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1 Records Transport (Completed) on Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:02 pm

Kazuya Hyuga


Kazuya walked into the dusty Storage room seeing all the cracks and dust clumps around the room. Kazuya sighed in disbelief saying to himself, "Why did I take this mission again." Kazuya looked up at the ceiling and around the whole building and thought to himself wow there are a lot of boxes to be moved. Kazuya began to pick up and move the boxes to the new facility. One by one the pile of boxes were beginning to fade. Kazuya decided to take a little break from caring all the dusty boxes. Kazuya began to wonder what was inside the boxes then a thought hit him why does he even care.

Suddenly Kazuya heard a noise between a pile of boxes in the corner of the old dusty building. Kazuya walked toward were he heard the noise and suddenly saw a small shadow dash right between his legs. Kazuya became a bit startled at the speed of the small shadow that he saw. Kazuya looked around turning his head in every direction trying to find this shadowy figure. Kazuya was thinking of using his Byakugan, but came to the conclusion to not waste his power on something so belittling to himself. Then he heard the same noise again coming from a different pile in a different corner full of dusty boxes. Kazuya walked toward the noise this time seeing two small shadowy figures dashing in opposite direction of each other at an incredible speed which was kind of amazing to Kazuya. Kazuya was getting a bit anxious and tried to find a light switch for better lighting. Kazuya found a light switch and flicked it and realized the lighting in the building did not work which was also not a surprise to him as well. Kazuya sighed in disbelief, "wow no lighting ether what a surprise." Kazuya heard the noise once more this time in a different corner. Kazuya paused to think about what he should do this time but soon decided to not think about it anymore and just catch it.  Kazuya decided this time he would take action to find out what was making the noise.

Kazuya slowly walked toward the noise thinking why he is wasting his time to find out what is making the noise like a little kid right now, then he stopped to get a good position just incase the two things that made the noise would make a break for it. Kazuya looked for something to throw at the corner of boxes and saw a old dusty book sitting on a table in the room. Kazuya grabbed the book and threw the book with great force. The book hit the corner and two shadowy figures came from the corner running in opposite directions again. Kazuya quickly jumped toward one of the shadowy figure hopping to catch one of the figures.  Kazuya hit the floor with dust flying every where in the process. Kazuya cleared his eyes to see if he had caught what ever was making the noise.  Kazuya felt something fuzzy in his hand to soon realize it was a rat. Kazuya quickly let go of the rat and realized the other figure was a rat as well. Kazuya felt a since of shame for letting a pair of rats cause a commotion for him and valuable time was wasted as well. Kazuya began to move more boxes one by one to the new building and was finally done. Kazuya was finally able to enjoy the fresh air outside and finished just in time to go home and enjoy a home cooked meal.






Elements And Specializations


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