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1 All Hail Taijutsu [Training/Closed] on Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:19 pm


Toshin would look at the floor underneath him, as dust would cross over it. It had been weeks since the Chunnin Exams, and he was no longer himself. He didn't seem to care about certain things anymore, he had lost his way. Grey didn't plan up on losing at the Chunnin Exams, but things came by so fast. He would look at his hand, that laid on his bed and giggle. Nothing was really funny to him, he had just thought laughing would make things better, but it did not. The brown haired shinobi stood from his old smelly bed, and dragged himself to the restroom. Toshin hadn't brushed his teeth in days, which was disgusting. Grabbing his toothbrush, Grey noticed the sun that had shown outside his window. He immediately close the window, not letting any in at all. His whole room was a place full of dark memories, that he could not escape. Toshin had started crying, right there in his bathroom for a period of time, until his mother had shown up at his door. His mother was very shocked at the expression on his face, poor Grey had been hurt. "Dont cry Grey, everything will be fine once the time comes." she would say, as she walked slowly to the bathroom. Toshin didn't expect his mother to cheer him up, she never did. But, this time she was close enough to make him feel confident in himself once again. Yes, the brown haired shinobi had lost his way, but who said he couldn't get it back? Grey stood from the clear, stepping on the wet surface. After he had finished brushing his teeth, he took a shower. Taking a warm shower, could lead to positive thoughts. That was exactly what he needed. The warm water, had rushed down Grey's skin like a the sun. It felt so good to him, he just couldn't resist to stop. He had to though, as his mother would knock on his door. Toshin had gotten out of the bathroom, wearing a black robe. His mother had seen he was changing piece by piece, but it was not enough. "You are going to have to do better then that." she said smiling. His mother had headed towards his closet picking out his combat type training outfit. It was the same one he had used when he trained with Kazu, but this one was blue and bigger. Grey would look at the outfit, immediately putting it on. He had forgotten what it felt like to be in control. Him and his mother had both headed down stairs, in hope to fill their stomachs, but Grey wasn't hungry. He had skipped breakfast and headed out his door without a word. What was going on?

  The brown haired shinobi would shut the door tight, making sure it was closed properly. Grey didn't want his mother to know what he was doing, until he had accomplished his goal. His goal was to start training again, as a Chunnin. Sure he became a Chunnin, but he kept ignoring the fact he was even though he had lost his match. Today was the day Toshin would leave that all behind him in order to train his Taijutsu. Grey really liked Taijutsu, it was a way for him to express his emotions about different things. For example, if he was angry, he would maybe go on a rampage by kicking things down. The brown haired shinobi had begun walking to his destination to start his training, his journey once again. Grey had entered the field as to where it had all began, the Fissure Training Grounds, cracks and everything out of earth and rock.  It was a perfect Taijutsu training for him to do. Toshin would calm down his inner self, and concentrate on his targets. His targets where three large boulders, bigger then a canon ball. His goal was to break them all in one clean leg shot. After the brown haired shinobi had focused all of his willpower within himself and his physical strength, he leaped into the air. In the air he did a set of three flips, when he had finally set one foot out aiming at the first boulder. "CRACK.", that was all that could be heard, as Toshin had somehow been on the ground. The impact on the boulder must of pushed him back he would think. The sad part about it was that, his kick didn't even cause that much damage, barely a crack. It had seemed Toshin had a lot of training to catch up on. "This will take me a life time." he would say sadly, and he didn't have a lifetime to spend. Toshin tried the same technique, but higher in the air. Toshin had done four flips and landed a clean side kick on the gigantic boulder, being blasted back again by the impact. Looking at the boulder Grey would see nothing but a small crack. He didn't seem to get it at all, something was holding him back or he was doing something wrong. He started to get angry, and jumped in the air and landed a clean shot  on the boulder, this time sending a good chunk of it flying. "Woah." he would say, amazed as to what he had done. His anger had made him stronger somehow, it was like he thought of the boulder cracking and it happened. The problem was, he had no clue how to do it again. This is when the brown haired shinobi sat down a meditated for thrifty-minutes. After the thirty-minute meditation, he knew what to do. Toshin focused on the boulder and jumped up in the air. His foot laid out infront of his body, he impacted the boulder, smashing the rest of it into pieces. He was so ecstatic at what had happened, and he knew how to do it now. All he had to do was focus his physical energy into his leg, at the right moment. One after another Grey would break the boulders, successful in every attempt. His real challenge though, was yet to come.

