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Uchiha Oshiki

Uchiha Oshiki

It seemed that the more Oshi got promoted, the more he became vehement in his decision to live and fight to protect the village. When he had been a genin, he'd been willing to wait four years between doing any real jobs so that he could protect his family and raise them properly. Now he was a Chuunin, he was going out of his way to help allies of the village and tracking down criminals. Admittedly, that might be because the people that he wanted to protect were lost now so he had nothing to keep him from doing the job that he was apparently born for. His skills were amazing... well, that was an over-statement but they were clearly designed for a job like this. He wasn't going to go so far as to say that it was his destiny, but it was definitely worth the price that he paid for them - His almost daily sweat and labor. He had to do something, after all, to keep the village from having any more problems, and whilst he didn't know if this was what his family would want from him, he did know that this was what he wanted to do. He no longer had to worry about keeping his family together, he had failed on that job. Now he was stuck on another job, this job would lead him towards the position of hokage he was sure of it. However, maybe not this specific job.

This specific job, as it turned out, was another bounty hunting mission. He'd been on a few missions like this, the one taking out the gang and the one guarding the shop came to mind most actively. The first few had been unbelievably easy, he really shouldn't say that but it was true so he was going to say it no matter what those prudes back in the village said. Now he was going to go out on another mission, but this time they wanted her alive for examination. From what he'd heard, she was a lot less developed with her skills than the last one had been, and since he had barely been a challenge at all, he had nothing to worry about the way he saw it. Of course, that was probably what people would call overconfidence, but he was beginning to enjoy this job. He shouldn't say it, his job was to take out people who could be a threat and that often involved killing them, so wasn't it morally wrong of him to enjoy his duty? Whatever the answer to that little moral confusion, he was very good at it and that was the main thing. Her description was pretty good and since the last one had been extremely accurate this was going to be trustworthy. She was a very brattish person from what he had been told, but she was willing to play the damsel in distress so... he guessed that he would be able to use this to his advantage. He had a few strategies that he could use against her if that was her personality, and he couldn't help but revel in the simplicity of it all. But, if he was to do that then he'd break his cover so for now at least he had to remain at least basically calm and cautious.

The area that she was staying at was extremely pleasant, a small little bar in the village that was filled with more people than most would expect in small village bars, so he was going to have to be very secretive about this one. People were going to be watching him after all, and that was not going to make things very easy. They would probably assume that he was the one doing the attacking and that she was an innocent victim, but that was why he had gone out of his way to get a warrant for this particular case. Now, staying outside of the bar, he looked inside and saw that she was drinking with a few "friends". Alright this was going to be even more awkward. Looking inside, he caught the eyes of the target for a second and during that time he cast his jutsu. The fog that would normally have been obvious to her was hidden underneath the window sill that they were staring at each other through. A single clone walked out of the fog and got out of his coat and slipping his konohagakure headband into his pocket. Then, walking in in place of the normal Oshi, he moved to get her attention.

Moving up to the bar, he sat on the stool next to her and smiled charmingly at her. He was a handsome man, after all, and even if this was just an illusion he would have looked extremely real to her. They were even the same age so it wasn't like he was flirting with someone nearly half his age. She, for her own part, seemed interested at the new man, although to everyone else in the bar it would have looked like she was smiling at nothing, just looking into empty space. He began to speak to her, his voice filled with smooth confidence as he did so.

"I'm sorry to bother you, cutie, but I noticed you from the moment I walked in the door and I had to come over here and see if you were so beautiful up close. turns out that you are." It was a stupid line, but for someone that wasn't used to getting any attention before she was going out of her way for it, it was good enough. She visibly blushed, and replied with a cute little giggle.

"You're not so bad yourself, Mister..." People were beginning to look at her strange, some wondering if she was okay and others just laughing behind their hands at the silly girl who'd had too many beers at the front of the bar. Oshi's clone, on the other hand, was not so happy. He was having to come up with a false name so quickly? He knew that people hated Uchiha so he would probably scare her away if he mentioned that little one. So, instead, he gave the name of someone else, using the name of a clan that he knew people had almost absolute trust in, as much as he disliked the fact that they valued people by their clan rather than their personal worth. It seemed too much like that girl who hated people simply because they were humans, which was rather ironic as she herself was a human.

"Mister Uzeki Senju, but please, call me Uzi." She nodded and complied to his wish. Why shouldn't she, it was simple enough, even though the name was a little bit silly. He was glad that she bought it, although she really had no reason to doubt what was going on. After all, all that had happened was that some handsome and kindly gent had come up to her in the bar and started talking to her. Although that didn't happen very often, she had no reason not to trust what was going on. After all, she had no way to know that the man in the hooded coat that she'd seen through the window looked exactly the same as the one sat next to her now, the hood had hidden his face, and even if she had then what was weird about a man like that coming inside and talking to her. She was amazingly beautiful, after all... at least, she thought so.

"Very well, Uzi. You know,not many people actually have the balls to come out and talk to me. I don't know what it is about me, I'm pretty enough to get guy's attention, right?" She asked, to which he nodded. Glad that someone was actually sharing her opinion for once, she put her hand out to rest it on his arm affectionaely... and passed through his arm. Her eyes opened with shock as "Uzi" smiled apologetically
"Konohagakure sends it's regards." She gulped, not sure what was going on until her head hit the bar, with enough force that she was concussed, dizzy after the first slam and unconscious after the second one. People in the bar looked at the man that had attacked someone who was talking to an invisible person. The man who had attacked her was the real oshi, hidden underneath his coat before picking her up from her chair and slipping her over his shoulder. He needed to get some more ways to knock them unconscious, he thought with a little twinge of chagrin.

"Okay, folks, the show's over!" He said, before running out of the bar before anyone could try to stop him. He was as fast as a Jounin, non-ninjas like the people in the bar would have had absolutely no way of catching up with him, and after all the weirdness that had been going on he could hardly blame them for not wanting to interfere. They weren't paid to put their lives on the line like he was, but for once he hadn't even had to do that. All he'd had to do was trick someone who probably deserved more respect than that.


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