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It was nearly dusk when Osamu set out for the slums, the sun barely setting over the horizon. He'd always hated walking through that terrible place. The plight of the poor was something he was very sensitive to. Such injustice! He thought every time he had the rare opportunity of making his way through the slums.

He'd decided to wait till night while the city was winding down. He wanted to avoid making a scene if possible. Osamu locked the door to his apartment and fastened his black feather cloak firmly to his chest. Running his hands through his hair with a determined sigh, he took off down the streets towards the slums.

It too him nearly an hour to cross the vast expanses of the city and submerge into the trenches of the slums. Along the streets were small shacks and shelters made of plywood and garbage. People were lighting several small fire pits. "The temple is closed again...but my children and I haven't eaten in days! Where...where is Lady Cho?" A woman was wailing to a nearby guard. "Hands off me!...The area is closed off to all citizens until the...situation has been taken care of. Lady Cho's whereabouts are none of your business peas..." The guard was cut off mid sentence, as Osamu quickly marched into the conversation. "It is my business Shinboi!..." Osamu sternly exclaimed. The guard looked at Osamu with surprise. Osamu pulled out several bags of rice, dried chicken and fish, and a handful of plumbs. "Take these mam. I hope this will suffice till the morning. "I am Karasu Osamu, and I have been commissioned to cleanse this temple. I must speak with Lady Cho. You will tell me where she is immediately." Osamu said staring the guard in the eye.
The guard stumbled back a few steps filled with intimidation. Osamu handed the clearance letter to the guard. "I...I see. My apologies shinobi. Please proceed. The temple is just down the street, through the west gate and atop the clearing. Lady Cho is currently taking refuge in the flower house roughly a quarter mile to the west of the temple, you can't miss it." The guard explained. Osamu nodded his head and proceeded down the path. "Thank you kind sir..." The woman said, a tear streaming down here face as she disappeared into the darkness of the street alley.

Osamu continued down the streets, the stench was overwhelming. In the middle of a large clearing of sand was the dilapidated temple. Despite the considerable damage, it was still the nicest building in the slums district. He turned his head to west, gazing into the fading sunset. Nightfall would approach soon and Osamu would enter the temple and approach the foul beast. First however he needed to contact Lady Cho and learn of the current situation.

Osamu made his way to the small cement building west of the temple. All around were small semi broken crates and vases full of seeds and flowers. A small light emanated from the small square window in the one room structure. Osamu knocked upon the wooden door. After a few moments he heard a response. "Who is it?" The voice uttered. "My Name is Osamu; I've been assigned by the Suna Administration to assist you with the situation at the temple..." After a few seconds, and the clunk of a deadbolt lock the door crept open. "Please come in..." As Osamu entered the small room he gazed upon the small woman in front of him. She was a small woman, with a dark black bob haircut and a pink kimono. "I'm so thankful for your help...It's good to see that Suna occasionally responds to our needs...please would you like some tea?"The woman asked nervously. "Yes thank you." Osamu sat down at the small wooden table in the middle of the room, hanging the lantern atop it onto a hook from the ceiling. "Lady Cho...what services does the temple provide? I encountered a woman who mentioned receiving aid from the temple..."Osamu inquired. Lady Cho smiled slightly. "The temple attempts to address many different types of needs ninja. But people cannot begin to work toward salvation if they haven't fresh water to drink and nutritious food to eat. The temple provides both, food, water, and shelter as well as spiritual support for the community...Our work is important ninja...we need your help." The woman said, sadly lowering her face. "Lady Cho, your work here is an inspiration and believe me when I say that I will do everything I can to help...This Boar, when did he arrive at the temple?" Osamu asked. "That's just it...I haven't the slightest idea?! One morning while I was tending to the inner shrine, I encountered the beast on the basement floor! He chased me from the temple, nearly killed me in the process. Worst of all I fear the creature's nearly eaten all our food stores...these people cannot go without substance for much longer." The woman said with an air  of despair.

Osamu rose to his feet, a look of determination upon his face. He turned towards Lady Cho. "I will finish this quickly Lady Cho, do not despair. I have to ask you to stay here; from everything I've heard this beast will be extremely dangerous. I wouldn't want you getting in harms way if things get really nasty...I'll be back by morning. Stay hidden, this will be over soon." With that Osamu exited the small cement building and dashed toward the temple entrance.

Osamu approached the large temple. As he approached the entrance he sensed a dark and demonic charkra. "What in the world is this foul creature?" Osamu said quietly to himself. He continued up the steps toward the ornate stone entrance. He pushed against the doors which were jammed. He took a couple steps back, before kicking the door in, as shards of wood went flying too and fro. He proceeded into the dark room. He pulled out small pieces of stone and flint, lighting the oil lantern which lit up the room with a cascade of lights. A circle of ornate statues stood around a small shrine in the center of the room. He continued cautiously towards the center of the temple, each step echoing through the ceiling. He approached the west wing of the building, revealing a large staircase which descended downwards towards a bright    red light at the bottom of the basement. As he made the first step, a loud, beastly squeal filled echoed through the temple, causing the ground the shake subtly causing several ornate vases to fall from their pedestals and shatter upon the stone ground. Osamu regained his footing, and continued down the stairs toward the basement. As he came ever closer to the basement, the temperature began to increase substantially, causing him to sweat as he approached the bottom floor. Another squeal echoed through the halls.

