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1 The Fires of Pompeii [Training] on Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:20 pm



"A fissure vent, also known as a volcanic fissure or simply fissure, is a linear volcanic vent through which lava erupts, usually without any explosive activity. The vent is usually a few meters wide and may be many kilometres long. Fissure vents can cause large flood basalts and lava channels. This type of volcano is usually hard to recognize from the ground and from outer space because it has no central caldera and the surface is mostly flat. The volcano can usually be seen as a crack in the ground or on the ocean floor. Narrow fissures can be filled in with lava that hardens. As erosion removes its surroundings, the lava mass could stand above the surface as a dyke. The dykes that feed fissures reach the surface from depths of a few kilometers. Fissures are usually found in or along rifts and rift zones, such as Iceland and the East African Rift. Fissure vents are often found in shield volcanoes." This was information that could be found in any old geography book, and most people wouldn't have found anything in the slightest bit interesting about this knowledge, however when you came from a clan that specialized in lava, this actually meant something deep and interesting.

The Kanetsu had long been the ones who were able to forge things out of lava, and it was not that strange a comparison to refer to them as walking volcanoes, especially as they grew in inner strength and power since they would eventually begin to be as dangerous as one. It was only the fact that they were taught to control their anger nearly every single day as a child that stopped them from, when they were a fully grown adult with powers far surpassing most people, becoming a natural disaster to the village and the area around it. The senju clan were thought of as a threat, as were the Aisu clan since they were both capable of feats that most people wouldn't be able to compare to, simply because of their chakra taking on the form of a beautiful element, and yet the Kanetsu clan should have been thought of as even more of a threat, since... well, when was the last time that a block of ice destroyed a village? Bloody never, that's when.

Still, it was perhaps important to realize that whilst volcanoes could be the most destructive things in the world, especially with giant super-volcanoes that could wipe out entire continents if they erupted, that was only when used properly. Every justu could have it's own weaknesses, and no matter how destructive a jutsu was, it could always be countered by other things. However, if one could turn a skill like his from pure destruction to something that was actually more efficient, surely that would allow him to take out threats a lot more efficiently, right? Well, if that was indeed the case then there was only one thing that he could logically do and that was to experiment.

Now, people assumed that lava had only one purpose and that was to destroy things. However, what people didn't realize was that lava also had the great ability to coat to people, burning them really badly. there were even some cremated remains of people that had been caught within the destructive cloud of an eruption from centuries ago preserved even today. If they could be preserved for centuries, then perhaps it was possible that he could use it to restrain people in an every day situation. it didn't need to have quite as much strength as actual volcanoes, but if he could do it on a smaller scale then that would make his fights so much easier, it would almost be like playing a game on easy. Now, he just needed to find someone he could experiment on. No matter who he chose, if they hadn't done anything to him then this would look like it was a case of assault and he could wind up getting ANBU angry at him. He didn't want to get in trouble with the local authorities, so perhaps he should choose someone carefully.

The person he waited for, it turned out, was not going to make him wait very long. He was waiting in the fissure training ground, trying to work out how best to use his lava (it was common knowledge from anyone who studied basic geography that the world has a molten lava core, and is suspended upon tectonic plates, plates that move about bound by currents, and thus he permanently had a supply of lava for his techniques) when an annoying little brat walked past him. Said brat was one of the ones who had attacked him recently, and if he was not mistaken it was the same jerk who'd tried to impale his face with a kunai. It was this little brat, he decided, that he would use for his technique. Now to control his chakra....

His chakra, it seemed, was easier to control than he thought. Weaving some hand signs (if he was not mistaken, they were the boar, snake, horse, bird and horse again), he felt the earth shake slightly underneath his feet. The boy turned to look at him in confusion, after all he was eight but he wasn't stupid - the man had woven handsigns and now there was a miniature earthquake. There was clearly something fishy about that - but his vision was obscured by... well, by the gigantic wall of lava that shot out of the ground. Now, he had seen this guy before but he'd never used his actual abilities, so the kid seeing him use lava for the first time was shocked and, it was fair to say, horrified. However, his shock and horror only lasted for a second before the wave shot forwards, propelling past him and burying him in it. It seemed like he had gotten his mouth closed in time, which was probably for the best. The little git didn't deserve to have his tongue burned out, after all, no matter how much of a git he was.

Pompeii: 1021/1000 [C-rank technique]


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