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Mure watched in patience as the line of people ahead of him fetching boxes slowly decreased. He was positive that they would not send any important records with such weak enforcement. After all information was a commodity. And fetching the information from genin was a dream come true for some higher ranking nin. Not that he suspected anyone was willing to start a war that way but if attacked most genin would go down with hardly a fight. He himself was only fairly confident in his abilities. His swarm could possibly hold on long enough to receive help but the damage would be dealt quickly and effectively. A strike force designed for the task perhaps? Regardless the people in front of him had each taken a box and now he himself was handed a box containing whatever mysteries he dared not ask. Still he took it in a sturdy grip. The weight of it was in his imagination as it felt like the weight of truth and value rested against his palms. Still he bowed his head and turned following the people in the near distance towards the destination. If he could keep within eye sight of them then perhaps an enemy was less likely to attack a group.

Still his eyes wandered as they moved noting that the people seemed to not even notice the shinobi moving through the streets. It was so common place here that they where just another part of life. Helpful in their own way. But not to be bothered with less they intended to buy something. But that was not all. Within the crowd eyes where watching them. At first he thought it to be his paranoia and yet still he quickened his step to catch up to the group. The group themselves where chatting about none sense. Still conversations ruled over the recent chunnin exams. And how if they had been there they would of won easily. He admired the conviction really. And the positive attitude. But at the same time he thought the lack of fear was foolish. He could take them all if given the chance. Such weak individuals. But he had no desire to prove such a thing. And it tended to be the weak that surprised you the most. Still those eyes seemed to crawl down his back. His dull yellow eyes began to look far more closely into the crowd.

Now he began to pick up little things. A blur out of the corner of his eyes made him stiffen up at first but his eyes could follow it if he tried hard enough. There where at least three shinobi moving with the convoy. He thought about alerting the others but for now nothing hostile was happening. So he began to look for clues to whom their stalkers might be. It took some time to adjust his eyes to how they faded into the crowds and shadows. But soon he noticed cloaks with clan symbols from the local clans. Then he caught sight of a head band for just a second. A bunch of Konoha nin where watching their backs after all. So their only job was transport and to survive any initial attack. it brought the slightest of comforts as they neared closer to their destination. It was once they arrived that they where told where to deposit the boxes and where handed a slip. Much like a receipt to confirm delivery and return that to the Administration building.

The trip back was quicker. They where no longer under guard which meant no longer under threat but he was still eager to get this behind him regardless. His companions seemed to be racing as well but any tension they covered up with laughter as if it where a competition and they where keeping up with him. it only made him quicken his pace just a little. The arrival to the administration building was a quick one. He delivered his slip and turned to leave. Not wanting to be a part of it any more.

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