Training : Taijutsu B > A
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2 Re: All Hail Taijutsu [Training/Closed] on Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:44 pm


Grey had already begun sweating, after he had recently destroyed the last boulder. Boulder after boulder, he had more fun and confidence within himself. He had felt better then ever before. Toshin was finding his way again to his shinobi path, and he didn't want to stop. He had taken a quick breather, since he was tired. He had found a lake, while looking out threw the distance. He rushed over to it, filling his hands with its splendid water. Grey had never loved water more, getting up from his knees from taking a mouth full. Toshin had thought he drank the water of will. It may have sounded weird to him, but he liked the feeling of it. The brown haired shinobi returned back to the field, only to find more rocks. He was kinda of getting tired of destroying rocks, so  he decided to do something new. Toshin headed over to a gigantic boulder, and giggled. His plan was to carry the boulder on his lap while breaking the other boulders. This may sound crazy to you, but he was up for the challenge. Of course he wouldn't start with a gigantic one, so he picked up a medium one. Carrying the boulder on his back, Grey would struggle jumping in the air, and landing on a rock with his foot. The boulder had broken, but the brown haired shinobi was starting to lose his balance. Things were turning out bad now that he had weight on him. He quickly took the boulder of his back, and threw it on the ground. He had decided he needed more experience with lifting and break at the same time, so he came up with the perfect plan to help him out a lot. Toshin went over to the gigantic boulder section he would call it, and one by one lined them up where he could see them. This was very dangerous what he was about to do, but if he could do it with his legs then so be it. After all  the boulders had been lined up, Grey got his hand ready for the ultimate test. Some people would know this as karate chopping, he knew it as facing his fears. The brown haired shinobi got into his ready position, and breathed in and out. He swung out his hand, and "BAM." Only a baby crack was made in the boulder, but not in his hand. Toshin screamed like hell at the rock, as if it were talking. Grey went over to the lake rapidly, and put his hand in it. It had cooled down the pain a little, but not fully. His left hand really hurt, but he still had his right one. The brown aired shinobi went back to the boulder and got his right hand ready, focusing all his physical energy into it. He swung his hand back, and you wouldn't guess what happened. The boulder had stood still, and didn't even take damage at all. Grey became pissed, closing his eyes, then reopening to see half of the rock slide off. Grey had been successful, by cutting the rock in half his hands. By now it was night time, and Toshin had decided to head home for the time being. He had grown tired, and his bones had started to hurt. So he gathered his things and began walking from where he come.

  Toshin thought while he was thinking, about where he would end up in the future. He did hope he met a beautiful women along his travels, but he hope she would be the "one". Spotting his house, Toshin ran there quietly. He didn't want to wake up his mother, as he would slowly open the door. His mother had been laying on the couch, with a spider web on her face. It was so funny, he couldn't help but laugh. His mother would wake up, and turn on the lights. Spotting her son, she began to get angry, questioning him. This was the usual routine, so he knew things were back in place. His mother did't seem so happy either, as if she were sick. Grey went next to here, and sang her a song. It was a weird thing to do, but it did put her to sleep. Toshin would then tip-toe to his room, where he could relax. After entering his room, he giggled and layed on his bed. His bed had smelt clean, and everything in his room was too. His mother must have cleaned it for him. He smiled, as he would fall asleep without taking a shower after a sweaty day. The brown haired shinobi would dream about his whole day, why it had happened. After the Chunnin  Exams all Grey did was question himself instead of accepting the fact. This is what led him to his down fall. In his dream Toshin had heared his mother screaming, but it wasn't a dream. He would immediately wake up in the night, angry. Sadly, his mother had remembered what he looked like. Rushing up to his room, Toshin would laugh. He didn't plan on taking a shower any time soon, at least not yet. "Everything will be fine Mom, you just wait and see." he said closing his eyes. His mother had smiled and turned of his room lights. "I love you." was the last words she had said all night. The question still  remained in his head though, even after his mother had exited the room. What did Grey have in store for what had seamed to be his future? He started to doze of threw the night, not knowing it was almost morning. Tomorrow, he will probably wake up late, but he wasn't in a rush or anything. After all, he had something to do first, to find his shinobi path again. To find his way.

