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Strafe Aisu


Today was a day that Strafe would want to forget for years to come. It started just like any other day. Strafe's eyes opened to gorgeous sun rays that danced around his room. He yawned with outstretched arms as he tried to wake up to no success. His hands moved to his eyes as he tried to rub the gunk out of them. With a crack of his neck, he looked around the room for his clothing. He pushed off the bed to stand up and walk over to his closet. He opened it to find his well kept clothing all folded neatly. If he was anything, he was organized. He immediately grabbed some pants and put them on, adjusting a certain area to become comofortable. He then slipped on his shirt and smiled as he was partially ready for the day. He turned to see his shoes and slid them on as well. Now he just needed his equipment.

He turned to see the door and headed that way. On a table near the exit sat his bag of ninja tools. He grabbed it and placed it in it's appropriate place. He then smiled as he grasped his staff which leaned against the wall. He always smiled when he saw it, as it reminded him of his father. He twirled it one time in a circle before putting it in his right hand and walking out of the room. He turned the corner of the empty hall and moved towards the wooden staircase. He stepped down them briskly as he headed for the door. His new apartment was taking some getting used too. His mom suggested the idea of living by himself after his promotion to Sannin, and it only made sense. He looked around to check on everything before opening the door. He locked it and closed it behind him as he exited into the street of Kirigakure. So far, it wasn't a bad morning.

The first thing on the ninja's mind was getting some breakfast. He would have usually met up with Momaru in the morning, but today the lion was needed elsewhere. Momaru had become a lot more accustomed to the village and was helping with missions and tasks for the Mizukage as well. He was a good companion that did the most he could for his new home. Strafe couldn't have been happier. He walked down the street of the Residential District for a while before coming upon his favorite place to eat. It was a restaurant that specializes in cooking fish in various ways. While he was a fan of basic foods, the flavors in the meat here were exceptionally good. He walked in the building and waved to the man behind the counter. "The usual, coming up!" The man responded as Strafe took his seat.

It seemed like forever that Strafe was sitting at that table. A bad feeling washed over his body as soon as he sat down. He raised an eyebrow as he thought of what it could be. He wasn't a superstitious person, but he didn't believe in signs. He thought long and hard about each friend and what could be happening. Before Strafe knew it, he blinked to see someone in front of him. He nodded as they set down his food. Strafe immediately pulled out the appropriate amount of ryo and handed it to the man with a smile. He then focused on the food before him. Grilled Salmon with white rice. A basic meal that he enjoyed greatly. It would be a good day indeed.

After only about ten minutes, Strafe was done eating. He had scarfed down the rice and Salmon as if it was his last meal. Something about this feeling spooked him. He left a few ryo as a tip as he cleaned up his area. He stood up and nodded in thanks towards the man as he left. His facial expression turned into one of concern as he looked around the village to make sure nothing was happening. There were no screams or nothing to alert him. "Maybe I'm just imagining things..." He said to himself with a shrug as he turned to take a short walk. He didn't really have any plans today, as he wasn't needed on a mission or in the office. It was Kaguza's turn to do paper work in the Kage's stead. "I really hope Solstice gets back soon." He said thinking of the paper work.

After a few minutes of walking, he started to approach the hospital. He smiled as he saw the building in front of him, knowing it to be a place of interest. He was very familiar with the atmosphere and workings of the buildings and how smoothly it ran. However, something was different. As he got closer to the entrance, someone waived him down from the inside. They rushed out to meet him with a worried face. "You have to come quick. Ai is hurt!" The man said as he pointed to the entrance and rushed Strafe inside. Ai was a friend of Strafe's that was quite the character. She was an Osada clan member who was known for her antics and personality. How someone as talented as she got injured was beyond him. He nodded to the man and ran as he passed a few staff members. He had to help if he could.

Strafe wove through the sea of bodies as he rushed to get to the appropriate room. Luckily, the ER was easily accessible from where he was, it was just a matter of finding the room. He saw a familiar face. It was a nurse that had worked under him previously. "Hey, which room is Ai in?" He asked with a concerned voice. "D4" She said as she pointed to the hallway with the room in it. Strafe nodded and rushed that way. As he got to the door, he opened it up and moved into the room a bit slower. He didn't want to startle the patient after all. He entered the room to see several ninja that he knew working on her. "What's her status?" He question as he walked up beside the head medical ninja. "She has multiple stab wounds about four inches deep and second degree burns on her legs." The man said as he continued the healing process on the woman's wounds.

