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Uchiha Oshiki

Uchiha Oshiki

"Loyalty, it's a strange thing. People claim that the definition of loyalty is "A strong feeling of support or allegiance" but it went much further than that, it was something that most people would willingly risk themselves over,However, as true as that was, some people claimed there was no such thing as loyalty, only continuous willing stupidity. Oshiki was not one of those people, he believed that loyalty was one of the things that kept people together. Animals could do it, so why couldn't some humans?" That was what Oshi had said before, and he still believed it whole-heartedly but at the same time, he was beginning to realize that the world wasn't all in black and white as he had once believed. Everywhere he walked, he could see shades of grey that wanted to suck him into their own little world, their own pathetic game of politics where he was being forced to play the good guy or the bad guy depending on the situation, and yet no matter what kind of person that he tried to be, someone always thought of him as a bad person. It was all to do with the concept of loyalty, what should you owe your loyalty, or should you owe it to anyone?

He owed his loyalty to the village, to the kage, to the people that he wanted to protect, to the memories of his family, but people would argue that the only person someone should be loyal to should be themselves, that you should do whatever it takes to continue being true to yourself, no matter how many lives you take and how many bonds you break, as long as you're able to still look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud in yourself that's all that matters. He was not one of those people, and the more he continued living in this world, he was beginning to hate those people. They were the kind of people that could justify killing innocents simply because they got in the way. They were people like Ukiyo who attacked people simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, they were people that justified their atrocities by claiming that they were doing it for the best. These people were monsters, but he could also understand them, even if he hated them. That was the most important thing to remember,that people could always understand one another even if they didn't agree, so they could live in peace and happiness.

It was strange to think about this sort of thing, since he was always the sort who wanted to be proactive in defending the people that he cared about, so he was one of the people that were able to be honest about their feelings, about their desire to protect innocents. That was the very reason that he had taken this mission. It was a simple enough mission if he was honest. This guy, someone called Daichi Watanabe, had betrayed his home-village and was now actively attacking people to try and get money from them. He seemed to be taking out his anger issues on the world at large, and he was not going to allow something like that to happen any more. This guy had to be taken out before he was a threat to the world at large. He was clearly never going to be Hao-level trouble, but the fact that he was hurting a lot of innocents was reason enough to take care of him permanently. As such, Oshiki moved to the area that he had last been spotted in, keeping his identity a secret by means of his hood that went over his face, hiding everything underneath it. The village was called something along the lines of "the village hidden in the mud", it was definitely not anything close to the size of Konoha but it was pretty substantial for a village. Substantial enough that it would actually be a challenge finding this guy out here, at least.

As he walked into the village that he had last been reported in, Oshi looked around. The town was a pretty nice town now that he thought about it, it would have to be around a mile outside that mole lady's house, he hadn't been contacted about that recently so he had to assume that the moles had been dealt with. He felt a little bit sorry for the way that he'd dealt with them, they were not exactly able to understand what they had done wrong or why they were in pain, so they would have been running around in a pain-induced panic until they either died or they got crushed inside their tunnels. Thankfully, right now he was having more to think about than that little fact. He had to find this man, but in a village this large how was he supposed to do that before he just walked out and went to pester another town. He wished that his eyes were more evolved because he couldn't tell where he was. However, and this was just a hunch, when you wanted to find someone you had to go where they were most likely to be. You wanted to find an animal lover? Check the forest or an animal pound. Want to find a nerd? Look in the library or game shop. You want to find an abusive monster who attacked people on sight just for looking slightly wrong? You go to a bar, because that's where they'll most likely not be noticed.

Walking into the bar, he continued his habit of looking around. There weren't a lot of people around for this time of day, he hoped that was good news rather than it just wasn't very popular during the day. Not that having a violent, quick-tempered sociopath in close proximity was normally considered good news, but for once it was. Thankfully, it turned out to be good news, as he noticed the person that matched the man's description perfectly. He was a man in his late twenties, and actually looked a few years older than Oshi. He could only imagine how the other ninjas in the village would have felt about this guy, he was a veritable giant. His headband was worn around his arm rather than his head like normal, why he would bother still wearing it after betraying the village he didn't know, he assumed that it was a sign of how overly proud of himself he was, or maybe he was so stupid that he just felt like it was a good accessory.

The man was laughing about some joke that Oshi was not privy to, but as he looked around the room he noticed Oshiki, and as he looked out from under the hood, their eyes crossed for a second, the last mistake the man would make. He seemed surprised at the sudden fog in the room, and even more confused about the clones of the hooded man that were coming out of it. He was a taijutsu user but he understood ninjutsu well enough to know what clones were. He picked up his chair and threw it across the room, crashing through what he saw as one of the clones and... piercing right through him, hitting the unfortunate man who had been standing behind him. The man hit the ground like a sack of potatoes, but thankfully didn't have any obvious injuries despite being hit by a flying chair. It hit him in the chest, so it was not exactly somewhere that sensitive. Still, the fact that his attack hadn't done a single thing made the man panic slightly. That...that was no clone jutsu.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!?" he yelled, weaving handsigns before a wave of fire shot over the area, taking three clones straight to the face. However, yet again, the fire just went through them, latching onto the wall and setting it alight. Now he was confused and angry, not a very good combination for a bully like him. Running forwards, he launched a punch through another one of the clones, this time piercing straight through his face, before his hand was caught by another clone, slamming his hand up on the elbow, making his arm break in his mind. He screamed in pain, and lashed out with the other one. Of course, to people who didn't know what was going on, he would have been screaming over nothing, and punching next to the actual person. The actual person who, it seemed, had his sharingan up, although it wasn't able to be seen under his hood. Dodging around with his higher than average speed, one hand grabbed around his head, the other on his shoulder. With a single pull, he snapped the neck of the man who collapsed face first onto the ground of the bar, dead. Giving a thumbs up to the bartender, he smiled a little cruelly before picking up the body and tossing it over his shoulder as he walked out of the bar. Now he had to lug this heavy fucker all the way back to the administration building. how fun~

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