In the middle of the basement floor there it stood. The center of the room was sunken in, revealing a large pool of blood. In the center of the pool was the enormous beast. It must have been 15 feet long, and weighed several tons. Hundreds of small horn like appendages split from the creatures white and vain covered back. It squealed loudly at Osamu,blood spraying all over his front side. Osamu looked at the creature square in the face. He closed his eyes, and tapped into his Kekkei Genkai. His eyes turned golden yellow, his pupils turning into a long black slit resembling that of a predatory cat.

Kekkei Genkai:
Name: Feral Communion
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-S
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Utility
Element: None
Range: Varies on Rank
Specialty: Kekkei genkai
Duration: 2 post
Cooldown: 6 posts

D Rank: 1/2 mile radius. 1 animal. Genin Clan members of this rank can communicate with small insects, fish and rodents. While creatures of this sort don't generally offer much in terms of their battle capabilities, they can be employed as spies to gather intelligence to great effect.

C Rank: 3/4 mile radius. 2 animals. More proficient Genin clan members can refine their animal communication to include small wild cats, wild canines, and some reptiles which can be used in battle to either distract, or spy to gather intelligence.

B Rank: 1 mile radius. 3 animals. Chunin who choose to pursue more powerful animal communication can begin to communicate with larger predators such as predatory cats, large snakes and wolves.

He began to whisper to the boar, in attempt to communicate with any semblance of its original nature that remained, but to no avail. The beast only roared once more, spewing sticky threads of blood. The dark nature of the chakra caused Osamu's skin to crawl. "It looks like there's no saving this creature. I'm sorry pitiful beast. I'll end this quickly." Osamu said as he readied himself for battle. The beast rolled its head back and forth, and rammed towards Osamu. Osamu rolled to the side, barely dodging the creatures massive tusks which collided with the stone wall, causing several stones from the ceiling to crash onto his arm. Osamu cringed in pain while the boar pulled its large tusks from the side of the stone wall. With a scowl on his face, Osamu rose to his feet and quickly weaved a series of intricate signs. With a flash of green light, Osamu transformed into a human sized ceremonial doll. The doll was made of cloth, twigs and straw, resembling a demonic scarecrow with glowing green eyes and mouth. Upon transforming, Osamu spawned a murder of ghost crows which went darting toward the boar. The crows cut through the air. Six were deflected by the creatures tusks and horn-like exterior, the other 9 piercing the side of the massive beast. The boar began to squeal in pain.
Lesser Hex Doll :
Name:Transformation Style: Lesser Hex Doll
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 50 feet
Specialty: Ninjitsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: After training for years under the tutelage of the witch doctor from the land of water, Osamu has finally developed the ability to use this secret technique.  Through a series of dark signs, Osamu transforms into a human sized animated ceremonial doll made of cloth, twigs and straw resembling a demonic scarecrow with glowing green eyes and mouth. While in this terrifying form, the Hex Doll automatically spawns a murder of 15 Ghost Crows to assault a target(s) each post for 3 posts. While in Doll form Osamu can still weave signs and perform Jutsu.  While transformed, -1 damage taken from Doton techniques and +1 damage taken from katon techniques.
Chakra: 165/200

The boar stopped for a moment and looked into Osamu's eyes. Big gobs of sticky saliva began to drip from the creatures mouth. With a vile shriek, the boar propelled these sticky ropes in Osamu's direction. In his doll form he tumbled, dodging several strands before one sticky gob of saliva hit his arm, binding it to the wall behind him. Osamu attempted to break free but to no avail. Then suddenly, he spawned another murder of ghost crows as the hex doll activated once more. Several ghost crows sliced strands of adhesive saliva, the rest slicing through the air toward the boar. The boar deflected most of the crows with its massive tusks, with only two pegging the creature in its empty eye sockets. Osamu attempted to wipe off the stinking saliva from his arm. "If I can only ensnare him!" Osamu thought to himself. Facing the giant boar he roared in his terrifying doll form, and slammed his hands together making several quick signs. He then pulled 2 of ninja wire composed entirely of chakra with a slightly sharper edge. He braced himself for the beasts attack.