"I'm going to help." Strafe said creating an orb of water below his hands as he raised them in front of him. lines of sparkling blue crackled in the orb, signifying the chakra of the Aisu that ran through it. He breathed slowly as he focused on the jutsu at hand. He slowly moved his hands down to focus on the right leg. The burns spanned from her ankles to her knees, so he had to be careful. He cooled the water as he started the healing process. She winced at the icely cold temperature, but soon adjusted to it. "I've got you now, don't worry Ai." Strafe said to the Jounin. He was surprised that someone of her level was injured like this. It was a rare occurrence indeed.

As he continued to heal the leg, he smiled at Ai and hoped to get some information out of her. "What happened, Ai?" He asked with concern as he looked from the wound to her and back to the wound. "It was a rogue ninja that I stumbled upon on the way back from a mission. My chakra was already running low from the mission and I had to fight. I managed to kill the ninja, but this was the results for me." She explained as she blushed. Strafe nodded as he processed the information given. "Well, you are lucky to be alive, to be honest with you. Kirigakure appreciates your dedication to the village and it's people. We'll be sure to reward you for taking down the ninja." He said smiling to her as he responded. She was indeed lucky. The medical staff in Kirigakure wasn't as extensive as it should be, so he showed up just in time.

As he finished the first leg, He wiped the sweat off his brow. If anything, Medical Ninjutsu was tedious and exhausting. He focused on the jutsu as he tried to mend the other leg. Two other medical ninja attended to the stab wounds, as they were deep and would take a good deal of skill to mend. "You are a great medic, Strafe. Thank you." She said kindly to him with a genuinely bright smile. Strafe blushed in return as he continued the healing process. "It's my pleasure." Strafe responded as he thought about the task at hand. He did love Medical Ninjutsu, even though he had been ignoring it as of late. The amount of focus it took to become strong enough for Sannin status was all that he could manage. He got much stronger in combat, but still lacked in the medical knowledge he desired. It was his whole point in becoming a ninja, after all.

As he finished the jutsu and healed the rest of her leg, he took a deep breath. "You will need to rest for a few days before getting back out there, as your body needs the time to recover." He said to her as he looked over the former stab wounds. "I'll come back in a few few minutes and check on you. I need to go do some paperwork." He said as he nodded and walked out the door.

Medical Ninjutsu Training A-S: 1620/4000

Chakra 335/350:
Name: 癒す水道 {Iyasu Suidou ~ Rejuvenating Water}
Canon/Custom: Custom||Zen
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Suiton
Range: Close
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts.
Cooldown: 4 posts.
Description: The user needs at least 3 quarts of water to use this jutsu. Channeling their chakra through the water, the user gives it healing properties. By ingesting it, the target can be healed of malaise, such as minor internal bleeding. Also, this water may be manipulated by the user, and can be held on top of a wound to heal moderate damage, such as gashes and fractured bones. If used on a healthy person, the water may be ingested to slightly begin healing before a wound is inflicted. This heals the taken damage, effectively reducing the amount caused in the first place; all attacks deal half a rank less damage.


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Strafe Aisu


Strafe walked out of the room and into the pure white halls of the hospital. "Thank you for helping." One of the medical ninja commented to him. "Anytime. I might as well see another one while I'm here." The sannin said in response as he moved towards the desk. A lady sat behind it in a blue chair. She handed him a file and smiled, glad to see him there as well. One thing he could always say about the hospital is that he felt welcomed there. He opened the file to see that it was a boy who just needed a few things healed. He took a bad fall while out playing and needed basic first aid. "Thanks!" He said to the nurse as he returned the file to her and walked down another hall. 3C was the room, and Strafe was now at it. He opened it up slowly once again as he walked in, hoping not to disturb the boy. He walked in to see that the boy had scrapes all up his legs and grimaced. The poor thing was probably in a good bit of pain.

"I'm Strafe and I'm going to heal you, is that okay?" He asked as he approached the boy. He couldn't have been more than seven or eight years old. "Sure." The boy sniffled as he looked helpeless. Strafe loved kids and he hated to see them in such pain. He immediately walked over and moved his hand over the wound. His hands started to glow green as he started his jutsu. He got closer to the wounds, making the boy flinch in fear. "It won't hurt. Now, where are your parents?" He asked the kid as the boy sat there amazed by the jutsu. "I'm an orphan. My parents died when the village burnt down." The boy frowned as he thought about the painful memories. Strafe started to become a little angry at the thought of the pain and sorrow that the boy suffered. If he ever found the man they call Hao, he would be sure to kill him or die trying. "I'm sorry for your loss." Strafe said as he tried to comfort the boy.

