiling but it was  un-allowed for him to kill them which was a downer.Tsuneo has this blood lust inside him  he thirsts for blood.

their leader's name is Hanzo a man in his early forty's
strong beer and free money  are what seem to motivate him  "heh" a small sound Tsuneo let out with a  smirk .he seemed just like any other scumbag drunk with what the world has to offer.idiots like him are viewed as insignificant and idiots that  shouldn't even exist by Tsuneo.he couldn't care tho he was ordered to put them into custody and that he will.since it been a while Tsuneo got all excited thinking of how he will kick their asses .Tsuneo was also informed about his cute little appearance which was described as:Tall, would be lean if not for the prominante beer-ut he sports; usually walks around without a shirt. Deeply tanned. Slurs even when sober due to an old jaw injury.
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2 Re: Dock Clean-up(DONE) on Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:21 pm



after gathering all the information he needed on these hooligans that are spreading disorder in the hidden leaf.after collecting info Tsuneo stopped in front of a  small dango shop re-reading the info he collected eating dango while sitting on the bench . clearly Tsuneo had no motivation he is aching for a fight but he wanted to fulfill his lust for blood a simple ass kicking isn't gonna fulfill his sadistic lust.

after finishing his small meal and re-reading the info he gathered  he used the info he had gathered smartly it was his first mission he intended to do well and receive a payment he deserved .

following the man that had the similar appearance to the ones described to Tsuneo in paper.

he appeared to be as described a scum money loving  bully.seeing how he acted Tsuneo said in a mocking tone  "pathetic"he then continued after taking a pause "it really pains my heart to see trash like that alive,they dont deserve their lives instead of capturing them i should eliminate them but oh well orders are orders,this job is boring and this guy is getting on my nerves seems like a good time to finish the job,its about time to make a move" said Tsuneo as his steps gained speed walking up to the trash

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3 Re: Dock Clean-up(DONE) on Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:54 am



walking up to him from behind he was surrounded by our of his men .still he walked up to him and placed his hand on Hanzo's shoulder.Hanzo  turned to look at him."huh ? whattya want punk" the old man Hanzo said with a rough tone .Tsuneo kept silent .the man turned fully to Tsuneo"dont you hear me you scum"
Tsuneo laughed maniacally"Hahahaha,so i am the scum eh?,so be it Fucker "said with a daring tone and a piercing look no more can Tsuneo hold himself back ,his men attacked Tsuneo two attacked while two stood in a battle stance,Tsuneo was prepared to fight them all happily,the first rogue that attacked Tsuneo was holding a Kunai .he attempted stabbing Tsuneo with it but Tsuneo kicked him with his left leg .and swiftly punched him on his abdomen ,taking the kunai ro his hands planting it in his shoulder the second one was holding a sword he was just you're typical weapon lover that didn't know how to hold a sword properly Tsuneo tenderly grabbed the back of his sword  kicking him in the face knocking him out . Tsuneo was having such fun kicking the ass's of these pansies but he was disappointed by how weak they are as the remaining two attacked him  at the same time with long sword .Tsuneo bent his knees while standing and crossed his arms.he started building electricity up in the fingertips of his hands .he then made a gun-like pose with his hands both middle and index finger extended. with his arms crossed he shot the idiots coming from each side.with bullets he created using his lightning he hit both of them in the head knocking them out.
he could have taken out their boss first but its proper for the main course to come after the entrée
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4 Re: Dock Clean-up(DONE) on Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:19 am



"Hanzo dear, you've been a really really bad boy,but now its time to get fucked"said Tsuneo with a cold monstrous tone with A cold monstrous look and a blood lusting smile.
Tsuneo stood before Hanzo flashing his teeth with a grin that showed his lost for blood.Hanzo threw a rock aiming to distract Tsuneo  while he makes a run for it . Tsuneo avoided his  what was thrown at him and started running after the pathetic scum . after a while of running and messing with Hanzo.Hanzo stood in-front of Tsuneo . it seemed this pathetic scum had decided to stop running and make his last stand. as Hanzo yelled in fear"you, you mons-"Tsuneo interrupted the man's talk   by suddenly appearing in-front of him ,the distance between their faces was barley three centimeters . Tsuneo had a murderous look on his face his red eye flashing at Hanzo. this let Hanzo in incredible fear.Tsuneo didn't hold back one bit he overwhelmed Hanzo with an overwhelming amount of punches and kicks . Tsuneo then  carried the knocked out Hanzo and returned to the place where he knocked out his thugs  . placing them all in custody turning them in to the police force of konohagakure.after his magnificent fun day he went to report his  mission .after reporting  the details of his mission he returned back home saying"today was fun maan i hope tomorrow will be the same. i should go home and take a bath for now. mission complete i suppose"said Tsuneo ending his long day

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