Ghost Twine:
Name: Ghost Twine
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 75 feet
Specialty: Ninjitsu
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Description: With this technique, after several hand signs the shaman condenses chakra into 4 wire strings. These are nearly identical to the normal ninja tool wire strings except these are formed from chakra, and are slightly sharper, capable of slicing the skin of an entangled target.
Chakra: 155/200

The horn like appendages upon the creatures back began to grow at a rapid rate, accelerating towards Osamu as they twisted through the air like giant harpoons. Osamu rolled to the left, flipping backwards in attempt to dodge the massive shards which crashed into the side of temple wall and collapsing a section of the temple ceiling before breaking off from the creature. Osamu jumped from shard to shard like a stair case, springing from the basement to the temple's main floor. He backed away slightly, waiting for the creature to emerge...Osamu waited several more moments but alas there was no sign of the beast. Osamu carefully approached the ledge of the hole in the ceiling he'd jumped out of. As he looked down into the hole in attempt to discover his enemy, the giant boar demon sprung from the ground behind him, rippling through the floor and launching himself high into the air in a fiery rage. Osamu instinctively tossed a shuriken behind him as the hex doll activated for the last time, sending a murderous crow storm of 15 ghost crows darting towards the creature before Osamu transformed into his human form. But his quick series of attacks was hardly successful, only one of the ghost crows piercing the beast in thigh, the rest being incinerated by the inferno which surrounded the demon. While still mid air, the Demon let out a massive flame bullet in Osamu's direction. Catching Osamu by surprise he thrust himself to the side. While dodging some of the flames, the side of Osamu's right ribs and thigh were exposed to the intense heat, causing second degree burns to form on site. Osamu cried out in pain as the smell of burning flesh filled the air. He was sweating profusely, as the flames lit up the miscellaneous pieces of wood and paper left on the floor of the stone temple.

Osamu looked the beast dead in the eyes. "Enough of this." Placing his hands together he weaved a few quick signs, spawning two ghost crows which stood perched upon each of his shoulders. Osamu pulled the Ghost Twine between his hands, securing one end of each thread to the talons of the crows, before sending them bolting towards the massive beast. Rather than hitting the Demon directly, the crows flew around the beast over and over again with the ghost twine in talon, fastening him tightly against the large ornate statue behind him. The sharp lines of wire sliced the creatures skin as Osamu pulled them tighter, tightly securing the beast to the stone statue, and tying the strings to a shuriken wedged between a massive boulder behind him.

Ghost Crow:
Name: Ghost Crow
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 75 feet
Specialty: Ninjitsu
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Description: This is the simplest of the shamanic techniques used by the coven. With this technique, the ninja condenses charkra and molds it into the shape of 2 ghastly crows with a translucent purple crow . These crows can be launched at enemies, hardening before piercing their targets with razor sharp beaks much like a simple shuriken. If the crows are intercepted before they reach their target they will dissipate early. Crows pierce as deep as normal shuriken.

Osamu began to prepare his final attack. With his enemy temporarily inhibited he knew he would have to act quickly. He began to weave a complex series of signs. A deep humming noise filled the air as Osamu amassed a large amount of chakra, compressing it into the shape of a glowing whiet skull. With such concentrated charkra density, tendrils of white energy began to spill forth from the glowing white object. Osamu watched as the creature struggled against ghost twine. Suddenly, the humming sound deepened, as Osamu launched the demon skull towards his target. The projectile thrashed the stone tiles beneath it, before colliding with the boar's body. The tremendous pulse of energy dispersed through the demons body, creating two massive six inch cuts in the demons chest, and covering his body in a fully of bruises and surface cuts before cracking and knocking to the floor the statue to which the demon was fastened.

Demon Skull:
Name:Demon Skull
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 75 feet
Specialty: Ninjitsu
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: With this dark technique the witch ninja condenses a large amount of chakra into the shape of a skull. The intense chakra density causes the skull to glow with intense white light and emit tendrils of energy. Once properly formed, the skull is launched with tremendous force toward the target, thrashing everything in its path before colliding with target, dispersing the chaotic energy through the target's body knocking him off his feet, and inflicting 2 deep 6 inch cuts and a flurry surface wounds if it hits. This technique is also powerful enough to bulldoze through obstacles such as rocks and trees. 
Chakra: 130/200

Osamu fell to his knees gasping for air. He looked upon his fallen opponent; a massive steaming pile of flesh laid helpless in a pool of its blood as the flesh upon its body began to burn and corrode away. Osamu ran to the dying creatures body. Pulling out a single shuriken he began hacking at the creatures neck, before fasting the ghost twine around the newly created wound and yanking aggressively, severing the creatures massive head from its quickly disintegrating body. "Pitiful creature..." Osamu said, covered in both the creatures blood as well as his own. He looked at the blisters on side, and the large black bruise on arm. As he attempted to lift up the creature's head a jolting pain rushed up the side of his ribs. He pulled out the storage scroll he'd been given and struggled to place the creature's head on top of it. He placed his hand in the middle of the scroll, causing the head to be absorbed by it. Lady Cho ran up to him as he fell to his knees. "Osamu! You did it!..are're hurt! We need to get this man to hospital at once!" Lady cho exclaimed to the crowd that had gathered around them. A couple men approached Osamu, lifting him onto their backs, and making their way to the hospital.

Word Count:2503


"Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable." - Osamu

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