"So, where do you stay?" Strafe asked as he wanted to know more about the boy and his life. Maybe he could help. "I stay with one of my dad's friends. he is a ninja too." The boy said as he started to cheer up. Obviously, he enjoyed the thought of being a ninja. Strafe was surprised that he didn't blame his parent's death on war and the shinobi way, but that was a good thing. "Well, I'm glad to hear you have someone to watch after you." Strafe said as he traveled up the first leg with the jutsu to put the final touches on the healing. He then moved to the other leg as he thought of something else to talk about. "How did you get these injuries?" He asked, hoping not to bring up another painful memory for the boy. The boy didn't respond at first, which made Strafe worry about him. Was it something more than just a simple accident? Strafe had to know. "You can tell me." He said to the boy as he continued to heal him.

"Well, I got these because I got pushed down some steps. Some kids were picking on me." The young boy said as he started to tear up just thinking about it. Strafe frowned at the image ran through his mind. He shook his head and smiled at the boy. "Well, after I fix you up, how about we go have a talk with them." He said with a firm tone as he focused on speeding up the healing process. The guardian of the child probably had no idea what was going on. Strafe would be sure that he wouldn't need to. He would take care of this. It took a few more minutes for Strafe to finish up the healing process, making sure to check his arms as well. "Well, it seems you are healed. Shall we?" He asked with a smile as the boy hopped out of bed. They exited the room and Strafe smiled towards the nurse. "I'll take him home. See you guys later!" Strafe said as the duo exited the building.

"Now where can we find these bullies?" Strafe asked the boy with a calm tone. "They usually hang-out in an alley about four blocks away from here. They are older boys." He said to Strafe as he looked down. The boy most likely feared them. That was something that would soon change. "Lead the way." Strafe said as he followed the boy. It seemed like only a few short minutes before they arrived at an alley way. Four boys about the age of twelve or thirteen were standing and talking. They heard the duo approach and turned around with smirks. "Are you the boys that have been harassing my friend here?" Strafe asked with a stern voice as he looked each one over. He didn't plan on hurting the boys, be he did plan on scaring them. "Yea, so what?" One of the boys stepped up as he responded. The others filed in behind him. He must be their 'leader' of sorts. "Well, I'm going to make you stop. Mess with him again, and I won't be so gentle next time." Strafe explained to them as they laughed.

"There are four of us and one of you, do you think you have a chance?" They asked with a smirk. Despite Strafe's rank, he didn't look as if he was a Sannin. With his recent promotion not having got around to everyone yet, it made sense that they had no idea who he was. "Let's see." Strafe said as he signaled for them to come on. The first boy ran at him and threw a punch at him. His stance was strong, he just didn't have the discipline to follow it up. Strafe quickly blocked it and gave a jab to the boy's stomach, sending him to the ground. He may not look it, but the sannin was more than capable of handling these kids. The next two ran at him and both of them tried to strike. Strafe simply ducked and dodged both strikes at the same time. He then threw a side kick, taking one down to the ground. He dodged another punch only to knee the second fighter in the side. He slumped down wit his friends, leaving just one boy left. The boy pulled out a knife and charged Strafe. The sannin quickly grabbed a kunai and blocked the boy's slash. Strafe let his head follow the block and head-butted the boy in the temple, making him fall to the ground as well.

"Now that you understand that you have no chance here, you will obey what I say. As Sannin of Kirigakure, I give you my word that if you hurt this boy again, you will regret it." Strafe said with a very commanding voice as he looked at the boys. Moans and grunts were all he got in response, but that was enough. Strafe turned to the kid to see what his expression was. He looked as if it was Christmas morning. His face was bright and wide-eyed, confirming the sannin's thoughts that he wanted to be a ninja. "Let's get you home." Strafe said as the kid followed him out of the alley way. "That was awesome!" The boy exclaimed as he walked down the street. "Oh yea, you can do it too, you know? Why don't you become a ninja? Your of the right age." Strafe asked the boy, hoping to encourage him with his words. The boy thought about it a minute before responding to him. "You really think I could? I don't want to end up dead like my parents." He said with a sad face. Strafe stopped and looked at the kid with kind eyes. "Your parents did our village a great service as a shinobi. I would be proud to die as long as it was for my village." He said hoping to give the boy some comfort.

After looking at Strafe with shocked eyes, he nodded as he accepted the statement. They continued on their way for a few more minutes before reaching the kid's house. "Well, I'll see you later kid. Take care of yourself. If I don't see you in a headband soon, I'm going to come find you!" Strafe said in a playful mood as he looked down to the kid. The kid simply hugged Strafe, which took him by surprise. "Thanks" Was all the boy said before running up to the house and entering it. Strafe thought about it a couple of minutes before smiling. Man that was a good feeling to know that he had helped someone, even if it was just an orphan boy.