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3 Re: All Hail Taijutsu [Training/Closed] on Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:38 pm


Birds would chirp as the early morning sun had risen. Toshin was fast asleep like a baby, as his mother would watch him from his room door. Everything had seemed like the perfect day. The breeze of the cool air would brush against Grey's skin, as he would smile while still asleep. It had seemed he was having a dream, but what about? His mother had dropped a fork by accident, causing him to immediately wake up. His glorious dream had turned into a nightmare, as he would breath in and out deeply from a intense awaken. After a moment, the brown haired shinobi would calm down and sigh. It was only a fork he had noticed, as he would smile at his mother. She had also seemed happy, and so was he. After all, she had a bowl of ramen in her hand ready for him. Grey would get out of bed, showing his mom his boxers. She had closed her eyes, and Toshin quickly grabbed the bowl of ramen. This was the first time he had actually eaten in bed, and relaxed. Toshin had gulped down the ramen, and quickly went to his closest to get another pair of his blue training outfit. His mother had already left the room, giving him privacy to change me. It was very early in the morning, around 4:00 AM, but Toshin had no time to waste. Today, he had planned to finish his Taijutsu training. Exiting his house with an ecstatic expression on his face, he began walking back to the Fissure Training Grounds. Upon arrival, he had noticed everything was left the way it was, that is the mess he made. Surprisingly, three kids had already been there, they were genin. They did not look so good either, and seemed as if they wanted the whole area to themselves. Toshin didn't want to fight them, but he would if he had too. Sighing, he put down his bag and got into his fighting position. They all charged at Grey like idiots, and he simply jumped in the air. All of their heads would hit each other, knocking them out. What a foolish move they made, to charge at a Chunnin. Toshin picked up his bag again, but this time headed out to a deeper area of the Fissure Training Grounds. Grey had seen a tall mountain, and knew what he was going to start of his training with. He planned on doing several punches in the mountain, until it crumbled into pieces. This sure would take a lot of time, but he was up for the challenge. The brown haired shinobi continued walking, until he came into close contact with the mountain. He rested his bag on a rock, and started stretching. Stretching was a good part of physical training and developing strength to him. After he had finished his stretching, he did a set of 200 jumping jacks. The more physical training he took, the better to prepare for the challenge, which was the mountain. On the 100th set, he felt a tad tired in his bones, but didn't stop. This was until he had finally made it to 200 jumping jacks, and fell to the ground. His legs were very tired. Grey reached in his bag, and took out some ice in a cooler he had brought. The ice was for wounds like these, or pain. Toshin quickly put the ice on his legs, and shivered in place. The ice had been very cold, but did the trick. The shinobi got up from the ground, and started doing 20 laps, around the fissure training grounds. Since, the field was no straight because of the rock and all, he to go measurements of where to go. After all this training he had been doing, he just hoped in the end it was worth it. Grey giggled, as he had done one lap in total. Time had passed, and it was already 1:00 PM. Toshin was on his 17th lap, and still energized. For an odd reason, he wasn't as tired as he used to be. This must mean he has progressed in his stamina. When Grey had finished his 20th lap, he focused on the mountain.

  This part of his training, was the last part he had intended to do. You could say it was his final test, to see what he could do. Toshin had approached the very tall mountain, and smiled. All his hard training, was about to pay off. Toshin calmed down, and focused as much energy he could into his fist, and punched the mountain. Damage was caused to the mountain, but his hand had gotten stuck. The worse part was, he couldn't pull it out either. The brown haired shinobi had gotten his hand stuck in a mountain. "My mother is going to kill me" he said worried, but this wasn't the time to worry. Grey had to think of a plan, and fast, as it had seemed the mountain was close to crumbling into pieces. Toshin could only seem to come up with one plan, and that was too break the mountain, before it broke him. He used his other free hand, and punched the mountain, as it would start to crumble. His trapped hand, had set free, but big chunks of rocks where aiming straight at him. Grey, start punching and kicking threw the gigantic rocks that had fallen from the mountain, destroying every last piece. He thought the villagers must have been wondering, what was going on. So, he quickly headed up to Iwagakure, to tell his mother everything that had happened. How he found his shinobi path again. When he had reached home, his mother was in his room surprisingly. She had been laying in his bed, and he didn't want to disturb her. He kissed his mother on the forehead, and sat next to her. Looking out his window, he would see the little kid's play around in the streets. Toshin had smiled, and thought of his dad and him when he was a little baby. He sure did miss those times.

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