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Hammers slamming against nails, saws cutting wood, steel being dropped onto a wide area for use in building. All these sounds of the construction nearby Aiza's home instantly wrenched his tired eyes open, and he stared at his ceiling as they only grew louder, pounding through his brain. An early morning headache, just what he needed. He slumped out of bed and made his way to the shower, where he washed himself vigorously in scalding hot water to keep awake. He exited the bathroom smelling like a fresh garden, and with an optimistic smile, he left the building, going toward the dock for a mission he'd accepted. A merchant named Yusuke was going to be needing assistance in unloading the goods from his ship, and Aiza gladly took the mission knowing full well that his pristine physical strength was just right for the job.

Village streets were casual, today, with plenty of people passing by but no congestion in the roads or pathways. Stores bustled with happy customers coming and going, and the sunshine overhead in addition to this only set the tone for a great day ahead. Passing under the north gate, Aiza went on to the Docks, and stood there with his hands in his pockets as he waited for Yusuke to arrive. Surely enough, a voice from behind yelled, "Over here, Scarlet!" Aiza turned to face the person with a frown, as he hated nicknames based on his hair color. An elderly man was there, atop a ship, with his arms crossed over his chest. "Well!? Are you gonna help or not, Aiza!?" Aiza barely realized just then that the man was Yusuke himself, who had arrived ahead of time...looked like Aiza was the late one. He nodded with a half-smile and absconded the ramp that led to the hull, stepping over the ropes that lined it. "Reporting for duty. What is it you need me to unload, Captain Yusuke?"

"...all of those crates, obviously!" he stabbed a finger toward the right, and Aiza's eyes followed. There sat a massive pile of wooden boxes labeled "fragile". He smiled and gave Yusuke a thumbs-up before walking over to the pile and grabbing the first of the dozen boxes there. It was light, or at least he thought it was, and he moved on down the ramp again to set it down near the seaport. He climbed the ramp back up, grabbed the second box (this time holding it over his shoulder with one arm), and went to dock-level once again. To avoid the absolute silence that had settled in once he began to work, Aiza made small talk as he made return trips. "Y'know, Yusuke, I'd like to personally thank you for this opportunity. It's helping me towards Chuunin." The Captain merely laughed and smiled, nodding his head in approval. "Good to know. You're being a huge help to me too, of course."

Within the next 20 minutes, all twelve of the boxes were down at the port, off of the ship and freely accessible from their new spot. Aiza wiped the sweat from his brow and Yusuke commended his hardworking personality. "Now, to sell all of this crap." Aiza chortled at this comment, before looking over to the other merchants who were arriving. Apparently, Konoha's trade between merchants and civilians was thriving well, because the walking merchants had their destination set on the crates, based on the fact that they were looking right at them. Yusuke nodded and smiled. "And the work day begins. Thanks again, Aiza. I might need you again sometime, so if you see my request on the mission board, I'd appreciate you helping out again." Aiza gave him a handshake and left, leaving the merchants to their haggling while he went to retrieve his own reward.



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