Medical Ninjutsu Training A-S: 3151/4000

Chakra 325/350:
Name: 全治 手 の 術 (Zenchi-Te no Jutsu - The Art of the Hand Heal)
Canon/Custom: custom
Rank: D
Type: supplementary
Element: /
Range: close
Specialty: Medical Ninjustu
Duration: -10 per post for up to 5 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts after healing is done
Description: The user focuses a small to medium amout of chakra to their hands allowing them to heal someones wound when they touch it. This technique only works for surface wounds and non-serious injuries such as cuts,bruises, etc. The user may also heal themselves just as they would someone else but again can only heal surface wounds. This jutsu takes time to heal and the larger the wound the longer it takes to heal, if the wound is large this technique can be used to partially heal it and make it small. It costs D-rank chakra to activate and then D-rank chakra for each post the medic continues to heal someone.


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Strafe Aisu


As Strafe walked back down the street, he thought of the hurt that he had seen today. Between Ai, the fun woman who had been unfortunate enough to find an enemy with bad timing, or the little boy that was being pushed around. It made Strafe remember what he had set out to do in the first place as a Ninja. To heal people and use his abilities for the benefit of others. He smiled with his mind refocused on the future. He continued to walk down the street at a casual pace. He was going to go back to the hospital to talk to Ai again. She would be fine, as she was healed for the most part, but he wanted to talk to her a little more. The more details he got about her situation, the more he could do to try and prevent it from happening again in the future. As he neared the hospital, he looked up to the girl's room. He wanted to make sure that she was taken care of. He walked into the hospital and immediately walked towards her room. He knocked and walked in the room, smiling as he entered.

"Hello Ai, you feeling better?" Strafe asked with genuine care as he entered the room. "Much better, thanks!" She said with a bright smile and a thumbs up. She wouldn't be able to leave for about two days, but she was fine and that is what mattered. "Can I ask you a few details about your mission?" He asked as he sat down in a visitor's chair. "Sure, what do you want to know?" The girl asked as she turned her head to meet his gaze. "Well, did you go alone?" Strafe asked curious as he waited for her response. "Yea, it was a solo mission to receive some intelligence on the Shichiouza. When I got there, it was a trap and I was attack. I defended myself and killed my opponent." Her eyes glazed over as she remembered the battle as if it had just happened. Strafe studied her expression and movements as she thought for a moment. "When I was on the way back, I met a missing ninja that had a Kirigakure headband with a scratch through it, so I approached him and we fought. I managed to kill him, but I ended up getting hurt as well." She said rubbing the back of her head as she explained the story to him.

"Well, I've been thinking lately and I am going to start pushing for a medical ninja to be present on every high-ranked mission. For that to happen, I'm going to have to start teaching it to a few of the newer ninja. I just wanted to be sure there wasn't a medical ninja with you on this mission before I did so." Strafe explained his questions to the fellow ninja with great care. He was determined in his attempt to help everyone around him, no matter the opinions of others. "I think it is a wonderful idea. It will probably save more than a few lives out there." She said with a reassuring smile towards the Sannin. "That is the idea. I'm going to write a report to the Kage and detail the request. I'm going to use the details from this mission as an example, if that's okay." Strafe responded to her with confidence as he thought up his plan for the future. He was starting to understand what it meant to be a leader of a large number of people. He smiled as he thought about the people he could save and the joy it would bring. People like Ai wouldn't have to go through the trauma and pain that comes with doing a mission solo. There would always be someone there to have their back.

"It's fine with me. Good luck, Strafe!" Ai said warmly as he got up. "Thanks Ai, I'll come see you tomorrow!" He said with a wave as he walked out the door. He closed it quietly behind him as he walked down the hallway and towards the exit. He threw a hand up to wave at the staff before exiting. With determination, he walked directly towards the Mizukage's Office. While Solstice wasn't there at the moment because of the Chunnin Exams, she would be back shortly. He was going to be positive that there would be a report, detailed with the happenings of the today in it. Maybe it would convince the Kage of the urgent need in more medical ninja. She might even start a Medical Corps if he was lucky. Whatever the response, Strafe would be more than happy to take up the lead in such a project. Plus he knew plenty of good medics to back him up. Isamu, Tsuneko, Tsuyoka, there were way to many to count. HE was more than capable of teaching new ones if the need arises as well. He was willing to do whatever was best for the village. As he entered the building and headed directly to her desk, he knew exactly what he would write. He was going to change the village one patient at a time.

Medical Ninjutsu Training A-S: 4035/4000 [Completed]


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